Diary of Henry Machyn August 1552

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1552 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1552.

01 Aug 1552. The furst day of August was chossen the shreyffe of London, master (blank) Grymes, clothworker, dwellyng in saynt Laurans lane; and the vj day of August he was dysmyssyd of the shreyffshyp; and in ys sted was chossen Thomas Clayton, baker, the wyche master Grymes gayff for ys fyne ij C lb.

10 Aug 1552. The x day of August was bered masters Basseley Cowper, late the wyff of master Hontley, haburdassher, late shreyff of London, and after the wyff of master Towllys, lat alderman and shreyffe of thys nobull cete of London,—the vj kyng Edward the vjth.

[The same day were three dolphins taken up between Woolwich and Greenwich. One was sent] to the courte to the kynge, and the [others were sold in Fish] strette to them that wold by them.

12 Aug 1552. The iij day of August was ther born [in Oxford] shyre, at a towne callyd Myddylltun Stonny [eleven miles] from Oxford, dwellynge at the syne of the Egyll, was the good wyff of the howsse deleverd of a chyld be-gotten of her late hosband of John [Kenner] of the towne of Myddylltun Stonny late dyssessed, ... forme and shape as youe have sene and hard, and boyth the for parts and the hynder partes of the said ... sam chylderyn havyng ij heds, ij bodys, iiij armes, [iiij] hands, with one bely, on navyll, one fondamentt at [which] they voyd both uryne and ordure; and then thay have [ij] leges with ij fett, one syd, and on the odur syd, on leg [with] ij fette havyng butt ix tooys—monstrus!

15 Aug 1552. The xv day of August was dysmyssed of the shreyfshype master Thomas Clayton, baker, and for hym was chosen master John Browne, mercer, the wyche was the [son?] of sir Wylliam Browne, and late mere of London, the wych [sir] Wylliam Browne ded mer, and for hym was chosen [to serve] owt ys tyme sir John Tate, behyng mayre by the tyme of kyng Henry the vij, and bered at saynt Antonys; he dyd byld be-syd Freres Augustynns; and for fyne master Clayton payd ij C lb.,—the vj king Edward vjth.

15 Aug 1552. The xv day of August ded the nobull knyght ser [Anthony] Wynckfeld (65), comtroller of the kynges honorabull howsse, [and of] ys preve consell, and knyght of the honorabull order of the garter; the wyche he ded at Bednoll Grene, at yong sir John G[ates] plasse,—the vj king Edward vjth. And (in) ys sted master Cottun comtroller.

16 Aug 1552. The xvj day of August was taken up a' Broke Warff iij grett fysses, and in odur plasys ij more, and sold in Fysh [strete] to them that wold by them.

.... clothes or carsseys and wollencloythe .. butt onlly Blakewell-hall, a-pon forffett of all ther cloyth, but only Blakewell....

18 Aug 1552. The xviij day of August ded the dobull chelderyn (see 12 Aug 1552), one, and the th'odur ded the xix day; I pray God have mersy!

19 Aug 1552. The xix day of August ther was a mon on the [pillory] in Chepe for spykyng agaynst the mayre and ys br[ethren.]

The sam day was dysmyssed of the shreyffe[ship] master Browne, and in ys sted was choyssen master .. Maynard, marser, the wyche master Browne payd for ys ...

21 Aug 1552. The xxj day of August was the monumentt of ser Anthony Wynckfeld (65) knyght, and controller of the kynges h[owsse], bered at Stepnay with a grett compeny of mornars, [with] prestes and clarkes syngyng, and a harold ys ys M.... and so cared from Bednoll Gren over Mylle End; with ys standdard and a grett baner of armes, and [his helmet] and ys targett of the garter, and ys sword, crest a [bull] gold and sabull; and at the communyon dyd pryche [the vicar] of Sordyche, a Skott; and after a grett dener for all that cam; and alle ys gayre was offered, the elmett, and then the targett, and then the sword, and the standard, and then ys baner of armes; and after dener yt was sett up over hym, the wyche a goodly shyth to, and alle was offered to the prest,—the vj king Edward the vjth.

26 Aug 1552. The xxvjth day of August ded ser Clementt Smyth (45) knyght, and unkull unto owre soverayn lord and kyng Edward the vjth, the wyche ser Clement mared qwyne Jane('s) (43) syster (36); and he ded in Essex, at a plasse callyd Badow.

1537. Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Portrait of Queen Jane Seymour 1509-1537 wearing a pendant with the letters IHS ie the first three letters of Christ's name in Greek.