Diary of Henry Machyn August 1551

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1551 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1551.

20 Aug 1551. The xx day of August was the berehyng of M. Har[ry Wylliam] sqwyre, sune and here unto sir John Wylliam knyght, with [banners of] armes and cote armur, and iiij dosen of schochyons,—the v.K.E. vj.

21 Aug 1551. The xxj day of August bered yonge M. Sandes, sun unto the lord Sandes, sqwyre, with a penon and cote armur [and] iiij dosen of skochyons,—the v. K. E. vj.

22 Aug 1551. The xxij day of August was bered sir Recherd Ly[ster], sune and here to the lord cheyffe Justes, with standard, penon, and a baner rolle, target, elmet, and vj dosen of [skochyons].

23 Aug 1551. The xxiij day of August ded the bysshope of Lynckolne (74), — the v yer of Kyng Edward the vjt.

23 Aug 1551. The xxiij day [of] August the Kynges grace went from Amton courte unto Wyndsore, and ther was stallyd the Frenche Kyng (32) of the nobull order of the garter, with a grett baner of armes inbrodered with flowrs delusys of gold bosted, the mantylls of tysshuw, and the elmett clene gylt and ys sword; and the goodly gere was.

1559. Studio of François Clouet Painter 1510-1572. Portrait of Henry II King France 1519-1559.