Diary of Henry Machyn August 1555

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1555 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1555.

02 Aug 1555. The ij day of August was a shumaker bornyd at sant Edmundebere in Suffoke for herese.

08 Aug 1555. The viij day of August, between iiij and v in the mornyng, was a presoner delevered unto the shreyff of Medyllsex to be cared unto Uxbryge to be bornyd; yt was the markett day—owt of Nuwgatt delevered.

09 Aug 1555. The ix day of August was a generall prossessyon at London with all the chylderyn of skolles in London; and all sextens, and all clarkes, and all prestes; and the bysshope of London (55), and my lord mayre, in ther leveray, from Powlles done Chepesyd, and thrugh Bokelars-bere and Walbroke, and up Watlyng-stret to Powlles.

03 Aug 1555. The iij day of August the Quen (39) and Kynges (28) grace removyd from Hamtun Court unto Hotland, a iiij mylles of: has her grace whent thrugh the parke for to take her barge, ther mett her grace by the way a powre man with ij chruches, and when that he saw her grace, for joy he thruw hys stayffes a-way, and rane after her grace, and sche commondyd that one shuld gyff ym a reward.

Around 1554 Antonis Mor Painter 1517-1577. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558. Around 1556 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558. Around 1573 Sofonisba Anguissola Painter 1532-1625. Portrait of Philip Around 1560 Antonis Mor Painter 1517-1577. Portrait of Philip Around 1550. Titian Painter 1488-1576. Portrait of Philip Around 1554. Titian Painter 1488-1576. Portrait of Philip Around 1594. Juan Pantoja de La Cruz Painter 1553–1608. Portrait of Philip

1555 Attack on French Merchant Fleet

15 Aug 1555. The xv day of August was a grett ffett on the see [fight on the sea] be-twyn the Frencmen and the Flemmyng, and ther wher dyvers of boyth partes slene, and boyth men and shypes and dyvers taken, and the goodes.

23 Aug 1555. The xxiij day of August was bornyd at [Stratford]-of-bowe, in the conte of Mydyllsex, a woman, [wife] of John Waren (29), clothworker, a huphulster [over] agaynst sant Johns in Walbroke; the wyche .... John her hosband was bornyd with on Cardmaker in Smythfeld, for herese boyth; and the sam woman had a sune taken at her bornyng and cared to Nuwgatt [to his] syster, for they will borne [burn] boyth.

24 Aug 1555. The xxiiij day of August cam from Rome at afternone the bysshope of Ely (49), the bysshope of Banger (51), the lord Montycutt vycontt (26), ser Hare Husse, and dyvers odur.

In 1559 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Anthony Browne 1st Viscount Montague 1528-1592 wearing a Garter Collar and St George Pendant.

26 Aug 1555. The xxvj day of August cam from Westmynster, rydyng thrugh London unto Towrs-warff, the Kyng (28) and the Quen (39), and ther thay toke ther barge unto Grenwyche, and landyd at the long bryge, and reseyvyd by my lord chanseler (72), and my lord of Ely (49), and my lord vycont Montyguw (26), master comtroller, master Sowthwell (52), and dyvers mo, and the gard, and dyvers holdyn torchys bornynge, and up to the Frers, and ther thare graces mad ther praers, and at her grace('s) landyng received ix or x suplycasyon(s), and so bake agayn to the court with a c. torchys bornyng.

Around 1536 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Drawing of Richard Southwell 1503-1564. Around 1575 based on a work of 1536.Unknown Painter. Portrait of Richard Southwell 1503-1564.

28 Aug 1555. [The xxviii day of August went out of Newgate certain] heretykes to borne [burned] in the contrey.

29 Aug 1555. The xxix day of August, (which) was the day of Decolacyon [Declaration] of sant John Baptyst, the Marchand-tayllers kept masse at Sant Johnes be-yond Smyt-feld, and my lord of Sant Johnes dyd offer at masse, and ser Hare Hubylthorne, ser Thomas Whytt and master Harper, althermen, and all the clothyng. And after the iiij wardens of the yeomanry, and all the compene of the tayllers, a 1d. a pesse; and the qwyre honge with cloth of arres, and after masse to the Tayllers' halle to dener.

29 Aug 1555. The same day the Kyng('s) (28) grace toke ys jorney toward Dover, and with a grett compeny, and ther tared for the wynd, and ther the shypes lying rede [ready] for ys grace gohyng over see.

30 Aug 1555. The xxx day of August was cast at yeld-hall, for robyng of the quen('s) warderobe, one John Boneard, a servantt of hers, dwellyng be-syd the Warderobe at the Blake Frers, and cast. The sam day were cast, for robyng of ther masturs, ij. wher prentes, and the thurd was a servyngman, the prentes dwellyng in Boke larbere, for kepyng of herers, and after send unto the bysshop('s) presun at Startford in Essex.

31 Aug 1555. The xxxj day of August whent out of Nugatt a man of Essex unto Barnett for herese, by the shreyff of Medyllsex, to borne [burn] ther.