Hand On Skull

Hand On Skull is in Church Monument Details.

On 14 Aug 1671 John Lewis 1st Baronet Ledstone 1615-1671 (56) died without male issue. Baronet Lewis of Ledstone extinct. His daughters Elizabeth Lewis Countess Huntingdon 1654-1688 (17) and Mary Lewis Countess Scarsdale 1658-1684 (13) inherited his estates.
He and his wife Sarah Foote Lady Lewis 1628-1705 (43) were buried at All Saints Church Ledsham. Hand On Skull. Sculpted by Thomas Cartwright Sculptor Architect 1635-1703 (36).

Before 05 May 1672. Samuel Cooper Painter 1609-1672. Portrait of Sarah Foote Lady Lewis 1628-1705.

On 19 Aug 1721 Thomas Deacon High Sheriff 1651-1721 (70) died. He was buried at Peterborough Cathedral. Powdered Wig. Hand On Skull. Elbow Reclining Figure. Heeled Shoes. Sculpted by Robert Taylor Sculptor Architect 1714-1788 (7).

General Photos of Exeter Cathedral. Hand On Skull.