Suicide is in Death.

Committed suicide

Stabbed himself to death

On 14 Oct 1618 Gervase Clifton 1st Baron Clifton 1570-1618 (48) stabbed himself to death in the Fleet Prison. His daughter Katherine Clifton Duchess Lennox 1592-1637 (26) succeeded 2nd Baron Clifton.

Shot himself

On 04 Sep 1701 Charles Granville 2nd Earl Bath 1661-1701 (40) shot himself. His son William Henry Granville 3rd Earl of Bath 1692–1711 (9) succeeded 3rd Earl Bath 3C 1661.

On 01 Jan 1755 Henry Bromley 1st Baron Montfort 1705-1755 (49) shot himself. He left debts of £30,000 with an estate out of repair and in a very ruinous condition.

In 15 Aug 1776 John Damer 1744-1776 (32) shot himself at the Bedford Arms Covent Garden being heavily in debt.

Death of Princess Charlotte

On 13 Feb 1818 Richard Croft 6th Baronet Physician 1762-1818 (56) shot himself as a consequence of the death of Princess Charlotte Augusta Hanover 1796-1817 (22) to whom he had been physician during her labour. A copy of Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost was found open with the passage (Act V, Scene II): "Fair Sir, God save you! Where is the Princess?".

On 17 Apr 1848 Henry St John Mildmay 4th Baronet 1787-1848 (61) shot himself. His son Henry St John Mildmay 5th Baronet 1810-1902 (38) succeeded 5th Baronet St John Mildmay of Farley in Southampton.

Around 1840 Francis Grant Painter 1803-1878. Portrait of Henry St John Mildmay 5th Baronet 1810-1902.

Captain Clarence Trelawny shot himself.