Diary of Henry Machyn April 1559

Diary of Henry Machyn April 1559 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1559.

01 Apr 1559. The furst day of Aprell ther was at Westmynster a desputyng shuld a bene be the bysshopes and the nuw prychers, and ther they pute in a (blank) agaynst Monday, after that the bysshopes shuld gyff a an(s)wer of the sam.

03 Apr 1559. The iij day of Aprell the bysshopes and the nuw prychers mett at the abbay a-for my lord keper of the brod seylle, and dyvers of the consell, and ther to gyff a answer of the matter; the sam nyght, my lord bysshope of Wynchester (49) and my lord of Lynkolne (44) was send to the towre of London by the gard by water, to the Old Swane, and to Belynsgatt after.

06 Apr 1559. The vj day of Aprell was bered at [saint Clement's] withowt Tempyll-bare my lade Gray (75), the wife of sir John Gray [Note. Mistake for Edward although one editor of this Diary suggests Gray a mistake for Carey which is inconsistent with her also being the wife of Walsingham], and the wyff was of master Walsyngham (79), .... with ij whyt branchys and iiij grett tapurs, and fo[ur] staff-]torchys, and ij dosen and d' [a half] of skochyons of armes ... masse and or communyon.

07 Apr 1559. The vij day of Aprell was browth unto [saint Thomas] of Acurs in Chepe from lytyll sant Barthellmuw [in] Lothbere masteres ...., and ther was a gret compene of pepull, ij and ij together, and nodur prest nor clarke, the nuw prychers in ther gowne lyke ley[-men,] nodur syngyng nor sayhyng tyll they cam [to the grave,] and a-for she was pute into the grayff a [collect] in Englys, and then put in-to the grayff, and after [took some] heythe [earth] and caste yt on the corse, and red a thynge ... for the sam, and contenent cast the heth in-to the [grave], and contenent red the pystyll of sant Poll to the Stesselonyans the (blank) chapter, and after thay song pater-noster in Englys, boyth prychers and odur, and [women,] of a nuw fassyon, and after on of them whent in-to the pulpytt and mad a sermon.

08 Apr 1559. The viij day of Aprell ther was a proclamasion of pesse [peace] betwyne the Quene('s) (25) grace and Hare the French kyng (40), and Dolphyn the kyng of Skottes (15), for ever, boyth by water and land; and ther was vj trumpeters and v haroldes of armes, master Garter and master Clarenshux, proclamyd yt, and Lankoster, Ruge Crosse, and Bluwmantyll, and my lord mayre (50) and all the althermen in skarlett; and Bluw-mantyll dyd proclaymyd that no players shuld play no more tyll a serten tyme of no mans players; but the mare or shreyff, balle [bailiff], constabull, or odur offesers take them, lay them in presun, and the quen('s) commondement layd on them.

09 Apr 1559. The ix day of Aprell dyd pryche at Powlles crosse doctur Bylle (54) the quen('s) (25) awmer, and declaryd warfor the byshopes whent to the Towre.

12 Apr 1559. [The xij day of April was brought from Clerkenwell unto] Blake-frers in Smyth-feld with ij haroldes of armes, master Clarenshux and master Somersett, ser Richard Monsfeld (72) knyght, with ij gret whyt branchys, ... ij dosen torchys and iiij gylt candyll-stykes and iiij grett tapurs, and the plasse and the frers hunge with blake and armes; and xxiiij prestes and clarkes [prayers] all Laten, and durge wher he ded, and wher he was bered; and ther was a standard and a penon of armes, and a cott armur, and elmett, target and sword, and the[re were] iiij baners of santtes, and a xviij men morners in blake gownes and xx in blake cottes; and after to the plasse to drynke, and the morow masses in all the chyrches, and then after ys standard, cotte, elmet, target, [and sword] offered up; and after all done to the plasse to dener; and a vij dosen skochyons of armes to be bere[d].

01 Apr 1559. The ij day of Aprell dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Samsun.

13 Apr 1559. The xiij day whent to the Towere master Adelston, captain of Rysse-banke, a hold of Cales.

07 Apr 1559. The vij day was chosen at Yeld-halle a-for my lord mayre (50) and the masters the althermen, and all the comm(on)ers of the cete, and the craftes of London, the masters of the bryghows, master Wylliam Draper, yrmonger, and master Assyngton, lether-seller.

After 07 Apr 1559. The (blank) day cam from Franse my lord chamburlayn Haward (38) and my lord bysshope of Elly (53) and master doctur Wotton, and (unfinished) .... ye Tempull, and ix .... dener, and ther dynyd the consell and dyvers notabyll .... and juges, and my lord mayre (50) and the althermen, and the [officers of the] Chansseres [Chancery] and the Flett, and the Kyngesbynshe, and the Marshalsea; [and they] gayff gownes of ij collers, morreys and mustars, and ... ij collers ... hondered; and at v of cloke at after-non [the new] serganttes whent unto sant Thomas of Acurs in a ... gowne and skarlette hodes a-bowt ther nekes, and whyt [hoods on] ther hedes, and no capes [caps]; and after they whent unto Powles with typstayffes and offesers of the Kyngbynche, and odur plasses, and [they were] browth be ij old serganttes, one after a-nodur in skarlett ... of north syd, and ther thay stod tyll thay had brou[th them] unto ix sondre pellers [pillars] of the north syd, and after the ... cam unto the furst, and after to the reseduu; and thay whe[nt back] unto the Tempull on a-lone [one-by-one], and a-for whent the ... and the rulers and the Chansere and of the Kyngbynche [ij and ij to]gether, and after cam a hondered in parte cottes of ...

20 Apr 1559. The xx day of Aprell ther was a grett fray in ... be-twyn v and vj at nyght, betwyn servyng men and .. Flett-strett; ther was one ix bones taken out of ys ... and a-nodur had ys nosse cutt off.

After 20 Apr 1599. The (blank) day of Aprell was browth from the Towre unto Westmynster Hall to be reynyd, my lord Wentworth (74), last depute of Calles, for the lossyng of Calles; and ther wher serten of ys a-cussars; but he quytt hym-seylff, thanke be God, and clen delevered, and whent in-to Wytyngtun colege, and ther he lys.

1559 Creation of Garter Knights

23 Apr 1559. [The xxiij day of April, being saint George's day, the Queen (25) went about the hall, and all the knights of the] Garter that [went singing in proces]syon, and a-bowt the cowrt; the sam day at after [noon were] knyghtes electyd of the Garter the duke of Norfok (23), the marques of Northamtun (47) [Note. Restored since he had been degraded in 1553], the erle of Rutland (32), and my lord Robard Dudley (26), the master of the quen('s) horse.

25 Apr 1559. The xxv day of Aprell was prossessyon, the wyche was [saint Mark's] day, in dyvers parryche in London, whent with ther baners a[broad in] ther parryche, syngynge in Laten Kerelyson after the old fassyon.

23 Apr 1559. The xxviij day of Aprell ther was a man sett on the pelere [for] lewd wordes and slanderers wordes.

25 Apr 1559. The xxv day of April, was sant Markes day, the Quen('s) (25) grace supt at Beynard castyll at my lord of Penproke('s) (58) P[lace,] and after supper the Quen('s) grace rowed up and downe Temes, and [a] C [100] bottes [boats] at bowte here grace, with trumpettes and drumes and flutes and gones, and sqwybes horlyng on he [high] to and fro, tyll x at nyght, or her grace depertyd, and all the water-syd st ... with a M [1000] pepull lokyng one here grace.