Diary of Henry Machyn April 1554

1554 Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

1554 Creation of Garter Knights

Diary of Henry Machyn April 1554 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1554.

01 Apr 1554. The sam day at after-non was bered my lade [Ascough] the wyff of Sir Crystofer Askuw,lat mare of London: [she was] bered in sant John the evangelett paryche, in Watlyngstrett, and the stret and chyrche hangyd with blake and armes, and iiij gylt candyllstykes and iiij grett tapurs and armes, and ij goodly whyt branchys, and xx men in frysse gownes bayring of stayf-torchys, and mony vomen, and then the compeny of the Clarkes; and mony mornars, and then came a herald of armes a-for the corsse in ys cot armur; and then the corsse, with iiij banars of hemages borne [about] her, and the mornars; and then the craft of the Drapers; and the parrysonars; and so to the durge and the morowe masse. [Master] doctur Smyth dyd pryche; and when all was done, to [dinner.]

02 Apr 1554. The ijday of Aprell began the parlemente, and the Quen('s) (38) grace rod thedur in her robes, and bysshopes and lordes in parlement robes, and ther was a goody masse of the Holy-gost; and [so] to the parlement howsse.

Around 1554 Antonis Mor Painter 1517-1577. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558. Around 1556 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558.

08 Apr 1554. The viij day of Aprell wher creatyd lordes sir John of Brygys (62) creatyd lord Shandoys; sir John Wyllyams (54) baron of Tame, and lord chamburlayne to the prynche of Spayne; and ser Antony Browne (25), master of the prynsse of Spayne('s) horsses. And the sam day my lord Wylliam (44), admerall, and ys captayns, wherin whyt and gren velvet and saten and taffata and sarsenett, and trumpeters all in gren and whyt, and all the marenars in whyt and gren cloth for shypes. [On the same day somebody unknown hanged a cat on the gallows beside the cross in Cheap, habited in a garment like to that the priest wore that said mass; she had a shaven crown, and in her fore feet held a piece of paper made round, representing the wafer.]

In 1559 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Anthony Browne 1st Viscount Montague 1528-1592 wearing a Garter Collar and St George Pendant.

Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

11 Apr 1554. The xj day of Aprell was heddyd ser Thomas [Wyatt of Kentt,] (33) the cheyffe captayn of the rebellyous of [Kent, be-] twyn ix and x of the cloke a-for none, on Towre hyll, .... after and by xj of the cloke was he quartered on the skaffold, and hys bowelles and ys members burnt be-syd the skaffold; .... and so ther was a care and a baskett, and the iiij quarters and hed was putt in-to a baskett to nuwgat to be parboyled.

Around 1550 based on a work of around 1540.Unknown Painter. Portrait of Thomas Wyatt 1521-1554.

12 Apr 1554. The xij day of Aprell was ser Thomas Wyatt (33) sett a-pon the gallaus on Hay-hyll be-syd Hyd Parke; wher dyd hang iij men in chynes a-pon a stake wh .... cam to cum to London, and ther the qweyns men and [Wyatt's] men dyd skryssmys, wher he and ys captayns wher over-cum, thanke be unto God; and on quarter of ys sett a-pon a jubett on Mylle-end gren, and a-nodur at Nuwyngton be-yonde sant Gorges in Sowthwarke, and [the iij] be-syd sant Thomas of Waterynges, and the iiij quarter at (blank)

13 Apr 1554. The xiij day of Aprell was a proclamasyon was made that what so mever he wher that cold bryng forth hym that dyd hang the catt on the galaus, he shuld have xx marke for ys labur.

16 Apr 1554. The xvj day of Aprell was sett up in sant Androwes Undershafft for master Kyrtun, alderman of London and marchand tayller of London, and marchand of the stapull of Calles, with a cote armur, iij penons of armes, goodly ons, and sett up over ys tombe.

17 Apr 1554. The xvij day of Aprell was had to Yeld-hall ser Necolaus Frogmortun (39), ser James a Croft (36), master Wynter, master Vaghan; and ther Waghan gaff evedens agaynst ser Necolas Frogmortun (39) of tresun, but the qwest dyd qwytt hym.

Around 1562 Unknown Painter. Anglo-Netherlandish. Portrait of Nicholas Throckmorton 1515-1571.

21 Apr 1554. The xxj day of April were two men set on the pillory in Cheap, for speaking seditious words and false lies against the queen and her council: And one of] them had hys here [ear] naylyd to the pelory.

1554 Creation of Garter Knights

23 Apr 1554. The xxiij day of Aprell, was sant Gorge day, her grace (38) whent unto the chapell and whent a prossessyon with all the kynghtes of the garter that was ther pressent [to St.] James in the Feld; ther wher creatyd the sam day knights of the garter, the prynsse of Spayne (26) one, and the yerle of Sussex (47).

Around 1573 Sofonisba Anguissola Painter 1532-1625. Portrait of Philip Around 1560 Antonis Mor Painter 1517-1577. Portrait of Philip Around 1550. Titian Painter 1488-1576. Portrait of Philip Around 1554. Titian Painter 1488-1576. Portrait of Philip Around 1594. Juan Pantoja de La Cruz Painter 1553–1608. Portrait of Philip

28 Apr 1554. The xxviij day of Aprell was heddyd on Towre hyll, betwyn ix and x of the cloke a-for none, my lord Thomas Gray, the duke of Suffoke-Dassett (37) brodur, and bered at Allalow's Barkyng, and the hed (unfinished)

29 Apr 1554. The xxix day of Aprell was raynyd at Yeldhall ser James a Croft (36), late depute of Yrland, and cast; and master Wynter whent ther too.

29 Apr 1554. The sam day was bered my lade Dudley lat wyff of barne [baron] of Dudley (60), in sant Margarett in Westmynster, with iiij baners of emages, and mony gowens, and hon[g with] blake and armes, for my lade was ontt [aunt] unto the [duke] of Suffoke-Dassett (37), the wyche was hedyd latt.

30 Apr 1554. The xxx day of Aprell began the postyll-mas [apostle-mass] at Powles at the v of the cloke in the mornyng evere day