Diary of Henry Machyn August 1554

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1554 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1554.

Aug 1554. The ... day of August [Note. Possibly July] was bered master Lambard, altheman and draper, with mony mornars, and they bare stayff torchys, had mantyll fryresse gownes, and the armes of ys craft and the armes (of) the marchant adventorers.

07 Aug 1554. The vij day of August was bered the wyff of master Lambard alderman and draper, with-in the monyth of the sam, with torchys and tapurs.

08 Aug 1554. The viij day of August was bered the jen[tle] master Austyne Hynd altherman, the wych hyt [had] plesyd Almyghty God that he had levyd tyll myghe[lmas,] he shuld had byne the nuw mayre of thys no[ble] cete of London; with a standard and a cote of armur and iiij penons of armes and a C. iiijxx. of mantyll frysse gownes for men and women, and the women havyng raylles, with xxiiij torchys, and ij fayre whyt branchys, and mony mornares, and the compenye of the Clarkes, and with vj dosen of schochyons of ys armes, and a C. of blake gownes, and a-boyffe [above] the nombur, and after a gret dener.

05 Aug 1554. [The j day of August the King (27) and Queen (38) were proclaimed in London, by the titles as above,] dukes of Melayne, Burgundye and Brabant, contes of Haspurge, Flandurs and Tyrole.