Diary of Henry Machyn April 1552

Diary of Henry Machyn April 1552 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1552.

09 Apr 1552. The ix day of Aprell was bered M. Morgayne, gold-smyth, in the parryche of Saynt Foster, in Foster ...

12 Apr 1552. The xij day of Aprell was bered ser Umffrey .. knyght [Note. possibly Humphrey Style Esquire of the Body 1501-1552 (51)], with a standard and a penon, and a cott armur .. and sword, elmett, and mantylles, and vj dosen of skoychyons, meny gownes gyffyn to the powre and the ryche, and a [great] dolle, and with a harold, and bered at the towne, and the [company] of the Clarkes wher ther syngyng, and ther was [a great] dener boyth to ryche and the powre.

26 Apr 1552. The xvj day of Aprell rod thrugh London in a c[ar], a woman with a bannor pentyd with (a) yong damsell and a woman, with a carde in the woman('s) hand cardyng her mayd nakyd pentyd, the wyche she left butt lytyll skyn of her, and a-bowt her masters neke a card hangyng downe; for thys ponyssment her masters had for her; and she was cared unto her owne dore in a care, and the (re) was a proclamasyon by on of the bedylles of her shamful ded-dohyng, [of] the wyche the damsell ys lyke to dee.

The sam day the Kynges (14) grase removyd from Westmynster unto Grenwyche at viij a-cloke in the mornyng.

The sam day was sessyons at Nugatt for theyfes, and a cott-purs spessyally was for one James [Ellys] the grett pykpurs and cuttpurs that ever [was ar-]raynyd, for ther was never a presun and the Towr but he had byne in them, —the vj king Edward vjth.

The sam day was bornyd at the Towre-hylle at after[noon] vij mon and viij maymed and lyke to dee, and alle was by takyng [ill] heyde and by beytyng of gunpowder in a morter, and by stryk[ing] of fyre, that a sparke of fyre fell in-tho the powder, and so alle f[ired] ...

Around 1540 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Portrait of Edward VI King England and Ireland 1537-1553 Around 1546 Unknown Painter. After William Scrots Painter 1517-1553. Portrait of Edward VI King England and Ireland 1537-1553. Around 1547. Workshop of Master John Painter. Portrait of Edward VI King England and Ireland 1537-1553.