Uncle and Aunt

Uncle and Aunt is in Uncles, Aunts, Nephews and Nieces.


On 25 Oct 1053 Enguerrand Ponthieu II Count Ponthieu -1053 died. His uncle Guy Ponthieu Bishop Amiens 1027-1100 (26) succeeded I Count Ponthieu.

On 12 Nov 1094 Duncan II King Scotland 1060-1094 (34) died. His uncle Donald "The Fair White" III King Scotland 1032-1099 (62) succeeded III King Scotland: Dunkeld.

In 1263 Boniface Savoy 1245-1263 (18) died. His uncle Peter of Savoy 1203-1268 (60) succeeded Count Savoy.

In Jul 1268 Maurice Fitzgerald 3rd Lord Offaly 1238-1268 (30) drowned in the Irish Sea whilst crossing from England to Ireland. His uncle Maurice Fitzgerald 4th Lord Offaly 1238-1277 (30) succeeded 4th Lord Offaly. Emmeline Longespée Baroness Offaly 1250-1291 (18) by marriage Lord Offaly.

On 20 Nov 1316 John "The Posthumous" I King France 1316-1316 died.His uncle Philip V King France I King Navarre 1293-1322 (23) succeeded V King France: Capet. He also claimed the Kingdom of Navarre although he had no hereditary right to do so since the Kingdom of Navarre was subject to inheritance by the female as well as male line meaning the four year old Joan Capet II Queen Navarre 1312-1349 (4) was successor by right. The Navarese didn't recognise his claim.

In 1322 Robert Vavasour 3rd Baron Vavasour -1322 died. His uncle Henry Vavasour 4th Baron Vavasour 1266-1342 (56) de jure 4th Baron Vavasour.

On 22 Nov 1392 Robert Vere 1st Duke Ireland 1362-1392 (30) was killed whilst hunting at Louvain. His uncle Aubrey Vere 10th Earl Oxford 1338-1400 (54) succeeded 10th Earl Oxford 2C 1141.

On 13 Dec 1421 Ankaret Talbot 9th Baroness Strange Blackmere 6th Baroness Talbot 1416-1421 (5) died. Her uncle John "Old Talbot" Talbot 1st Earl Shrewsbury 1st Earl Waterford 1383-1453 (38) succeeded 10th Baron Strange Blackmere 1C 1309, 7th Baron Talbot 1C 1331. Maud Neville 6th Baroness Furnivall 1392-1423 (28) by marriage Baroness Strange Blackmere, Baron Talbot 1C 1331.

In 1425 John "Pitiless" Wittelsbach II Duke Bavaria Straubing 1375-1425 (50) died from poisoning. His uncle Otto "The Bavarian" Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria 1341-1379 (84) succeeded V Duke Bavaria.

On 16 Oct 1432 Gerald Fitzgerald 5th Earl Kildare -1432 died. She was buried at Grey Abbey, County Kildare. His uncle John Fitzgerald 6th Earl Kildare -1427 succeeded 6th Earl Kildare.

On 24 Apr 1438 Humphrey Fitzalan 15th Earl Arundel 1429-1438 (9) died. His uncle William Fitzalan 16th Earl Arundel 1417-1487 (20) succeeded 16th Earl Arundel Sussex, 6th Baron Maltravers 1C 1330, 6th Baron Arundel 1C 1377.

In 1450 Henry "The Rich" Wittelsbach XVI Duke Bavaria 1386-1450 (64) died. His uncle John Wittelsbach II Duke Bavaria 1341-1397 succeeded II Duke Bavaria.

On 22 Sep 1450 Barnim Griffins 7th Duke Pomerania -1450 died. His uncle Wartislaw Griffins 8th Duke Pomerania -1415 succeeded 8th Duke Pomerania.

In 1457 Peter Montfort II Duke Brittany 1418-1457 (39) died. His uncle Arthur Montfort III Duke Brittany 1393-1458 (63) succeeded III Duke Brittany 1364 War of Montfort.

On 12 Oct 1475 Edward Blount 2nd Baron Mountjoy 1464-1475 (11) died. His uncle John Blount 3rd Baron Mountjoy 1450-1485 (25) succeeded 3rd Baron Mountjoy.

In 1487 Francis Stourton 4th Baron Stourton 1485-1487 (2) died. His uncle William Stourton 5th Baron Stourton 1457-1523 (30) succeeded 5th Baron Stourton.

On 21 Oct 1494 Gian Galeazzo Sforza 6th Duke Milan 1469-1494 (25) died. His uncle Ludovico Sforza Duke Milan 1452-1508 (42) succeeded Duke Milan.

In Oct 1496 Ferdinand II King Naples 1469-1496 (27) died. His uncle Frederick IV King Naples 1452-1504 (44) succeeded IV King Naples.

In 1502 Alice Scrope 7th Baroness Scrope Masham -1502 died. Her uncle Henry Scrope 8th Baron Scrope Masham -1512 succeeded 8th Baron Scrope Masham.

In 1523 Christian II King Denmark II King Norway 1481-1559 (41) abdicated following pressure from his nobility. His uncle King Frederick I of Denmark 1471-1533 (51) succeeded I King Denmark.

On 08 Jun 1529 James Fitzgerald 10th Earl Desmond 1495-1529 (34) died at Dingle. He was buried at Tralee. His uncle Thomas Fitzgerald 11th Earl Desmond 1454-1534 (75) succeeded 11th Earl Desmond.

In 1530 John Barry 12th Baron Barry -1530 was killed by the Earl of Desmond. His uncle John Barry 13th Baron Barry 1480-1534 (50) succeeded 13th Baron Barry.

On 22 Apr 1545 Louis Wittelsbach X Duke Bavaria 1495-1545 (49) died. His uncle Christoph Duke Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria 1449-1493 (96) succeeded Christophe I Duke Bavaria.

On 13 May 1630 Theobald Dillon 3rd Viscount Dillon 1629-1630 died. His uncle Thomas Dillon 4th Viscount Dillon 1615-1672 (15) succeeded 4th Viscount Dillon of Costello Gallen in Mayo.

In 1657 John St John 2nd Baronet St John Lydiard Tregoze 1642-1657 (15) died. His uncle Walter St John 3rd Baronet St John Lydiard Tregoze 1622-1708 (34) succeeded 3rd Baronet St John Lydiard Tregoze in Wiltshire 1611. Johanna St John Baroness St John Lydiard Tregoze 1631-1705 (25) by marriage Lady St John Lydiard Tregoze in Wiltshire 1611.

Before 1708 Godfrey Kneller Painter 1646-1723. Portrait of Walter St John 3rd Baronet St John Lydiard Tregoze 1622-1708.Before 03 Jul 1708. Michael Dahl Painter 1659-1743. Portrait of Walter St John 3rd Baronet St John Lydiard Tregoze 1622-1708. Lydiard House.Around 1665 John Michael Wright Painter 1617-1694. Portrait of Johanna St John Baroness St John Lydiard Tregoze 1631-1705.

On 28 Dec 1660 Thomas Pope 2nd Earl Downe 1622-1660 (38) died. On 11 Jan 1661 he was buried in Wroxton. His uncle Thomas Pope 3rd Earl Downe 1598-1668 (62) succeeded 3rd Earl Downe.

On 02 Dec 1662 Josias Stewart 4th Baron Castle Stuart 1635-1662 (27) died without issue. His uncle John Stewart 5th Baron Castle Stuart -1685 succeeded 5th Baron Castle Stuart.

In 1665 Hugh Cholmley 3rd Baronet 1662-1665 (3) died. His uncle Hugh Cholmley 4th Baronet 1632-1689 (32) succeeded 4th Baronet Cholmley of Whitby in Yorkshire.

Battle of Lowestoft

On 03 Jun 1665 at the Battle of Lowestoft an English fleet commanded by James II King England Scotland and Ireland 1633-1701 (31), Prince Rupert Palatinate Simmern 1st Duke Cumberland 1619-1682 (45) and Edward Montagu 1st Earl Sandwich 1625-1672 (39) defeated a Dutch Fleet.
Richard Boyle -1665 was killed.
Charles Maccarthy Viscount Muskerry -1665 was killed.
Charles Berkeley 1st Earl Falmouth 1630-1665 (35) was killed by a cannonball aboard the Royal Charles. His father Charles Berkeley 2nd Viscount Fitzhardinge 1599-1668 (65) succeeded 2nd Viscount Fitzhardinge of Berehaven in Kerry. Penelope Godolphin Viscountess Fitzhardinge by marriage Viscountess Fitzhardinge of Berehaven in Kerry. Possibly the only occasion when a father has succeeded his son.
Charles Weston 3rd Earl of Portland 1639-1665 (26) was killed by a cannon shot. On 13 Jun 1665 His uncle Thomas Weston 4th Earl of Portland 1609-1688 (55) succeeded 4th Earl of Portland 1C 1633.
Thomas Allin 1st Baronet 1612-1685 (53) was present.
Admiral Jeremy Smith -1675 commanded the Mary.
Captain George Batts fought. He was assigned to Sir George Ayscue's (49) division in the Blue Squadron.

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Before 1694 John Michael Wright Painter 1617-1694. Portrait of James II King England Scotland and Ireland 1633-1701 when Duke of York.Around 1666 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of James II King England Scotland and Ireland 1633-1701 and Anne Hyde Queen Consort England 1637-1671. See Diary of Samuel Pepys 24 March 1666.Before 04 Jan 1674 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of James II King England Scotland and Ireland 1633-1701 wearing his Garter Robes.Around 1672 Henri Gascar Painter 1635-1701. Portrait of James II King England Scotland and Ireland 1633-1701.Around 1642. William Dobson Painter 1611-1646. Portrait of the Prince Rupert Palatinate Simmern 1st Duke Cumberland 1619-1682, Colonel John Russell 1620-1687 and Colonel William Murray.Before 1656 Gerrit van Honthorst Painter 1592-1656. Portrait of Prince Rupert Palatinate Simmern 1st Duke Cumberland 1619-1682.Around 1672 John Michael Wright Painter 1617-1694. Portrait of Prince Rupert Palatinate Simmern 1st Duke Cumberland 1619-1682.Around 1680 Simon Pietersz Verelst Painter 1644-1710. Portrait of Prince Rupert Palatinate Simmern 1st Duke Cumberland 1619-1682. Around 1650 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of Edward Montagu 1st Earl Sandwich 1625-1672.Around 1665 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of Thomas Allin 1st Baronet 1612-1685. One of the Flagmen of Lowestoft.Around 1665 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of Admiral George Ayscue 1616-1672. One of the Flagmen of Lowestoft.

On 12 Dec 1671 William Seymour 3rd Duke Somerset 1654-1671 (17) died. His uncle John Seymour 4th Duke Somerset 1645-1675 (26) succeeded 4th Duke Somerset 4C 1547. Sarah Alston Duchess Somerset 1642-1692 (29) by marriage Duchess Somerset.

Before 02 Sep 1692 Thomas Gibson Painter 1680-1751. Portrait of Sarah Alston Duchess Somerset 1642-1692.

In 1672 Arthur Acland 4th Baronet 1655-1672 (17) died. His uncle Hugh Acland 5th Baronet 1639-1714 (33) succeeded 5th Baronet Acland of Columb John.

In 1674 Evelyn Fanshawe 3rd Viscount Fanshawe -1674 died. His uncle Charles Fanshawe 4th Viscount Fanshawe 1643-1710 (31) succeeded 4th Viscount Fanshawe.

Around 1685. John Riley Painter 1646-1691. Portrait of Charles Fanshawe 4th Viscount Fanshawe 1643-1710.

Around Apr 1678 John Willoughby 8th Baron Willoughby Parham 1669-1678 (9) died at Belvoir Castle. His uncle John Willoughby 9th Baron Willoughby Parham 1669-1678 (9) succeeded 9th Baron Willoughby Parham.

Before 01 Nov 1681 William Douglas 9th Earl Morton -1681 died. His uncle James Douglas 10th Earl Morton -1686 succeeded 10th Earl Morton.

On 11 Apr 1682 Thomas Cromwell 3rd Earl Ardglass 1653-1682 (28) died. His uncle Vere Essex Cromwell 4th Earl Ardglass 1625-1687 (56) succeeded 4th Earl Ardglass.

In 1684 Griffith Williams 4th Baronet 1666-1684 (18) died. His uncle Hugh Williams 5th Baronet 1628-1686 (56) succeeded 5th Baronet Williams of Penrhyn in Caernarfonshire.

In 1687 John Coventry 4th Baron Coventry 1654-1687 (33) died. His uncle Thomas Coventry 1st Earl Coventry 1629-1699 (58) succeeded 5th Baron Coventry.

Around 1675 Mary Beale aka Cradock Painter 1633-1699. Portrait of Thomas Coventry 1st Earl Coventry 1629-1699.

In 1689 Thomas Gower 3rd Baronet Gower 1666-1689 (23) died. His uncle William Leveson-Gower 4th Baronet Gower 1647-1691 (42) succeeded 4th Baronet Gower of Stittenham in Yorkshire. Jane Granville Baroness Gower -1696 by marriage Lady Gower of Stittenham in Yorkshire.

On 18 Sep 1691 Giles Alington 4th Baron Alington 1680-1691 (11) died. His uncle Hildebrand Alington 5th Baron Alington 1641-1723 (50) succeeded 5th Baron Alington 1C 1642.

In 1701 James Annesley 2nd Baron Altham -1701 died. His uncle Richard Annesley 3rd Baron Altham 1655-1701 (46) succeeded 3rd Baron Altham 1C 1681. Dorothy Davey Baroness Altham 1663-1715 (37) by marriage Baroness Altham.

Before 25 Nov 1710 Henry Boothby 2nd Baronet Boothby 1682-1710 died. On 25 Nov 1710 he was buried in St Oswalds Church Ashbourne. His uncle William Boothby 3rd Baronet Boothby 1664-1730 succeeded 3rd Baronet Boothby of Broadlow Ash in Derbyshire.

On 28 Jan 1712 Thomas Coventry 3rd Earl Coventry 1702-1712 (10) died at Eton College. His uncle Gilbert Coventry 4th Earl Coventry 1668-1719 (44) succeeded 4th Earl Coventry, 8th Baron Coventry.

Around 1714. Michael Dahl Painter 1659-1743. Portrait of Thomas Coventry 3rd Earl Coventry 1702-1712.

On 16 Aug 1712 Charles Finch 4th Earl Winchilsea 1672-1712 (39) died. His uncle Heneage Finch 5th Earl Winchilsea 1657-1726 (55) succeeded 5th Earl Winchilsea.

On 10 May 1714 Paulet St John 8th Baron St John Bletso 1711-1714 (2) died. His uncle William St John 9th Baron St John Bletso 1686-1720 (28) succeeded 9th Baron St John Bletso 1C 1559.

On 08 May 1722 Charles William Howard 7th Earl Suffolk 1693-1722 (28) died. He was buried at Walden Abbey. His uncle Edward Howard 8th Earl Suffolk 1672-1731 (50) succeeded 8th Earl Suffolk 4C 1603.

On 05 Feb 1731 John Cotton 4th Baronet Cotton 1680-1731 (51) died. His uncle Robert Bruce Cotton 5th Baronet Cotton 1678-1745 (53) succeeded 5th Baronet Cotton of Conington 1611.

In 1736 Christopher Wandesford 3rd Viscount Castlecomer 1717-1736 (19) died. His uncle George Wandesford 4th Viscount Castlecomer 1687-1751 (49) succeeded 4th Viscount Castlecomer, 4th Baron Wandesford, 5th Baronet Wandesford of Kirklington.

In 1736 William Spring 4th Baronet Spring 1697-1736 (39) died. His uncle John Spring 5th Baronet Spring 1674-1740 (62) succeeded 5th Baronet Spring of Pakenham in Suffolk.

In 1744 Thomas Mansel 2nd Baron Mansel 1719-1744 (25) died. His uncle Christopher Mansel 3rd Baron Mansel 1720-1744 (23) succeeded 3rd Baron Mansel of Margam, 7th Baronet Mansel of Margam.

On 28 Sep 1747 John Drummond 4th Duke Perth 1716-1747 (33) died unmarried. His uncle John Drummond 5th Duke Perth -1757 succeeded 5th Duke Perth.

In 1751 William Mathias Stafford-Howard 3rd Earl Stafford 1718-1751 (33) died. His uncle John Paul Stafford-Howard 4th Earl Stafford 1700-1762 (50) succeeded 4th Earl Stafford 2C 1688, 5th Baron Stafford 5C 1640. Elizabeth Ewens Countess Stafford -1783 by marriage Countess Stafford.

On 07 Oct 1761 Elizabeth Trevor Duchess Marlborough 1713-1761 (48) died. Her uncle John Trevor 3rd Baron Trevor 1695-1764 (66) succeeded 3rd Baron Trevor Bromham.

1763. Arthur Devis Painter 1712-1787. Portrait of (probably) John Trevor 3rd Baron Trevor 1695-1764.

In 1767 Charles Hotham 6th Baronet Hotham -1767 died. His uncle Beaumont Hotham 7th Baronet 1706-1771 (61) succeeded 7th Baronet Hotham of Scorborough in Yorkshire.

On 12 Nov 1769 Nicholas Hume-Loftus 2nd Earl of Ely 1738-1769 (31) died. Earl of Ely in Wicklow 1C 1766 extinct. His uncle Henry Loftus 1st Earl of Ely 1709-1783 (59) succeeded 4th Viscount Loftus of Ely 2C 1756, 4th Baron Loftus of Loftus Hall in Wexford. Frances Monroe Countess of Ely -1774 by marriage Viscountess Loftus of Ely.

1772 Angelica Kauffmann Painter 1741-1807. "The Ely Family Group". Portrait of Henry Loftus 1st Earl of Ely 1709-1783 and Frances Monroe Countess of Ely -1774, and their nieces Frances Monroe, seated at the harpsichord playing an aria from ‘La Buona Figliuola’ by Niccolo Piccini, a popular hit in Dublin at the time and Dorothea "Dolly" Monroe.

In 1770 George Hay 5th Marquess Tweedale 1758-1770 (12) died. His uncle George Hay 6th Marquess Tweedale 1700-1787 (70) succeeded 6th Marquess Tweedale, 7th Earl Tweeddale.

On 19 Sep 1772 George Henry Lee 3rd Earl Lichfield 1718-1772 (54) died. His uncle Robert Lee 4th Earl Lichfield 1706-1776 (66) succeeded 4th Earl Lichfield 2C 1674.

On 08 Jul 1779 Robert Bertie 4th Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1756-1779 (22) died at Grimsthorpe South Kesteven. His uncle Brownlow Bertie 5th Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1729-1809 (50) succeeded 5th Duke Ancaster and Kesteven, 5th Marquess Lindsay, 8th Earl Lindsey. His sister Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth Bertie 21st Baroness Willoughby Eresby 1761-1828 (18) succeeded 21st Baron Willoughby de Eresby.

Around 1815. Sampson Towgood Roch Painter 1757-1847. Miniature portrait of Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth Bertie 21st Baroness Willoughby Eresby 1761-1828.

On 25 Dec 1781 Charles Cope 3rd Baronet 1770-1781 (11) died. He was buried at Hanwell. His uncle Jonathan Cope 4th Baronet 1758-1821 (23) succeeded 4th Baronet Cope.

In Apr 1785 John Dyke Acland 8th Baronet 1778-1785 (7) died. His uncle Thomas Dyke Acland 9th Baronet 1752-1794 (32) succeeded 9th Baronet Acland of Columb John. He died a few weeks later.

On 05 Dec 1791 George Walpole 3rd Earl Orford 1730-1791 (61) died. His uncle Horace Walpole 4th Earl Orford 1717-1797 (74) succeeded 4th Earl Orford 2C 1742, 17th Baron Clinton. His second cousin twice removed Robert Trefusis 17th Baron Clinton 1764-1797 (27) succeeded 17th Baron Clinton.

On 15 Jan 1792 Thomas Cave 7th Baronet 1766-1792 (25) died without issue. His uncle Charles Cave 8th Baronet 1747-1810 (45) succeeded 8th Baronet Cave of Stanford.

On 08 Jun 1795 Louis XVII King France 1785-1795 (10) died. His uncle Louis XVIII King France 1755-1824 (39) succeeded XVIII King France: Capet Valois Bourbon.

On 02 Aug 1799 Douglas Hamilton 8th Duke Hamilton 5th Duke Brandon 1756-1799 (43) died at Hamilton Palace, Hamilton. His uncle Archibald Hamilton 9th Duke Hamilton 6th Duke Brandon 1740-1819 (59) succeeded 9th Duke Hamilton, 6th Duke Brandon of Suffolk, 6th Baron Dutton of Cheshire. Harriet Stewart Duchess Hamilton Duchess Brandon -1788 by marriage Duchess Hamilton, Duke Brandon of Suffolk.

On 31 Dec 1804 George Evans 4th Baron Carbery 1766-1804 (38) died without issue. His uncle John Evans 5th Baron Carbery 1738-1807 (66) succeeded 5th Baron Carbery. Emilia Crowe Baroness Carbery -1806 by marriage Baroness Carbery.

On 18 Jul 1811 Charles Hotham 10th Baronet 1766-1811 (45) died. His uncle William Hotham 1st Baron Hotham 1736-1813 (75) succeeded 11th Baronet Hotham of Scorborough in Yorkshire.

On 09 Aug 1823 Charles Cornwallis 2nd Marquess Cornwallis 1774-1823 (48) died. His uncle James Cornwallis 4th Earl Cornwallis 1743-1824 (80) succeeded 4th Earl Cornwallis.

On 28 Sep 1846 George Edward Waldegrave 7th Earl Waldegrave 1816-1846 (30) died. His uncle William Waldegrave 8th Earl Waldegrave 1788-1859 (57) succeeded 8th Earl Waldegrave. His wife Frances Braham Countess Waldegrave 1821-1879 (25) inherited Strawberry Hill House.

In 1856 Henry John Hunloke 6th Baronet 1812-1856 (44) died. His uncle James Hunloke 7th Baronet 1784-1856 (72) succeeded 7th Baronet Hunloke of Wingerworth in Derbyshire.

On 17 Mar 1867 Henry Peter Pitt Rivers 5th Baron Rivers 1849-1867 (17) died from lung disease in Torquay. His uncle George Pitt Rivers 6th Baron Rivers 1814-1880 (52) succeeded 6th Baron Rivers 4C 1802.

On 10 Jan 1880 Robert Jocelyn 4th Earl Roden 1846-1880 (33) died. His uncle John Strange Jocelyn 5th Earl Roden 1823-1897 (57) succeeded 5th Earl Roden.

On 15 Jan 1891 Edward Baldwin Courtenay 12th Earl Devon 1836-1891 (54) died. His uncle Henry Hugh Courtenay 13th Earl Devon 1811-1904 (80) succeeded 13th Earl Devon 5C 1553.

On 16 Oct 1898 Ethel Errington 1845-1898 (53) died in Cairo. Her uncle John Errington 12th Baronet 1810-1893 (88) succeeded 12th Baronet Stanley of Hooton.

On 29 Nov 1904 Albert Yorke 6th Earl Hardwicke 1867-1904 (37) died unmarried. His uncle John Manners Yorke 7th Earl Hardwicke 1840-1909 (64) succeeded 7th Earl Hardwicke.

In 1942 Edward Claud Berkeley Fitzharding 5th Viscount Portman 1898-1942 (44) died. His uncle Seymour Berkeley Fitzharding 6th Viscount Portman 1868-1946 (73) succeeded 6th Viscount Portman.

On 16 Sep 1943 Henry Wellesley 6th Duke Wellington 1912-1943 (31) was killed during an attempt to take Pimple Hill. He was buried where he lay. He was unmarried and without issue. His uncle Gerald Wellesley 7th Duke Wellington 1885-1972 (58) succeeded 7th Duke Wellington 1C 1814, 11th Earl Mornington 1C 1760, 11th Viscount Wellesley of Dangan Castle. Dorothy Violet Ashton Duchess Wellington 1889-1956 (54) by marriage Duchess Wellington.

Savary ThouarsIV Viscount Thouars died. His uncle Aimery ThouarsVIII Viscount Thouars succeeded VIII Viscount Thouars.

Wentworth Dillon 4th Earl Roscommon 1637-1685 died. His uncle Carey Dillon 5th Earl Roscommon 1627-1689 succeeded 5th Earl Roscommon.

Great Uncle

In 676 Escwin King Wessex -676 died. His great uncle Centwine King Wessex -685 succeeded King Wessex.

In 716 Ceolred King Mercia -716 died. He was buried at Lichfield Cathedral. His great uncle Eowa King Mercia -642 succeeded King Mercia.

In 1193 Richard Redvers 4th Earl Devon -1193 died. His great uncle William Redvers 5th Earl Devon -1217 succeeded 5th Earl Devon 1C 1141.

On 21 Nov 1361 Philip I Duke Burgundy 1346-1361 (15) died. His great uncle John I Count of Auvergne -1386 succeeded Count Auvergne.

On 08 Aug 1493 Christoph Duke Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria 1449-1493 (44) died. His great uncle William Wittelsbach III Duke Bavaria 1375-1435 succeeded III Duke Bavaria. Margarethe La Marck Duchess Bavaria 1416-1444 (77) by marriage Duchess Bavaria.

On 23 Aug 1683 William Verney 18th Baron Latimer 10th Baron Willoughby Broke 1668-1683 (15) died. His great uncle Richard Verney 19th Baron Latimer 11th Baron Willoughby Broke 1622-1711 (61) succeeded 19th Baron Latimer, 11th Baron Willoughby Broke.

On 28 Dec 1683 Edward Carr 4th Baronet Carr 1666-1683 (17) died unmarried. His great uncle Rochester Carr 5th Baronet -1695 succeeded 5th Baronet Carr of Sleaford in Lincolnshire.

On 10 Aug 1779 Henry Howard 13th Earl Suffolk 6th Earl Berkshire 1779-1779 died two days old. His great uncle Thomas Howard 14th Earl Suffolk 7th Earl Berkshire 1721-1783 (58) succeeded 14th Earl Suffolk 4C 1603, 7th Earl Berkshire 2C 1626.


In 1051 Matthew Poher Count Nantes -1051 died. His aunt Judith Poher Countess Cornouaille and Nantes -1063 succeeded Count Nantes.

In 1519 Elizabeth Grey Countess Devon 1505-1519 (13) died. Her aunt Elizabeth Grey Viscountess Lisle 1480-1525 (39) succeeded 6th Baron Lisle 4C 1444.

In 1664 Thomas Nicolson 2nd Baronet 1628-1664 (36) died. His aunt Margaret Napier 5th Lady Napier of Merchistoun -1706 succeeded 5th Lord Napier of Merchistoun.

On 23 Apr 1686 Henrietta Marie Wentworth 6th Baroness Wentworth 1660-1686 (25) died. She was buried at St George of England Church Toddington. Her aunt Anne Wentworth 7th Baroness Wentworth Baroness Lovelace -1697 succeeded 7th Baron Wentworth.

On or before 16 Jul 1742 Elizabeth Temple 1738-1742 (3) died. She was buried on 16 Jul 1742 at the family estate at Stowe. Her aunt Hester Temple Countess Temple 1690-1752 (52) succeeded 2nd Viscount Cobham.