Typhoid is in Diseases.

In 1644 Oliver Cromwell 1622-1644 (22) died of typhoid.

On 10 Nov 1669 Elizabeth de St Michel 1640-1669 (29) died of typhoid.

On 01 Dec 1871 George Philip Cecil Arthur Stanhope 7th Earl Chesterfield 1831-1871 (40) died of typhoid unmarried. His half third cousin George Philip Stanhope 8th Earl Chesterfield 1822-1883 (49) succeeded 8th Earl Chesterfield. He had been staying at Londesborough Lodge Scarborough with the Prince of Wales (30) who also contracted typhoid but survived.

1901. Luke Fildes Painter 1843-1927. Coronation Portrait of Edward VII King United Kingdom 1841-1910.Around 1846. Franz Xaver Winterhalter Painter 1805-1873. Portrait of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales.

On 01 Dec 1893 Gerald Fitzgerald 5th Duke Leinster 1851-1893 (42) died of typhoid. His son Maurice Fitzgerald 6th Duke Leinster 1887-1922 (6) succeeded 6th Duke Leinster.

In 1897 Edith Cavell Nurse 1865-1915 (31) was sent to assist with the typhoid outbreak at Maidstone for which she subsequently was awarded the Maidstone Medal.