Diary of Henry Machyn April 1557

Diary of Henry Machyn April 1557 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1557.

03 Apr 1557. The iij day of Aprell dyd pryche doctur Wattsun (42) bysshope of Lynckolne at Allallows the Mor in ... at after-non, wher was grett audyens of pepull.

03 Apr 1557. The sam day dyd pryche docthur Perryn the master of the blake frers in sant Bartholomuw in Smyth-feld, at Bowe in Chepesyd dyd pryche ...

05 Apr 1557. The v day of Aprell, the wyche was Passon [Sunday,] at Westmynster my lord abbott (42) dyd pryche, and mad [a goodly] ser mon as has bene hard in owre tyme.

06 Apr 1557. The vj day of Aprell hangyd at Tyborne viij f ....

06 Apr 1557. The vj day of Aprell was bornyd in Smythfeld v, iij men and ij women, for herese; on was a barber dwellyng in Lym-strett; and on woman was the wyff of the Crane at the Crussyd-frers be-syd the Towre-hylle, kepyng of a in [inn] ther.

06 Apr 1557. The vj day of Aprell was hangyd at the low-water marke at Wapyng be-yond santt Katheryns vij for robyng on the see.

On or after 06 Apr 1557. The .. day of Aprell was slayn in Flestrete a man (blank) ....

03 Apr 1557. [The iij day of April five persons, out of Essex, were condemned for] herese, iij men and ij women, [one woman with a staff in her hand,] to be bornyd [burned] in Smyth-feld.

16 Apr 1557. The xvj day of Aprell dyd pryche at Powlles Crosse (blank) Murryn, that was Good Fryday, and mad a godly sermon, and ther was grett audyens.

19 Apr 1557. The xix day of Aprell dyd pryche a' sant Mare spyttell docthur Pendyltun (33), and mad a goodly sermon; ther was my lord mare (57) and xxiij althermen besyd my lord mayre (57), and iij juges, and alle the masters of the hospetall with grenstayffes in ther handes, and alle the chylderyn of the hospetall in bluw garmenttes boyth men chylderyn and women chylderyn, that be kept with serten landes and the cherete of the nobull cette of London, and aboyff xx M. pepull of old and yonge, to her the sermon of old custom, and my lade mares and the (unfinished).

20 Apr 1557. The xx day of Aprell dyd pryche docthur Yonge at santt Mare spyttylle; and ther was my lord mare (57) and xxv althermen, none lackyng butt master Wodderoff, the wyche makyth the full nom bur of xxvj; and my lord Broke the cheff justes, and my lord justes Browne (48), and my ser John Baker, and ser Roger Chamley, and mony nobull gentyllmen, with the holl cete [whole city] boythe old and yonge, boythe men and women.

19 Apr 1557. The xix day of Aprell was a wager shott in Fynsbere feld of the parryche of the Trenete the lytyll, of vj men agaynst vj men, and one parte had xv for iij and lost the game; and after shott and lost a-nodur game.

19 Apr 1557. The sam owre master parsun and entryd in-to helle and ther ded at the barle breyke with alle the wyffe of the sam parryche; and ever was master parsun in the fyre, ser Thomas Chambur; and after they whent and dronke at Hogston vijs in bred and bere, butt ij quarttes of claret, alle, and after they cam to the Swane in Wyttyngtun college to on master Fulmer a vetelar, ther they mad good chere, and payd for yt.

19 Apr 1557. [The same day went to Westminster to hear mass, and to the lord abbot's (42) to dinner, the] duke of Muskovea, and after dener [came into the monastery, and went] up to se sant Edward shryne nuw set up, [and there saw] alle the plasse thrugh; and after toke ys leyff of [my lord abbot (42)], and ther mett hym dyvers althermen and mony [merchants]; and so rod in-to the parke, and so to London.

22 Apr 1557. The xxij of Aprell dyd pryche at sant Mare speytyll [doctor] Watsun (42) nuw-choyssen bysshope of Lynckolne a godly sermon.

22 Apr 1557. The sam day the Kyng (29) and the Quen (41) removyd from Grenwyche unto Westmynster, a-ganst sant [George's day.]

1557 Creation of Garter Knights

23 Apr 1557. The xxiij day of Aprell was sant Gorge('s) day [the King's (29)] grace whent a pressessyon in ys robes of the garter; lord Talbott (29) bare the sword a-for the Kyng, and master (blank) bare the rod; and doctur (blank) bare the boke of the record; and the bysshope of Wynchaster (47) ware ys myter, and song masse that day; and x knyghtes of the Garter be-syd the Kyng; and secretere Peter ware a robe of cremesun velvett with the Garter; and after the Kyng and odur lordes and knyghtes of the garter whent to evyngsong; and ther was the duke of Muskovea was in chapell at evyngsong, and after he whent and toke ys barge and whent to London, and after wher iij knyghtes of the garter chossen, furst my lord F(itz)uater (32), my lord Gray of Wylton (48), and ser Robart Rochaster (63); thes iij wher mad of the order.

23 Apr 1557. The xxiij day of Aprell cam rydyng from the Towre the kynges kynswoman the duches of (blank) .... armes and a cott armur, targett, sword, helmett.

30 Apr 1557. The xxx day of Aprell was bered at sant Mare Overes master Frances Browne('s) wyff with iiij branchys [and iiij] tapurs apon iiij gylt candyllstykes and with armes and penons; [the church hung a]bowt with blake cloth and armes, and ij whyt branchys and xx .... stayffe torchys; and the powre men had blake gownes; and mony mornars; and a iij dosen of skochyons, and a grett dolle of money.

03 May 1557. The iij day of May was bered my lord Shandowes (65), odur-wys callyd ser John of Bryges (65), with ij haroldes of armes, and a herse of wax, and ij whyt branchys, and a iiij dosen of torchys, and a standard and a baner of armes and a targett, and iiij baners of emages, and elmett, mantylles, and viij dosen of skochyons and iiij baner-rolles of [arms], and viij dosen of penselles mad in the contrey; and money mornars; and ther was a grett dolle of money, and mett and drynke grett plente as has bene sene of shyche a man in the contrey.

30 Apr 1557. The xxx day of Aprell was master Perse (29) was mad knyght and baroun.