Murder is in Death.

Was fatally poisoned

Before 02 Aug 1218 Louis II Count Loon -1218 was fatally poisoned. His brother Henry Count Loon 1136-1218 succeeded Count Loon.

On 02 Aug 1218 Henry Count Loon 1136-1218 (82) was fatally poisoned a few days after his brother had been. His brother Arnold III Count Loon -1221 succeeded III Count Loon.

On 07 Mar 1226 William "Longsword" Longespee 3rd Earl Salisbury 1176-1226 (50) was fatally poisoned by Hubert Burgh Count Mortain 1st Earl Kent 1170-1243 (56) at Salisbury Castle. Salisbury Cathedral.

In May 1502 Eupheme Drummond -1502 was fatally poisoned.

Died from poisoning



Starved to death

In 1210 William Braose -1210 was starved to death at Corfe Castle.

In 1210 Maud "Lady of Hay" St Valery Baroness Bramber 1155-1210 (55) starved to death at Corfe Castle.

In 1213 Maud Clare 1184-1213 (29) starved to death.

On 26 Mar 1402 David Stewart 1st Duke Rothesay 1378-1402 (23) starved to death.