Corinthian is in Capitals and Columns.

On 25 Feb 1560 Catherine Blount 1518-1560 (42) died. On 11 Aug 1580 Maurice Berkeley Standard Bearer 1506-1581 (74) died. Church of St Mary Bruton. Recumbent effigies of himself and his two wives Catherine Blount 1518-1560 (42) and Elizabeth Sands 1533-1585 (27) in an Easter sepulchre-type recess with double round arched front, Corinthian pilasters and strapwork panels. Ruff. Panel with quartered arms 1 Berkeley 2 probably Tiptoft, possibly Wotton Arms 3 Unknown Arms 4 probably Babington, possibly Zouche differenced with a label three points, overall a Crescent.

In 1625 John Sydenham V 1568-1625 (57) died. Monument at St Andrew's Church Brympton d'Evercy.

A Corinthian column at each corner supports the fine canopy, and the whole is adorned withmany coats of arms, which,commencing on the north side, illustrate, as it were, the pedigree of the family. On either side the canopy is surmounted by the arms ofSir John Sydenham, on the north impaling those of his first wife, and on the south the arms of his second;each coat is flanked by a small shield supported by a ram. Bound the edge of the canopy are thirteen shields, on which are impaled the arms brought inby various atches. On each side of the tomb itself are three large shields:those on the north side bearing the arms of Sydenham, impaling those of Audley Arm, Bruges, and Godolphin, with their various quarterings;on the south are the arms of John Sydenham (36), who erected the monument, his sister impaled with those of her husband Edward Paston, and another coat in which the sinister side is not filled in. Probably it was meant to await the marriage of Sir Balph Sydenham (34), a younger brother of the founder. At the west end base is the large quartered coat of Sir John Sydenham, impaling the arms of Buckland with its nine quarterings. At the head of the tomb, surmounted by the helmet, crest, and lambrequin, is the—Sydenham coat of twelve quarterings, beneath which is the following inscription:

My foundir Sydenham, match'd with Hobye's Heyr,.

Badde me inform thee (gentle Passenger).

That what hee hath donne in mcc is onlie meant.

To memorize his father and s discent.

Without vayne glorye but he doth intreat.

That if thou comst his legende to repeate.

Thou speak him truly as he was and than — Report itso, hee dyed an honest mane.

10 November 1626.

The main armorial as follows: 1 Sydenham Arms 2 Kitsford Arms 3 Dalingrige Arms 4 Hussey 5 Stourton 6 Langland Arms 7 Beaufre Arms 8 Furneux Arms 9 Godolphin 10 Balune Arms 11 Killigrew 12 Trenouth Arms. Source.

Cadaver Underneath.

Corinthian Columns

Around 1573. Church of the Holy Trinity Bosbury. Monument to John Harford died 1559. Large recessed wall Elizabethan Period monument commemorating John Harford died 1559, signed by John Guldo of Hereford Sculptor: 'JOHN GULDO of Hereford made this tombe w. his owne hande Ano. Dn. 1573. Pedimented surround with Corinthian columns on tall bases, semi-circular head to arched recess with Ionic capitals to pilasters, recumbent effigy in civil costume on sarcophagus supported by two lions, the whole enriched with rosettes in spandrels and large leaves and rounded in tympanum, shell motif and three panels with vases and two shields and an achievement of arms at back of recess.

On 03 Jun 1602 Elizabeth Seymour 1552-1602 (50) died. Monument in All Saints Church Norton. Painted alabaster. Monument with recumbent praying effigy in coffered arch flanked by black marble Corinthian Columns and outer obelisks and topped by armorial panels. The monument also to Dudley Knightley 1583-1602 (19). Elizabethan Period.

On 18 Apr 1621 Bridget Chaworth 1542-1621 (79) died. Monument in St Andrew's Church Ufford. Marble with Corinthian Columns and reclining effigy. Corinthian Columns. Jacobean Hooded Monument.

The inscription reads "Dame Bridget, Lady Carr, widow, daughter of Sir John Chaworth of Wiverton, Nottingham, late wife to Sir William Carr of Old Sleaford in the county of Lincoln, who served the late Queen Elizabeth (87) of most famous memory, being one of the gentlewomen of her Majesty's Privy Chamber for the space of five and twenty years, and afterwards served the most renowned Queen Anne (46), wife to our most gracious sovereign, King James, for the space of 14 years, being the residue of her life, and died the 18th day of April being of the age of 79 years, the which said Lady Carr, out of her love to her dear sister Katherine, the wife of George Quarles of this town of Ufford, esquire, hath caused her body to be here interred 1612". The date a mistake given she died in 1621.

Around 1546. William Scrots Painter 1517-1553. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland before her accession painted for her father. Around 1570 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. In 1579 George Gower Painter 1540-1596. The Plimton Sieve Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1585 William Segar Painter 1554-1663. Ermine Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1592 Marcus Gheeraerts Painter 1562-1636. The Ditchley Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. After 1585 Unknown Painter. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1563 Steven van der Meulen Painter -1564. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1605 John Critz 1551-1642. Portrait of Anne of Denmark. 1595. Circle of Adrian Vanson -1602. Portrait of Anne of Denmark.

Around 1624. St Mary's Church Preston on Stour. Monument to Nicholas Stour and his two wives. Said to have been brought from St Mary's Chapel Islington, by the patron: bracketed shelf with kneeling figures, of front-facing man in armour with flanking women in profile, four Corinthian Columns of touch; entablature with armorial bearing and Cherubs holding skulls.

After 1718. St Mary's Church Chirk. Monument to Richard Myddelton 3rd Baronet Myddelton 1655-1716 and his wife Frances Whitmore Lady Myddelton 1666-1695, their daughter Frances Myddelton who died young and their son William Myddelton 4th Baronet 1694-1718 who died two years after his father. Sculpted by Robert Wynne of Ruthin, commissioned by Mary Myddelton -1747.

White marble, a gadrooned and panelled base, with a long inscription, set forward carrying the life-sized recumbent figure of William Myddelton 4th Baronet 1694-1718 (24), behind, his standing parents, fashionably dressed and flanking a corniced die with an urn crest, and displaying on its front a swaddled child. The figures are flanked by Corinthian Columns supporting an entablature, the cornice arched at the centre with roses on its soffit. Flaming urns stand above the columns, and the family crest, garlanded with a helmet and red hand crest above the arch.

Around 1686 Godfrey Kneller 1646-1723. Portrait of Frances Whitmore Lady Myddelton 1666-1695. One of the Hampton Court Beauties. Around 1691 Godfrey Kneller 1646-1723. Portrait of Frances Whitmore Lady Myddelton 1666-1695. Around 1712. Michael Dahl Painter 1659-1743. Portrait of Mary Myddelton -1747. Chirk Castle.

Corinthian Capitals

On 07 May 1592 Christopher Wray Chief Justice 1524-1592 (68) died. He was was buried in St Michael's Church Glentworth. Monument to Sir Chistopher and his wife Anne Girlington. Elizabethan Recumbent. Elephant and Castle Crest. Pink, white and blue-grey marble. Two recumbent effigies, Sir Christopher above and a little behind his wife, he in red robes, black cap and thick ruff; she in black robes, large ruff and hood. Four kneeling white marble daughters below. Ornate tomb recess above with flanking pink marble columns with white and gold Corinthian Capitals. Undersurface of Recess decorated with white and gold bay leaves. Plaque inscribed above with raised plaque above with Sir Christopher's son at prayer flanked by coats of arms and obelisks.

In 1582 Seventtenth Century copy.Unknown Painter. Portrait of Christopher Wray Chief Justice 1524-1592.

On 14 Jan 1657 John Dutton 1594-1657 (62) died. He was buried in Church of Saint Mary Magdalene Sherborne. Sculpted by Thomas Burman Sculptor 1618-1674 (39). A shrouded upright effigy in white marble within a round-headed niche flanked by black marble columns with Corinthian Capitals and scrolled pediment with the Sherborne arms at the centre, above. Inscription plaques either side. Inscription to John Dutton below.

After 26 Jul 1723. Church of St Michael and All Angels Edenham. Monument to Robert Bertie 1st Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1660-1723 sculpted by Peter Scheemakers 1691-1781 and Henry Cheere 1st Baronet 1703-1781. A Classical Period with Corinthian Capitals supporting open dentilated pediment with garland, urns and putti. Before the Aedicule a rounded Pedestal supports a marble image of the deceased attired as a Roman General.