Gules is in Field.

Walmesley. Gules a chief ermine two hurts.

Hanover. Gules, a horse courant argent.

Audley. Gules, fretty. Source.

Harcourt. Gules two bars or. Source.

Baux. Gules an estoile argent. Source.

Hayward. Gules, a lion rampant argent crowned or. Source.

Beke. Gules, a cross recerclée argent. Sometimes a cross moline. Source.

Hervey. Gules, on a bend argent three trefoils slipped vert. Source.

Blennerhassett. Gules, a chevron ermine, between three dolphins naiant embowed argent. Source.

Howard. Gules bend argent six crosslets fitchy.

Burghesh. Gules, a lion rampant or, double queued or.

Isle of Man. Gules, a Triskelion argent. Sources.

Caerleon. Gules three castles argent. Source.

Joigny. Gules, an eagle argent. Source.

Carteret. Gules four fusils in fess argent.

Keppel. Gules, three escallops argent. Source.

Cobham. Gules a chevron or three lions rampant sable. Source.

Knollys. Gules, on a chevron argent, three roses gules, barbed and seeded proper. Source.

Dampierre. Gules, two lions passant or, armed and langued azure. Source.

Liddell. Gules, on a bend argent, three mullets sable. Source.

Daubigny. Gules, four fusils conjoined in fess argent. Source.

Louvain. Gules billety or a fess of the last. Source.

De Quincy. Gules, seven mascles or 3,3,1. Source.

Lucy. Gules three lucies. Source.

Despencer. Quarterly 1&4: Argent, 2&3: Gules, a fret or, over all a bend sable. Source.

Monck. Gules, a chevron between three lion's heads erased argent. Source.

Plantagenet. Gules, three lions passant guardant in pale or armed and langued azure. Source.

Mowbray. Gules, a lion rampant argent. Source.

Fitzpayn. Gules, three lions passant guardant argent, overall a bend azure. Source.

Narborough. Gules, a chief ermine. Source.

Godolphin. Gules, an eagle with two heads, displayed between three fleur de lys, two and one, argent.

Neville. Gules, a saltire argent.

Bacon. Gules, on a chief argent two mullets pierced sable. Source.

Normandy. Gules, two lions passant guardant in pale or armed and langued azure. Source.

Berkeley. Gules a chevron between ten crosses pattee six in chief and four in base argent.

Ponsonby. Gules, a chevron between three combs argent. Source.

Cadogan. Gules, a lion rampant reguardant or. Source.

Rich. Gules, a chevron between three crosses botonée or. Source.

Cholmondeley. Gules, in chief two esquire's helmets argent in base a garb or. Source.

Roet. Gules, three wheels or. Source.

Danvers. Gules a chevron or three estoiles. Source.

Ros. Gules, three water bougets argent.

Denny. Gules, a saltire argent between twelve crosses pattee or. Source.

Seymour. Gules two wings conjoined in lure.

Fitzalan. Gules, a lion rampant or. Source.

Castile. Gules a castle or.

Granville. Gules three clarions or. Source

Spencer. Quarterly 1&4: Argent, 2&3: Gules, a fret or, over all a bend sable.

Brabazon. Gules on a bend or three martlets sable. .

Talbot. Gules, a lion rampant within a bordure engrailed or. Source.

Dacre. Gules three escallops argent. Source.

Throckmorton. Gules, on a chevron argent three bars gemelles sable. Source.

Beauchamp. Gules a fess or between six cross crosslets or.

Carr. Gules, on a chevron argent, three mullets, of the field.

De La Warr. Gules a lion rampant argent cross crosslets.

Giffard. Gules Three lions passant guardant or in pale or.

Ughtred. Gules, a cross moline or. Source.

Umfraville. Gules crusilly of crosses crosslet a cinquefoil or. Source.

Verney. Gules, three crosses recerclée voided throughout or a chief vair ermine and ermines. Source.

Dunbar. Gules a lion rampant argent on a bordure of the same eight roses of the field. Source.