Book of Proverbs

Book of Proverbs is in Old Testament.

Proverbs Chapter 15

Proverbs Chapter 15 Verse 24

NIV. The path of life leads upward for the prudent to keep them from going down to the realm of the dead.

John Evelyn's Diary 26 September 1658. 26 Sep 1658. Mr. King preached at Ashted, on Proverbs xv. 24; a Quaker would have disputed with him. In the afternoon, we heard Dr. Hacket (66) (since Bishop of Litchfield) at Cheam, where the family of the Lumleys lie buried.

Proverbs Chapter 27

Proverbs Chapter 27 Verse 5 and 6

NIV. 5 Better is open rebuke than hidden love. 6 Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.

John Evelyn's Diary 25 March 1700. 25 Mar 1700. Dr. Burnet (56) preached to-day before the Lord Mayor and a very great congregation, on Proverbs xxvii. 5, 6, "Open rebuke is better than secret love; the wounds of a friend are better than the kisses of an enemy". He made a very pathetic discourse concerning the necessity and advantage of friendly correction.

Around 1675 Mary Beale aka Cradock Painter 1633-1699. Portrait of Gilbert Burnet Bishop of Salisbury 1643-1715. Before 1687 Pieter Borsseler Painter 1634-1687. Portrait of Gilbert Burnet Bishop of Salisbury 1643-1715.