Diary of Henry Machyn April 1563

Diary of Henry Machyn April 1563 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1563.

07 Apr 1563. The vii day of Aprell at sant Katheryns be-yond the Towre the wyff of the syne of the Rose a tavarne was set on the pelere for ettyng of rowe flesse [raw flesh] and rostyd boyth, and iiij women was sett in the stokes all nyght tyll ther hosbandes dyd feyche them hom.

Apr 1563. The (blank) day of Aprell cam serten of the consell to the Byshope('s) hed in Lumbardstrett.... ys fase toward the hors taylle .... hym and that he was taken for tellyng .... honest men of talle pellettes.

12 Apr 1563. The xij day of Aprell, was Ester monday, dyd pryche at sant Mare spyttyll master Horne (53) the byshope of Wynchastur, and ther was my lord mare (54) and the althermen in skarlett, and certen juges and serjantes of the law, and mony worshephulle men and women, and the masturs of the hospetall with ther gren stayffes in ther handes, [and the] chylderyne of the hospetall boyth boysse and wenchys in bluw [coats and] red capes [caps] to the nombur of a (blank), and ther was geydered at the sermon for the Frenche men [refugees] in-to England women and chylderyn the sum of xlv li.

13 Apr 1563. The xiij day of Aprell dyd pryche at sant Mare spyttyll tuwysday in Ester weeke master Colle parsun of Hehenger in Essex and (dean elect) of Norwyche, and my lord mare (54) and ij juges and the althermen and byshopes, with all the masturs of the hospetall and the chylderyn.

14 Apr 1563. The xiiij day of Aprell dyd pryche at the spyttylle the wedynsday the dene of Powlles (46) in Ester wyke.

18 Apr 1563. The xviij day of Aprell dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Bradley, and he declaryd the iij sermons that was prychyd at the spyttylle.

18 Apr 1563. The sam day at after-none was cristenyd my lord mayre's (54) son; the godfathers wher, on [one] the yerle of Penbroke (62), and (unfinished)

01 Apr 1563. The furst day of Aprell ther was a man dwellyng at the Bryghowse, on Chalenger a baker of the Bryg-howse; he was send for to the yeld-hall a-for my lord mayre (54) and the althermen, and he was juged to go be-twyne ij of the off-ffesars of the hospetall to the bryg-howse, and a-for him was cared a fyne pelere by on of the hospetalle.

18 Apr 1563. The sam day in Sowthwarke was cristenyd the dowther of master Necolles, the god-father master Spryngham, the godmodurs my [lady] Garrett and my lade Bowyes, and after to the bryghe-howse to her father('s), and ther was a grett bankett at master Necolles plase.

1563 Creation of Garter Knights

22 Apr 1563. The xxij day of Aprell, was sant Gorge's evyn, at v of the cloke the knyghtes of the Garter cam downe from the quen('s) chambur thrugh the halle to here chapell, and yt was strod with gren ryssys, [and all] the haroldes in ther cott armurs, master Perkullys, master Ruges-dragon, master Lanckaster, master Rychmond, and master Somersett, and master Norray (65) and master Clarenshux (53), master Garter (53), and master dene, my lord of Hunsdon (37), my lord Montyguw (34), my lord Robartt (30), my lord of Lughborow (42), the yerle of Shrowsbere (35), my lord admeralle (51), my lord chamburlayn, the yerle of Ruttland (36), the yerle of Darbe (53), the marques of Northamtun (51), the duke of Northfoke (27), (the) yerle of Arundell (50), and the yerle of Penbroke (62), and so evere man to ys own plase in the chapell of ther owne sett.... cam a prosessyon up thrugh the halle to .... furst the serjant of the vestre with a sylver rod, [then the] chylderyn in ther surples, and then the qwyre sy[nging the English] prosessyon in copes of cloth of gold to the nombur of .... haroldes of armes and sergantes of armes, furst Ruges[croix and] Ruge-dragon, and then cam master Lonkastur and master Rychmond and master [Somerset;] furst my lord of Hunsdon, my lord Montyguw, my lord Robartt, my lord of Lowthborow, my lord admeralle, my lord chamburlayn, the yerle of Rutland, the yerle of [Shrewsbury,] the yerle of Darbe, the yerle of Penbroke, the marques of [Northampton,] the yerle of Arundell, the duke of Northfoke; and then [master Garter,] master Norres (65), the dene of the chapell, they iij in cremesun saten v[elvet;] and next the byshope of Wynchestur and ser Wylliam Peter in [robes of] cremesun velvett with red crosses on ther robes, and ser .... and the yerle of Northumberland bare the sword, and the(n) the [Queen] in her robe, and master Knolles bare the quen('s) trayn, and after ....

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24 Apr 1563. The xxiiij day of Aprell was a proclamasyon by my [lord mayor (54)] that no mylle-man shuld bryng nodur melle nor whet [from] May-day unto Myghellmas next, a-pon pene of (blank), tyll they had spentt the whett and rye that the cete [had made] provessyon for.

1563 Creation of Garter Knights

24 Apr 1563. The sam day was elected knyghtes of the Garter the yerle of Northumberland (35) and the yerle of Warwyke (33).

25 Apr 1563. The xxv day of Aprell ded master Chamley the recorder of Lo[ndon.]

30 Apr 1563. The xxx day of Aprelle was cared to berehyng from sant Margett in Lothbere unto sant Donstones in Whest

master Chamley the recorder, and ther was a C [100] mornars in blake, and the swardbayrer, and my lord mare and dyvers althermen and the reseduw [...] vyolett, and a lx gowne to pore men; and sant Donstones cherche hangyd with blake and armes, and raylles mad for the body; and so they whentt throughe Chep-syd, and so to Nuwgat, and so up Flett strett to sant Donstones, furst ij porters in blake, and then the pore men, and then serten mornars, and on bayryng ys baner of armes, and then ij haroldes of armes, and on ys cot beyryng, and then cam the corse with a pall of blake velvett and with armes, and then cam ij mornars baryng ij pennons of armes, and then the mornars cam, ser Thomas Lee, ser Wylliam Garrett, ser Thomas Offeley, master John Whytt, and after my lord mayre; and after ij C. of the yn of the cortes to the chyrche, and a xx of clarkes syngyng; and master Goodman mad the sermon; and after to the plase to dener, for ther was the grettyst dener that ever I sawe.... strett, and he gayff for ys .... of rattes coller unto xxx pore men, and .... chyrche was hangyd with blake and armes ... the mornars and the corse hangyd with blake and armes ... furst whent the pore men, then cam a mornar beyryng a pennon of armes, and next a harold beyryng ys cote armur, and then cam the corse with a pall of blake velvett and with [arms, and] then the clarkes metyng the corse, and then cam master ... cheyff mornar, and dyvers odur mornars; and the dene of Westmynster mad the sermon.