Classical Period

Classical Period is in Church Monument Periods.

On 29 Aug 1700 John Cecil 5th Earl Exeter 1648-1700 (52) died. His son John Cecil 6th Earl Exeter 1674-1721 (26) succeeded 6th Earl Exeter, 7th Baron Burghley. Elizabeth Brownlow Countess Exeter 1681-1723 (19) by marriage Countess Exeter.
He was buried at St Martin's Church Stamford. Monument to John Cecil and his wife Anne Cavendish Countess Exeter 1649-1704 (51) sculpted by the French sculptor Pierre Etienne Monnot Sculptor 1657-1733 (43) who was working in Rome. Neo-classical statuary group. One of the finest tombs of its day in the country, displaying strong antique tendencies as befits its Roman creation.

After 26 Jul 1723. Church of St Michael and All Angels Edenham. Monument to Robert Bertie 1st Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1660-1723 sculpted by Peter Scheemakers Sculptor 1691-1781 and Henry Cheere 1st Baronet Sculptor 1703-1781. A Classical Period with Corinthian Capitals supporting open dentilated pediment with garland, urns and putti. Before the Aedicule a rounded Pedestal supports a marble image of the deceased attired as a Roman General.

On 30 Jun 1753 George Strode of Parnham -1753 died. On 14 Sep 1746 Catherine Brodrepp -1746 died. Monument in Church of St Mary Beaminster. Classical Period.
Probably by Peter Scheemakers Sculptor 1691-1781 (62), erected by Thomas Strode, brother of George, with reclining figures of a man and woman on a sarcophagus and on either side standing allegorical figures one with a cornucopia the other an anchor, above is an achievement-of-arms.

On 04 Sep 1801 John Yorke 1728-1801 (73) died. He was buried at St Andrew's Church Wimpole. Of white marble in the Greek manner, in bold relief; two parents, hands clasped, stand in attitudes of grief at a tomb, with a reclining child at their feet; below is an inscription; signed 'R. WESTMACOTT, A.R.A. LONDON' (26)

Around 1750. William Hoare Painter 1707-1792. Portrait of John Yorke 1728-1801.