Diary of Henry Machyn April 1555

Diary of Henry Machyn April 1555 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1555.

04 Apr 1555. The iiij day of Aprell the Kyng('s) (27) grace and the Quen (39) removyd unto Hamtun cowrte to kepe Ester ther, and so her grace to her chambur ther.

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17 Apr 1555. The xvij day of Aprell was a commandment [from the bishop of London (55) that every] parryche in London should have the sam day, and the morowe, durge and masse and ryngyng for pope Jully [the third] of that name, and for all crystyn solles.

14 Apr 1555. The xiiij day of Aprell, the wyche was [Ester day,] at sant Margatt parryche at Westmynster, af[ter masse] was done, one of the menysters a prest of the ab[bay] dyd helpe hym that was the menyster [to] the pepull who wher reseyvyng of the blessyd sacrement of [the lord] Jhesus Cryst, ther, cam in-to the chyrche a man that was a monke of Elly, the wyche was marryed to a wyff; the sam day ther that sam man sayd to the menyster, What doyst thow gyff them? and as sone as he had spokyn he druw his wod-knyffe, and hyt the prest on the hed and struck hym a grett blowe, and after ran after hym and struck hym on the hand, and cloyffe ys hand a grett way, and after on the harme a grett wond [wound]; and ther was syche a cry and showtt as has not byne; and after he was taken and cared to presun, and after examynyd wher-for he dyd ytt.

20 Apr 1555. The xx day of Aprell was raynyd at Powlles a-for the bysshope of London (55) and many odur and my lord cheyffe justys and my lord mayre and the shreyffes; ys name was (master Fowler, alias Branch ); he was a monke of Ely; and ther was a goodly sermon, and after he was cast and condemnyd to have ys hand that hurt the prest cut off or he shuld suffer, and after dysgracyd, and after cared to Nuwgattss.

21 Apr 1555. The xxj day of Aprell ther was wypyd at a cart-hors [carts tail] iij, j man and ij women, and anodur man a-lone, ij old men with whyt berdes, and on was for carehyng ....

23 Apr 1555. [The xxiijd day of April, being saint George's day, at Hampton Court, the King (27), with other lords and knights of the garter, went in their robes on procession, with three] crosses, and clarkes and prestes, and my lord chancellor, the cheyff menyster, metered [mitred ie wearing his mitre], and all thay in copes of cloth of tyssue and gold, syngyng Salva fasta dyes as thay whent a-bowt; the Quen('s) (39) grace lokyd owt of a cassement, that hundereds dyd se her grace after she had taken her chambur; and arolds gohyng a-bowt the Kyng('s) grace.

24 Apr 1555. The xxiiij day of Aprell was the sam man cared to Westmynster that dyd hurt the prest, and had ys hand stryken of at the post, and after he was bornyd [burned] aganst sant Margett chyrche with-owt the cherche-yerde.

26 Apr 1555. The xxvj day of Aprell was cared from the Marselsee in a care thrugh London unto Charyng-crosse to the galows, and ther hangyd, iij men for robyng of serten Spaneardes of tresur of gold owt of the abbay of Vestmynster.

26 Apr 1555. The sam day was a yonge man wypytt at a post with a coler of yron to the post, by the standard in the Chepe, that ys callyd the post of reformassyon, for brybyng and pyky ..

29 Apr 1555. The xxix day of Aprell was cutte downe of the galows a man that was hangyd the xxvj day of Aprell, a pulter('s) servant that was one of them that dyd robed the Spaneard with-in Westmynster Abbay, and he hangyd in a gowne of towny [tawny] fryse and a dobelet of townny taffata and a payre of fyne hose lynyd with sarsenet, and after bered undur the galaus, rayllyng a-ganst the pope and the masse, and hangyd iiij days.

30 Apr 1555. The xxx day of Aprell and the last day of Aprell thydynges cam to London that the Quen('s) (39) grace was delevered of a prynce, and so ther was grett ryngyng thrugh London, and dyvers plases Te Deum laudamus songe; and the morow after yt was tornyd odurways to the plesur of God! But yt shall be when yt plesse God, for I trust God that he wyll remembur ys tru servands that putt ther trust in hym, when that they calle on hym.