Biography of John Powell Judge 1632-1696

Around 1632 John Powell Judge 1632-1696 was born in Pentre Meurig Llanwrda.

In 1686 John Powell Judge 1632-1696 (54) was appointed Judge of the Common Pleas.

In 1687 John Powell Judge 1632-1696 (55) was appointed Justice of the King's Bench.

Trial and Imprisonment of the Seven Bishops

John Evelyn's Diary 29 June 1688. 29 Jun 1688. They appeared; the trial lasted from nine in the morning to past six in the evening, when the jury retired to consider of their verdict, and the Court adjourned to nine the next morning. The jury were locked up till that time, eleven of them being for an acquittal; but one (Arnold, a brewer) would not consent. At length he agreed with the others. The Chief Justice, Wright (54), behaved with great moderation and civility to the Bishops. Alibone (52), a Papist, was strongly against them; but Holloway and Powell (56) being of opinion in their favor, they were acquitted. When this was heard, there was great rejoicing; and there was a lane of people from the King's (58) Bench to the water side, on their knees, as the Bishops passed and repassed, to beg their blessing. Bonfires were made that night, and bells rung, which was taken very ill at Court, and an appearance of nearly sixty Earls and Lords, etc., on the bench, did not a little comfort them; but indeed they were all along full of comfort and cheerful.
Note, they denied to pay the Lieutenant of the Tower (Hales (43), who used them very surlily), any fees, alleging that none were due.
The night was solemnized with bonfires, and other fireworks, etc.

John Evelyn's Diary 02 July 1688. 02 Jul 1688. The two judges, Holloway and Powell (56), were displaced.

On 07 Sep 1696 John Powell Judge 1632-1696 (64) died.