1063 Battle of Graus

1199 Death of Richard I

1421 Battle of Baugé

1682 Murder of Tom of Ten Thousand Thynne

1980 Death of John Lennon

Battle is in Death.

Died from wounds

Was killed in battle

In 1057 Alfonso Ordóñez Astur Leonese -1057 was killed in battle.

Battle of Graus

08 May 1063. The Battle of Graus was part of the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsular by the Spanish from the Arabs.
Ramiro Sánchez I King Aragon 1007-1063 (56) was killed in battle. His son Sancho Ramírez I King Aragon V King Pamplona 1042-1094 (21) succeeded I King Aragon.

Battle of Baugé

On 23 Mar 1421 the Dauphin's (18) French army and a Scottish army heavily defeated the English army at the Battle of Baugé. On the French side Étienne Vignolles "La Hire" -1443 fought. On the Scottish side John Stewart 2nd Earl Buchan 1381-1424 (40) and John Stewart of Darnley 1st Count Évreux 1380-1429 (41) fought. William Douglas 1384-1421 (37) was killed.
On the English side John Beaufort 1st Duke Somerset 1403-1444 (18), Thomas Beaufort 1st Duke Exeter 1377-1426 (44), Thomas Beaufort Count Perche 1405-1431 (16) and John Holland 2nd Duke Exeter 1395-1447 (26) were captured. John Beaufort 1st Duke Somerset 1403-1444 (18) would be captive for the next seventeen years. Thomas Beaufort 1st Duke Exeter 1377-1426 (44) was released in 1422. Thomas Beaufort Count Perche 1405-1431 (16) was release around 1427 in a prisoner exchange.
Thomas Lancaster 1st Duke Clarence 1388-1421 (32) was killed in battle. Duke Clarence 2C 1412 extinct.
John Lumley 1383-1421 (38) was killed in battle.
John Ros 7th Baron Ros Helmsley 1397-1421 (24) was killed in battle. His brother Thomas Ros 8th Baron Ros Helmsley 1407-1430 (13) succeeded 8th Baron Ros Helmsley.
William Ros 1397-1421 (24), and Gilbert V Umfraville -1421 were killed.
John Grey 1st Earl Tankerville 1384-1421 (37) was killed in battle. His son Henry Grey 2nd Earl Tankerville 1418-1450 (3) succeeded 2nd Earl Tankerville 1C 1418.
William Douglas 1st Lord Drumlanrig -1427 was present.

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Around 1575 Unknown Painter. Portrait of John Lumley 1383-1421.

Was killed in action

Shot and killed

On 13 Nov 1536 Robert Pakington 1489-1536 (47) was shot and killed with a handgun; the first person to be shot and killed in London with a gun.

On 03 Mar 1572 Henry Stewart 2nd Lord Methven 1528-1572 (44) was shot and killed by a cannon at Edinburgh Castle. His son Henry Stewart 3rd Lord Methven succeeded 3rd Lord Methven.

On 09 Feb 1643 Sidney Godolphin 1610-1643 (33) was shot and killed during a skirmish at Chagford. He was buried at All Saints Church Okehampton.

Murder of Tom of Ten Thousand Thynne

On 12 Feb 1682 Thomas "Tom of Ten Thousand" Thynne 1648-1682 (34) was shot and killed while riding in his coach along Pall Mall, by three men, Christopher Vratz, John Stern and Charles George Borosky who were believed to be acting for her lover the Swedish Count Karl Johann von Königsmark (22). He was buried at Westminster Abbey.

On 22 Oct 1717 Henry Luttrell 1655-1717 (62) was shot and killed whilst in his sedan chair at Blind Quay Dublin as he was proceeding from Lucas' Coffee House on Cork-hill to his house in Stafford Street Dublin. His murderers were unknown.

On 25 Oct 1769 Alexander Montgomerie 10th Earl Eglinton 1723-1769 (46) was shot and killed by an excise officer or Gaudger (Scots) named Mungo Campbell on 24 Oct 1769 following a dispute about the latter's right to bear arms on the Earl's grounds. The Earl died from his abdominal wounds late that evening. Campbell was convicted of murder but died by his own hand before the sentence could be carried out. His brother Archibald Montgomerie 11th Earl Eglinton 1726-1796 (43) succeeded 11th Earl Eglinton.

In 1784 Joshua Reynolds Painter 1723-1788. Portrait of Archibald Montgomerie 11th Earl Eglinton 1726-1796.

Death of John Lennon

On 08 Dec 1980 at around ten to eleven in the evening John Lennon Musician 1940-1980 (40) was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman outside of The Dakota Upper West Side Manhattan where he lived. Lennon was rushed to Roosevelt Hospital Midtown West Manhattan where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Shot by a crossbow

Death of Richard I

On 06 Apr 1199 Richard "Lionheart" I King England 1157-1199 (41) was besieging Châlus-Chabrol Castle, Domfront. During the course of the evening Richard "Lionheart" I King England 1157-1199 (41) was shot by a crossbow. The wound quickly became gangrenous; Richard died in the arms of his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine (77). John "Lackland" King England 1166-1216 (32) succeeded I King England.