Sarcophagus is in Architectural Detail.

Around 1573. Church of the Holy Trinity Bosbury. Monument to John Harford died 1559. Large recessed wall Elizabethan Period monument commemorating John Harford died 1559, signed by John Guldo of Hereford Sculptor: 'JOHN GULDO of Hereford made this tombe w. his owne hande Ano. Dn. 1573. Pedimented surround with Corinthian columns on tall bases, semi-circular head to arched recess with Ionic capitals to pilasters, recumbent effigy in civil costume on sarcophagus supported by two lions, the whole enriched with rosettes in spandrels and large leaves and rounded in tympanum, shell motif and three panels with vases and two shields and an achievement of arms at back of recess.

Around 1578. Church of the Holy Trinity Bosbury. Monument to Richard Harford died 1578.

Large recessed wall Elizabethan Period monument commemorating Richard Harford died 1578, his wife Martha and Anthony Harford, attributed improbably to John Guldo of Hereford Sculptor, caryatid-type figures possibly Adam and Eve flank central semi-circular headed arched recess with segmental pediment. Two recumbent effigies, male and female in civil costume on sarcophagus supported by two grotesque animals, the whole enriched with foliage and flock motifs and rather more primitive in style than John Harford memorial on opposite wall.

On 31 Mar 1682 John Freschville 1st Baron Frescheville 1607-1682 (74) died. The last of the male line of Freschville. He was buried in Church of St John the Baptist Staveley where his third wife Anna Charlotte De Vic -1717 commissioned a monument. Sarcophagus with seated putti.

In 1708. Albemarle Bertie 1668-1742 (40) erected a monument to members of the Bertie Family in Church of St Michael and All Angels Edenham. A large, semi-circular headed Sideboard Tomb supporting a black Sarcophagus with gadrooned top and lions feet, erected 1738. Commemorates seven members of the Bertie family. The rear has a marble surround with egg and dart moulding and scrolled imposts with Cartouche of arms to the top. Within are seven classical busts, supported on moulded corbels.[Source: BLB].

On 20 Apr 1759 Thomas William Coke 1st Earl of Leicester 1697-1759 (61) died. Wenman Roberts aka Coke 1717-1776 (42) inherited his estates.

On 31 Aug 1753 Edward Coke 1719-1753 (34) died.

Monument in Church of St Mary the Virgin Tittleshall commissioned by wife and mother Margaret Tufton Countess Leicester 1700-1778 (58). Erected in 1760. Sculpted by Charles Atkinson Sculptor. Gadrooned sarcophagus on pedestal with a carved and painted achievement above surrounded by extravagant mantling. Flanked by pair of composite columns supporting a dentilated pediment. Carved bust figures to the sides of the Earl and Countess by Louis Francois Roubiliac 1702-1762 (56).

1815. Ramsay Richard Reinagle Painter 1775-1862. Portrait of Thomas William Coke 1st Earl of Leicester 1697-1759. In 1774 Pompeo Batoni Painter 1708-1787. Portrait of Thomas William Coke 1st Earl of Leicester 1697-1759. In 1751 Andrea Soldi Painter 1703-1771. Portrait of Louis Francois Roubiliac 1702-1762. In 1762 Adrien Carpentiers Painter 1713-1778. Portrait of Louis Francois Roubiliac 1702-1762.

On 10 Jul 1759 Catherine Blount Freeman 1737-1759 (22) died of a malignant fever. She was buried at St Andrew's Church Wimpole. Armorial Yorke differencede with a crescent to indicate son of the current holder; her husband Charles Yorke 1722-1770 (36) with an inescutcheon of Freeman Arms quartered with unknown arms two lions passant guardant with a bordure engrailed.

Stylised sarcophagus in white veined marble, bearing a white inscription panel; above is an urn in brown marble against a grey background standing on a base of three steps around which are grouped three putti: two garlanding the urn while the third stands by in dejection with reversed torch; in front of the steps is a portrait medallion and at the base of the sarcophagus is an achievement of arms; signed 'JAMES STUART (46), INVT. PR. SCHEEMAKERS (68), SCULP. MDCCLXI'.

In 1756 Thomas Hudson Painter 1701-1779. Portrait of Charles Yorke 1722-1770.

On 21 Sep 1761 John Bentley Ashley 1702-1761 (59) died. Monument to John Bentley Ashley 1702-1761 (59) in Saint Leodegarius Church Ashby St Ledgers. Sculpted by John Bacon 1740-1799 (20). Standing wall monument with two large allegorical figures flanking the inscription. Above them is a Sarcophagus on which is a Roman lamp on front of a black Obelisk. Also to James Ashley -1798. Simple Wall Monument with Urn and Obelisk. Also to Jane Pocock 1710-1784 (51) and by whose will the. Monument was erected.

After 06 Mar 1764. St Andrew's Church Wimpole. Monument to Philip Yorke 1st Earl Hardwicke 1690-1764 and Margaret Cocks Countess Hardwicke -1761.

Framed inscription panel in white marble surmounted by an enriched sarcophagus in brown veined marble against a grey obelisk to which is affixed an achievement of arms in oval frame; around the base are putti with wreaths and emblems of office; on each side, life-size figures, one of Athene; two medallions on the sarcophagus depict the Earl (73) and Countess; signed 'J. STUART (51), INVT P. SCHEEMAKERS, SCULPR (73).'

1763. William Hoare 1707-1792. Portrait of Philip Yorke 1st Earl Hardwicke 1690-1764 wearing the Robes of Lord Keeper of the Great Seal and holding the Great Seal. In 1756 Thomas Hudson Painter 1701-1779. Portrait of Philip Yorke 1st Earl Hardwicke 1690-1764. Before 1723 Godfrey Kneller 1646-1723. Portrait of Margaret Cocks Countess Hardwicke -1761.

On 17 Sep 1766 Lieutenant-General Bennett Noel 1715-1766 (51) died. He was buried at the Church of St Peter and St Paul Exton. After 07 Apr 1784 Elizabeth Adams 1715-1784 (69) was buried with her husband.

Monument sculpted by Joseph Nollekens 1737-1823 (29). A reclining female figure with a cornucopia, on a sarcophagus backed by an obelisk with medallions and putti.

On 13 Mar 1834 Charles Philip Yorke 1764-1834 (70) died without issue one day after his seventieth birthday. On 10 May 1854 Harriet Manningham 1763-1790 (90) died. Both buried at St Andrew's Church Wimpole.

Framed inscription panel with achievement of arms, supported by consoles and surmounted by a sarcophagus, in various marbles, signed by Thomas Denman (44).

The quote 'Et Nos Aliquod' appears to refer to Vergils Aeneid Paragraph 57 Sentence 4 "et nos aliquod nomenque decusque gessimus." meaning "I also had some name and respect".

Around 1782 George Romney Painter 1734-1802. Portrait of Charles Philip Yorke 1764-1834.

Death of Lord Cardigan

On 28 Mar 1868 James Brudenell 7th Earl Cardigan 1797-1868 (70) died from a fall from his horse. On 25 May 1915 Adeline Horsey Countess Cardigan 1824-1915 (90) died.

Both were buried in St Peter's Church Deene; he on 09 Apr 1868. Monument to James Brudenell 7th Earl Cardigan 1797 1868 sculpted by Joseph Edgar Boehm 1834-1890 (33). Recumbent effigies on Sarcophagus, bronze sea horses (Brudenell Crest) at the bottom corners.

1841 Francis Grant Painter 1803-1878. Portrait of James Brudenell 7th Earl Cardigan 1797-1868. Around 1844. Unknown Painter. Portrait of Adeline Horsey Countess Cardigan 1824-1915.