Diary of Henry Machyn Aprile 1562

Diary of Henry Machyn Aprile 1562 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1562.

02 Apr 1562. The ij day of Aprell was bered in the parryche of Allhallows in Bredstrett master Robart Melys (73), latt master of the Marchand [taylors,] and he gayff in gownes and cottes to the number of iijxx [coats of] rattes coller of vijs. the yerd to the pore men, and the chylderyn of the hospetall ij and ij together, and [masters] of the hospetall with ther gren stayffes in ther [hands; and master] Nowelle (45) the dene of Powlles dyd pryche; and after to dener at ys sune howse.

05 Apr 1562. The v day of Aprell, behyng Low-sonday, [did preach] at Powlles master Samsun, the wyche he declaryd [the sermons] thatt was mad the iij days at the spyttyll in [Lent.]

12 Apr 1562. The xij day of Aprell dyd pryche at Powlles crosse (blank)

Apr 1562. In Aprell was browth to London a pyde calff with a grett ruffe [about] ys neke, a token of grett ruff that bowth men and women.

13 Apr 1562. The xiij day of Aprell was cared unto Tyburne ix, vij men and and a boy and on woman, to be hangyd ther.

14 Apr 1562. The xiiij day of Aprell was bered at sant Botulffe with-owtt Althergate mastores Hunderell, with a dosen of skochyons of armes, and ther dyd pryche for here (blank)

19 Apr 1562. The xix day of Aprell dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Nowelle (45) the dene of Powlles.

01 Apr 1562. The furst day of Aprell master Torner of Cantur[bury preached,] the wedynsday in Ester wekke, at sant Mare spytty I, and the pepull kept haleday thrughe London do yt was n[ight.]

20 Apr 1562. The xx day of Aprell was mared in the parryche of sant Donstones in the est master Bacun('s) (47) dowther, the salter, and brodur unto my lord keper (51) of the selle of England; and ther was a grett wedyng; and after the marege done home to dener, for ther dynyd my lord keper (51) and most of the conselle, and mony lades and mony of the quen's maydes gorgyowsly aparrell(ed), and grett chere; and master Valuntyne Browne dyd mare here [her], the audetour of Barwyke; ther was as gret chere as has byne sene in thes days.

23 Apr 1562. The xxiij day of Aprell was sant Gorge's day, a[nd at Whiteh]alle the Quen('s) (28) grase whent from her chapell with xii. knyghtes of the Garter in robes with colars of gold with garters, [and] xx of here chapelle, in copes of cloth of gold, to the of[fering, s]yngyne the Englys presessyon from the chapell rond [about the] halle and bake agayne to the chapelle syngyng; and master [dean of] her chapell bare a boke and a robe, and master Norres (64) [bare the] blake rod in a robe, and master Garter (52), all iij in cremesun saten; [and] the byshope of Wynchester (52) warre ys robe of red (blank); and ser William Peter, master Clarenshux (52), Somersett, Yorke, Lanckaster, Rychemond, and Chaster, Ruge-dragon, and R[ouge-croix, Port-] colles, Blumantyll, Wyndsor.

25 Apr 1562. The xxv day of Aprell where hangyd at Wapyng at the lowwater marke v for robere on the se, and ther was one that had hys alter abowt ys neke and yett a pardon cam be tyme.

30 Apr 1562. The xxx day of Aprell was mad for master Strange knyght a standard, a cott, and pennon of armes, helmett, targett and sword, and crest and mantyll, and a vj dosen of skochyons of armes, and was bered at (blank)

20 Apr 1562. The xx day of Aprell was reynyd at Yeld-hall a grett compene of marenars for robyng on the see, and a (blank) wher cast to be hangyd at a low-water mark.