Baron Moels

Baron Moels is in Baron.

1299-Edward I Creates New Barons

On 06 Feb 1299 Edward "Longshanks" I King England 1239-1307 (59) created a number of new Barons by writ of summons to Edward's 44th Parliament ...

John Ferrers 1st Baron Ferrers Chartley 1271-1312 (27) was created 1st Baron Ferrers Chartley.

John Lovell 1st Baron Lovel 1254-1311 (45) was created 1st Baron Lovel of Titchmarsh. Joan Ros Baroness Lovel 1260-1348 (39) by marriage Baroness Lovel of Titchmarsh.

William Ros 1st Baron Ros Helmsley 1255-1316 (44) was created 1st Baron Ros Helmsley. Maud Vaux Baroness Ros 1257-1316 (42) by marriage Baroness Ros Helmsley.

William Devereux 1st Baron Devereux Lyonshall 1244-1314 (55) was created 1st Baron Devereux Lyonshall. Lucy Burnell Baroness Devereux Lyonshall by marriage Baroness Devereux Lyonshall.

Adam Welles 1st Baron Welles 1249-1311 (50) was created 1st Baron Welles. Joan D'Engayne Baroness Welles and Ughtred -1315 by marriage Baroness Welles.

Robert Clinton 1st Baron Clinton 1258-1310 (41) was created 1st Baron Clinton. Ida Odingsells Baroness Clinton 1265-1321 (34) by marriage Baroness Clinton.

John Moels 1st Baron Moels 1269-1310 (30) was created 1st Baron Moels.

The next baronies may not have been created on 06 Feb 1299 but were created in 1299 possibly for Edward's 45th and 46th Parliaments on 10 Apr 1299 and 21 Sep 1299 respectively.

Edmund Deincourt 1st Baron Deincourt 1250-1327 (49) was created 1st Baron Deincourt 1C 1299.

John Strange 1st Baron Strange Knockin 1253-1309 (46) was created 1st Baron Strange Knockin 2C 1299. Maud Eiville Baroness Strange Knockin by marriage Baroness Strange Knockin.

John St John Lagenham 1st Baron St John Lagenham 1250-1316 (49) was created 1st Baron St John Lagenham.

Robert Clifford 1st Baron Clifford 1274-1314 (24) was created 1st Baron Clifford. Maud Clare Baroness Clifford Baroness Welles 1276-1327 (23) by marriage Baroness Clifford.

Henry Grey 1st Baron Grey Codnor 1255-1308 (44) was created 1st Baron Grey Codnor. Eleanor Courtenay Baroness Grey Codnor by marriage Baroness Grey Codnor.

John Mohun 1st Baron Mohun Dunster 1269-1330 (30) was created 1st Baron Mohun Dunster.

Roger Scales 1st Baron Scales -1304 was created 1st Baron Scales.

John St John 1st Baron St John Basing 1273-1329 (25) was created 1st Baron St John Basing.

John Beauchamp 1st Baron Beauchamp Somerset 1274-1336 (24) was created 1st Baron Beauchamp Somerset.

Alan Zouche 1st Baron Zouche Ashby 1267-1314 (31) was created 1st Baron Zouche Ashby.

Henry Percy 1st Baron Percy 1273-1314 (25) was created 1st Baron Percy of Alnwick 1C 1299. Eleanor Fitzalan Baroness Percy 1284-1328 (15) by marriage Baroness Percy of Alnwick.

William Grandison 1st Baron Grandison 1262-1335 (37) was created 1st Baron Grandison. Sibylla Tregoz Baroness Grandison by marriage Baroness Grandison.

Otto Grandison 1st Baron Grandison 1238-1328 (61) was created 1st Baron Grandison.

Thomas de Multon 1st Baron Multon of Egremont 1276-1322 (22) was created 1st Baron Multon Egremont. Eleanor Burgh Baroness Multon Egremont 1282-1324 (17) by marriage Baroness Multon Egremont.

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On 20 May 1310 John Moels 1st Baron Moels 1269-1310 (41) died. His son Nicholas Moels 2nd Baron Moels 1289-1316 (20) succeeded 2nd Baron Moels.

Before 29 Jan 1316 Nicholas Moels 2nd Baron Moels 1289-1316 died. His brother Roger Moels 3rd Baron Moels 1289-1316 succeeded 3rd Baron Moels.

Before 13 Jul 1316 Roger Moels 3rd Baron Moels 1289-1316 died. His brother John Moels 4th Baron Moels -1337 succeeded 4th Baron Moels. Joan Lovel Baroness Maynard 1297-1337 by marriage Baroness Moels.

Nicholas Moels 2nd Baron Moels 1289-1316 and Margaret Courtenay Baroness Maynard -1349 were married. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Henry I "Beauclerc" England 1068-1135. She by marriage Baroness Moels.