Diary of Henry Machyn April 1560

Diary of Henry Machyn April 1560 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1560.

02 Apr 1560. [The ij day of April, Alley (50), bishop elect of Exeter, preached at court,] aganst blasfemy, dysse [dice ie gambling], and women, and drunkenes.

05 Apr 1560. The (v) day of Aprell dyd pryche at the courtt master Chenney (47), that was Fryday afor Palm sonday.

07 Apr 1560. The vij day of Aprell, the wyche was Palm sonday, dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Wysdom.

07 Apr 1560. The sam day dyd pryche at the court my lord the byshope of Canturbere (55), and made a nobull sermon.

10 Apr 1560. The x day of Aprell cam from sant Mare spytyll the Quen (of the May?) wyth a (blank) M. men in harnes, boyth queners [queen's attendants] in shurth [shirts] of malle and cosselet and mores pykes and a x gret pesses, cared thrugh London unto the court, with drumes and fluttes and trumpetes, and ij mores dansyng, in the cartt wher ij quyke bers [live bears], and London fond a (unfinished)

11 Apr 1560. The xj day of Aprell toke ys jorney from the byshope of Wynchastur('s) plasse the duke of Swaynland [Note. Possibly King Erix XIV of Sweden 1533-1577 (26) but he has been previously referred to a Prince, or Adolph Oldenburg Duke of Holstein-Gotorp 1526-1586 (34) who arrived on 29 Mar 1560], the wyche he kept the nobulle howse that ever dyd stranger in England for cher, for he spent more and gayff grett gyftes and reywardes as a ...

11 Apr 1560. The xj day of Aprell the Quen('s) (26) grace kept her monde [Maundy] in her halle at the cowrt at afternon, and her grace gayff unto xx [20] women so many gownes, and on woman had her best gowne, and ther her grace dyd wosse ther fett [wash their feet], and with a nuw whyt cupe her grace dronke unto evere woman, and they had the cupe, and so her grace dyd leyke-wyse unto all, and evere woman had in money (blank). [The same afternoon she gave unto pore men, wo]men, and chylderyn, both holle [whole] and lame, in sant James('s) parke ij d. a-pese, a [thousand people and upwards.]

13 Apr 1560. The xiij day my lord mare (64) mad a proclamassyon that all maner of wyld fulle [wildfowl] and capons and conys and odur thynges and set a pryse of all kyndes of pultere [poultry] ware, and a penalte for the brykyng.

15 Apr 1560. The xv day of Aprell dyd pryche at sant Mare spyttyl withowt Byshope-gatt master Bentun (46).

16 Apr 1560. The xvj day of Aprell was bered in the parryche of sant Myghell in Quen-heyff master John Bedy .. sqwyre latt clarke of the gren cloth unto quen [Mary?] with the compene of the Clarkes of London, and then cam the morners, and then the corse, with vj skochyons with ys armes a-pone hym, and master Beycun (48) mad the sermon, and after to ys plasse to dener, for ther was a grett [dinner].

16 Apr 1560. The sam day dyd pryche at sant Mare spyttyll master Colle.

16 Apr 1560. The sam nyght be-twyn vij [7] and viij [8] of the cloke yt lythenyd and thundered and after raynyd vare sore as has bene.

17 Apr 1560. The xvij day of Aprell dyd pryche at sant Mare spytyll master Juelle (37).

16 Apr 1560. The xvj day of Aprell at viij [8] of the cloke at nyght ther was a kyng cam from the dene of Rochester from super, and gohyng to ys logyng, and he had ij [2] knyghtes that dyd wheyt [wait] on ym, and ther was shyche lythnenyng and thunderyng that yt thruw down on of ys knyghtes to the grond, and lykyd a bornyd [burned] the dodur, and on of (his) servand(s) was so freyd [afraid] that ys here [hair] stod up, and yt wyll never come downe synes.... bishop of Lond]un docthur Boner (60), with (unfinished)

21 Apr 1560. The xxj day of Aprell dyd pryche at the Powlles [cross] master Samsun, and ther was my lord mare and all the althermen, and ther he concludyd the iij sermons that was at the [cross]; ther was grett audyense as has bene sene ther.

21 Apr 1560. The sam day at after-non was grett justes at the curtt, and at the tylt, and ther rod the trumpeters blohyng (in) skraff(s) [scarfs] of whyt and blake sarsanett, and master Clarenshus (50), Norrey (50), Somersett, and Lankaster, and Rychemond, and Yorke, and Ruge dragon, and evere of them havyng a skarff a-bowt ther ne[cks, of] whyt and blake sarsenett, and ther rane of the (unfinished)

23 Apr 1560. The xxiij day of Aprell, was sant Gorge day, the Quen('s) (26) grace and the knyghtes of the Garter whent a prossessyon with all her chapell in copes of cloth of gold, a xxviij copes, and the Quen and all the knyghtes wore ther robes, rownd a-bowt the hall to the cowrt-y[ard,] and all the haroldes of armes in ther cottes of armes.

24 Apr 1560. The xxiiij day of Aprell was bered good mastores Malere (40), the wyffe of master Malore (60) altherman and latt shreyff of London, the wyche she ded in chyld-bed of xvij chyldern, and bered with-in sant Thomas of Acurs; the wyche she gayff [to the] pore (blank) gownes, and ther was the clarkes syngyng; master (blank) dyd pryche; and mony mornars, and gret mone mad [great moan made] for her.

24 Apr 1560. The xxiv day of Aprell was bered at sant Magd[alene's] master Hansley a grocer, and he had a dossen of skochyons of armes, and ther was the masturs of the compene of the Grocers, and prestes and clarkes syngyng, and master Juelle (37) the byshope of Saylbere dyd pryche, and he gayff (blank) gownes unto pore men; and ther was at ys berehyng all the masters of (the) hospetalle with ther gren stayffes in ther handes.... the Queen (26) with the lord Russelle (33) whent downe unto Depford .... shype and her nuw galley, and dynyd in the s[hip] and ther my lord admerall (50) mad her grett ch[eer, and] after wher serten brygendar wher red [ready] with [furniture of] ware [war]; and ther wher iiij lytyll pennys de .... hordenanse, and gayff grett sawtt [assault] unto the breg[antine] and shott grett ordenanse and fowth [fought] were ser .... all maner of artelere, and ther youe shuld [have] sene men sthrone [thrown] in-to the water, and horlyng stones and mores pykes; and ther was grett fythe [fight] be-twyne the bryg dendar [and the] pennys, and as grett shutyng as cold be; ther wher a-boyff iiij thowsand of pepull [on the water] and the land.

28 Apr 1560. The xxviij day of (April) dyd pryche at the [Paul's] crosse master Coverdalle (72), and ther was my lord mare (64) and the althermen, and ther was grett audyense.

28 Apr 1560. The sam day at after-none att the court was grett justes, my lord of Sussex (35) and my lord Robartt Dudley (27) and ij more a-gaynst the yerle of Northumberland (32) and my lord Ambrose Dudley (30) and my lord of Hunsdon (34) and master Cornewalles and (blank): and ther was mony stayffes broken; and ther stod in the standyng as juges my lord markes of Northamtun (48), my lord of Ruttland (33), and my lord of Penbroke (59), and my lord admerall (50) and the Frenche inbassadur, and master Garter (50) and master Norey (50) dyd wrytt wome [whom] dyd rune; and by chanse of the brykyng of a stayff a pesse fluw up wher the juges sitt and hyt my lord of Penbroke (59) (blank) and ther rod the trumpeters and the haroldes of armes.

29 Apr 1560. The xxix day of Aprell whent to hangyng ix men and one woman to Tyburne.

30 Apr 1560. The xxx day of Aprell was bered in sant Gregore chyrche in Powlles chyrche-yerd master Payne skynner, and gayff armes, and ther was the masturs of compene of the Skynners in ther (livery,) he had a sermon, and the clarkes ....

On 20 May 1560 Bishop William Alley 1510-1570 (50) was elected Bishop of Exeter on the recommendation of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (26). Henry Machyn in his diary of 02_Apr_1560 refers to Bishop William Alley 1510-1570 (50) as being 'bishop elect of Exeter'.