Marriage Age Gap Greater Than Fifty Years

Marriage Age Gap Greater Than Fifty Years is in Marriages with Large Age Gaps.

Before 1219 William de Valoignes 1135-1219 (84) and Loretta Quincy 1186-1270 (33) were married.

After 14 Oct 1257 Richard Percy 5th Baron Percy Topcliffe 1170-1244 and Agnes Neville 1221-1293 were married.

In 1284 Reginald Cobham 1237- (47) and Joan Devereux 1290- were married. There is some confusion here as to which Joan Devereux he married since she was born six years after the supposed marriage?.

In or before 1402 John Cavendish 1374-1417 (28) and Joan Clopton Baroness Beauchamp 1321-1404 (81) were married.

In 1422 Władysław II Jagiełło 1352-1434 (70) and Sophia of Halshany 1405-1461 (17) were married.

In Sep 1603 Charles Howard 1st Earl Nottingham 1536-1624 (67) and Margaret Stewart 1st Countess Nottingham 1591-1639 (12) were married. She a great x 3 granddaughter of Henry VII King England and Ireland 1457-1509. She by marriage Countess Nottingham.

1576. Nicholas Hilliard Painter 1547-1619. Miniature Portrait of Charles Howard 1st Earl Nottingham 1536-1624.Around 1620 Daniel Mijtens Painter 1590-1648. Portrait of Charles Howard 1st Earl Nottingham 1536-1624.

Around 12 May 1649 John Twisleton of Horsmans Place Dartford 1614-1682 (35) and Elisabeth Fiennes -1674 were married.

After 17 Jul 1685 Francis Cheyne of Chesham Bois in Buckinghamshire 1568-1644 and Letitia Isabella Smythe Countess Radnor 1630-1714 were married. She by marriage Viscountess Newhaven.

On 19 Jan 1818 Count Alessandro Guiccioli 1750- (68) and Teresa Countess Guiccioli 1800-1873 (18) were married. His third wife.

Before 1873 Henry William Pickersgill Painter 1782-1875. Portrait of Teresa Countess Guiccioli 1800-1873.

James Neville 1249- and Joan Cornwall 1311- were married. She a great x 2 granddaughter of John "Lackland" King England 1166-1216.

James Douglas 1st Lord Dalkeith 1356-1441 and Janet Borthwick 1413-1464 were married.

Bishop John Hinchliffe 1731-1794 and Elizabeth Crew Countess Arran 1679-1756 were married.

Around 1750. Christian Fredericke Zincke Painter 1683-1767. Miniature portrait of Elizabeth Crew Countess Arran 1679-1756.