Man with Two Wives

Man with Two Wives is in Church Monument Details.

On 21 Oct 1425 Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland 1364-1425 (61) died. He was buried at St Mary's Church Staindrop. His grandson Ralph Neville 2nd Earl Westmoreland 1406-1484 (19) succeeded 2nd Earl Westmoreland 1C 1397. Elizabeth Percy Countess Westmoreland 1395-1436 (30) by marriage Countess Westmoreland.
Monument to Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland 1364-1425 (61) and his wives Margaret Stafford Baroness Neville Raby 1364-1396 (61) and Joan Beaufort Countess Westmoreland 1379-1440 (46). Early Plate Bascinet Period. Orle. Man with Two Wives.

On 25 Feb 1560 Catherine Blount 1518-1560 (42) died. On 11 Aug 1580 Maurice Berkeley Standard Bearer 1506-1581 (74) died. Church of St Mary Bruton. Recumbent effigies of himself and his two wives Catherine Blount 1518-1560 (42) and Elizabeth Sands 1533-1585 (27) in an Easter sepulchre-type recess with double round arched front, Corinthian pilasters and strapwork panels. Ruff. Panel with quartered arms 1 Berkeley 2 probably Tiptoft, possibly Wotton Arms 3 Unknown Arms 4 probably Babington, possibly Zouche differenced with a label three points, overall a Crescent.

On 31 Aug 1565 George Vernon "King of the Peak" 1508-1565 (57) died. He was buried at All Saint's Church Bakewell. By his will of 18 Aug 1565 he bequeathed six Derbyshire manors and two in Staffordshire to his wife for life. His executors were to take the profits of his manor of Kibblestone, in Staffordshire, and two Cheshire manors for 16 years after his decease to pay his debts, funeral expenses and the fulfilment of his will, which included among numerous bequests the provision of one gold chain worth £20 to his godson, Gilbert Talbot (12), the future 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, 'as a remembrance of my good will towards him'. His wife, his son-in-law John Manners (38), his brother-in-law Nicholas Longford (33) and his 'loving neighbours and faithful friends Thomas Sutton and Richard Wennesley were each to receive £20 for their services as executors, while his 'right worshipful friends' (Sir) John Zouche II and Francis Leke (55) were each to have a horse.
Monument with both his wives Margaret Tailboys 1528-1565 (37) and Maud aka Magdelan Longford -1596 each wearing a French Hood. Man with Two Wives.

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In 1571 John Mordaunt 2nd Baron Mordaunt 1508-1571 (63) died. He was buried at All Saints Church Turvey. His son Lewis Mordaunt 3rd Baron Mordaunt 1538-1601 (32) succeeded 3rd Baron Mordaunt.
On 02 Jun 1543 Ellen Fitzlewis 1522-1543 (21) died. In Apr 1592 Joan Fermor 1516-1592 (76) died.
Elizabethan Period monument with eight Doric Columns with John Mordaunt 2nd Baron Mordaunt 1508-1571 (63) in an elevated position with a wife either side, each lying on a rush mat. All three wearing ruffs. The Mordaunt crest an African Woman's Head. Man with Two Wives.