Diary of Henry Machyn April 1561

1537 Bigod's Rebellion

1561 Creation of Garter Knights

Diary of Henry Machyn April 1561 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1561.

07 Apr 1561. The vij day of Aprell dyd pryche at sant Mare spytyll the nuwe byshope of Wynchester master Horne (51), and ther was all the masters of the hospetall, and the chylderyn in bluw cotes, and my lord mayre (52) and the althermen, and mony worshephull men.

08 Apr 1561. The viij day of Aprell dyd pryche at sant Mare spytyll the byshope of Durham master Pylkyngtun (41), and ther was gret audyense, and my lord mare (52) and my masters the althermen, with the masters of the hospetall.

08 Apr 1561. The sam day of Aprell ded the good lade Huett, late mayres of London, in the parryche of sant Dennys.

09 Apr 1561. The ix day of Aprell dyd pryche at sant Mare spyttell master Colle the parsun of Hehonger in Essex.

09 Apr 1561. The sam day was bered in Mylkstrett mastores Dock[wra?], with the clarkes of London, and she had vj skochyons of armes, and ther was geyffen for gownes to the pore men and women, and the byshope of Duram (41) dyd pryche ther.

10 Apr 1561. The x day of Aprell was wyped on that cam owt of Bedlem for he sayd he was Cryst, and on Peter that cam owt of the Masselsay, boyth wyped, for he sayd that he was the sam Peter that dyd folow Crist.... toward Chelsey unto my lo .... a man fond slayne by the way, and so .... that fonde hym, the wyche man dwelt in sant ... with-owt Alther-gatt in More lane.

12 Apr 1561. The xij day of Aprell was sett in the stokes ... markett a stranger, the wyche he goys all in red, and [says] that he (is) lord of alle lordes and kynge of alle kynges.

Bigod's Rebellion

03 Apr 1561. The iij day of Aprell ded ser Arthur Darce (66) knyght at Bedyngtun besyd Crowdun, the [which] was my lord Darce('s) (94) [son] the wyche was heded on the Towre hyll for the surpryse in the Northe.

13 Apr 1561. The xiij day dyd pryche at the Powlles master Juell (38) byshope of Salysbere.

14 Apr 1561. The xiiij day of Aprell a-for non was cared from sant Ellens in London, owt of a howse [where once] lyved old Clarenshus master Benolt the kyng at a[rms in the] tyme of kyng Henre viij. ser Arthur Darce (66), and cared [to saint] Botolffe with-owt Algatt to (be) bered by my lade (44) ys [wife, with] a xx clarkes syngynge, and then cam the standard ... of armes and ys cott armur, ys target and sword and helmet, ... and ij haroldes of armes, on beyryng the elmett and nodur [the coat armour;] and the chyrche hangyd with blake and armes and raylles, [and the place] with blake and armes, and then cam the corse and vj of ys [servants] that bare hym, and mony mornars in blake; and he had a pall of blake velvett, and with armes of bokeram; and master Beycun dyd pryche ther.

14 Apr 1561. The sam day was bered in Cornyll mastores Hunt wedow, and the chylderyn of the hopetall and the masters wher at her berehyng with ther gren stayffes, and the xxx chylderyn syngyng the Pater-noster in Englys, and a xl pore women in gownes; and after the clarkes syngyng, and after the corse, and then mornars, and after the craftes of the worshephull compene of the Skynners; and ther dyd pryche the byshope of Durram master Pylkyngtun (41); and after to the Skynners halle to dener.

16 Apr 1561. The xvj day of Aprell wher all the alters in Westmynster taken downe, [in] the chapell wher the kyng Henry the vijth was bered, and wher kyng Edward the vjth (23), and the stones cared wher quen Mare (45) was bered.

17 Apr 1561. [The .. day of April was the funeral of Lady Hewett, formerly mayres [mayoress] of London, and xxiiij pore women in nuw gownes and xij pore men, and after a xl in blake .... viij althermen in blake gownes, and my lord mare and [the rest] of the althermen, and XX clarkes syngyng, and then cam a penon of armes, and cam Rugecrosse, and after master Clarenshus (51) kyng at armes, and after the corse and iiij pennon of armes, and the pall of blake velvett and with armes, and then the cheyffe morners, a xl women mornars, and after the Cloth [workers] in the leveray, and after ij C. folohyng, and master [blank) dyd pryche ; and the cherche hangyd with blake and armes ; and after to ys plase to dener in Phylpot lane, and the plase hangyd with lake and armes.

18 Apr 1561. The xviij day of Aprell was raynyd at Nuwgat master Putnam gentylman for a rape, and cast, and dyvers odur.

19 Apr 1561. The xix day of Aprell wher cast iij, ij men and a woman, for kyllyng of a man besyd sant James, and odur.

21 Apr 1561. The xxj day of Aprell wher hangyd ix, at Hyd parke korner iij, and vj at Tyborne.

22 Apr 1561. The xxij day of Aprell was had to the Towre ser Edward WalgrafF and my lade ys wyff, as good almes-foke as be in thes days, and odur cared thethur.

23 Apr 1561. The xxiij day of Aprell was browth unto my lord of Penbroke (60) my lord of Lughborow, ser Edward Hastynges (40).

20 Apr 1561. The XX day of Aprell begane at xij of the cloke at none the grettest thondur, lyghtenyng and gretest rayne, and the grett halle-stones as has bene sene.
The sam day wher ij hangyd at Wapyng, ij for robyng of the see.

1561 Creation of Garter Knights

23 Apr 1561. [The xxiij of April, saint George's day, was kept] holy at the quen['s court , . ] her halle in copes to the nombur of XXX, with [O God^ the father of Hewyn, have merce on .. • . and the owtter cowrt to the gatt, and rond abowt st [rewed with rushes ;] and after cam master Garter (51), and master Norres (51), and master dene of the ch[apel, in copes] of cremesun saten, with a crosse of sant Gorge red, and [eleven knights] of the garter in ther robes, and after the Quen('s) (27) grace in [her robes, and] all the garde in ther ryche cottes ; and so bake to the [Chapel,] after serves done, bake thruge the hall to her graces chambur, and that done her grace and the lord(s) wh[ent to dinner,] and her grace wher goodly servyd ; and after the lordes [sitting on one] syd, and servyd in gold and sylver 5 and after dener [there were] knyghtes of the Garter electyd ij, my lord of Shrewsbere (33) [and my] lord of Hunsdon (35) ; and ther wher all the haroldes in ther cote armurs afor the quen('s) grace, master Clarenshux (51), Lanckostur, Rychemond, Wyndsor, Yorke, Chastur, Blumantyl, Ruge-dragon..

26 Apr 1561. The xxvj day of May was bered in Oxfordshyre .... * Dalamore, with a cott armur and a pennon of armes and a iij [dozen scocheons] of armes.