Sable is in Field.

Wodehouse. Sable a chevron or between three cinquefoils. Source.

Lewis. Sable a chevron or three fleur de lys or. Source.

Arundell. Sable, six martlets argent. Source.

Loftus. Sable, a chevron engrailed ermine, between three trefoils slipped argent. Source.

Bonville. Sable, six mullets argent pierced gules. Source.

Mosley. Sable a chevron between three pickaxes argent. Source.

Browne. Sable a bend sable cotised three lions rampant argent. Source.

Newton. Sable, a skull and crossbones argent. Source

Cavendish. Sable, three buck's heads caboshed argent. Source.

Oldham. Sable, a chevron or between three owls argent on a chief of the second three roses gules. Possibly an example of canting arms where owl represents owl-dam. Source.

Clifton. Sable semée of cinquefoils and a lion rampant argent. Source.

Paget. Sable, on a cross engrailed between four eagles displayed argent, five lions passant guardant of the field. Source.

Conway. Sable, on a bend cotised argent a rose gules between two annulets of the first. Source.

Palmer Carlton. Sable a chevron or three crecents argent. Source.

Dymoke. Sable, two lions passant in pale argent ducally crowned or. Source.

Parker. Sable, a stag's head cabossed between two flaunches argent. Source.

Hohenstaufen. Sable a lion rampant or.

Paulet. Sable three swords pilewise points in base proper pomels and hilts or. Source.

Griffin. Sable, a griffin segreant argent beak and forelegs or. Source.

Peyton. Sable, a cross engrailed or a mullet in the first quarter argent. Source.

Hood. Sable, on a fess argent between three leopards passant guardant or spotted of the field as many escallops gules. Source.

Ridgeway. Sable, a pair of wings conjoined and elevated argent. Source.

Jermyn. Sable, a crescent between two mullets in pale argent. Source.

Riley. Sable, on a pile or three crosses formy fitchy at the foot sable. Source.

Lascelles. Sable a cross patoncé within a Bordure or. Source.

Rous. Sable, a fess dancetté or between three crescents argent. Source.

Bridgeman. Sable, ten plates, four, three, two, and one, on a chief argent a lion passant ermines. Source

Segrave. Sable, a lion rampant argent, crowned or.

Churchill. Sable a lion rampant argent a canton of the last a cross gules. Source.

Smith of Exeter. Sable, a fess cotised between three martlets or. Source.

Coventry. Sable a fess between three crescents or. Source.

Spelman. Sable, ten plates between two flaunches argent.

Greville. Sable a cross in a border Engrailed or with five roundels sable on the cross. Source.

Stourton. Sable, a bend or between six fountains. Source.

Hovell. Sable, a crescent or.

Strangeways. Sable two lions passant paly of six argent and gules. Source.

Ayscough. Sable, a fess or, between three asses passant argent, maned and unguled of the second. Source.

Strickland. Sable three escallops argent. SSource.

Compton. Sable a lion passant guardant or between three Esquire's Helmets argent. Source.

Turner Baronets. Sable, a chevron ermine between three fers de moline or on a chief argent a lion passant gules. Source.

Buller. Sable, on a cross argent quarter pierced of the field four eagles displayed of the first. Source.

Foljambe. Sable a bend between six escallops or.

Kitson. Sable three fishes hauriant in fess argent a chief or. Source.

Ufford. Sable, a cross engrailed or. Source.

Vaughan. Sable a chevron between three fleurs-de-lys argent. Source.

Wentworth. Sable, a chevron or three leopard's faces or. Source.

Hobart. Sable, an estoile of six points or between two flaunches ermine.