Diary of Henry Machyn August 1556

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1556 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1556.

Before 05 Aug 1556. The (blank) day of August was bered the bysshope of Chechastur doctur Day (55), with armes, in the contrey.

05 Aug 1556. The v day of August dyd drowne here-seylff in More-ffeldes, in corner by the tre, a woman dwellyng besyde the Swane with the ij nekes at Mylke-street end.

After 05 Aug 1556. The (blank) day of August ded [died] ij bysshops, the bysshope of Chechastur Day (55), and the bysshope of Wosseter doctur Belle sumtyme bysshope.

09 Aug 1556. [The ixth day of August was buried sir William Laxton (56), late lord mayor, in the church of saint Mary Aldermary; with] a goodly hers with v prynsepalles, [and the majesty] and the valans gyltyd, and viij dosen of penselles [and] xiij dosen of skochyons and a half of bokeram; and a standard and iiij penons, and ij baners of [images]; and the howsse, chyrche, and the stret hangyd with blake [and] armes; and a cott armur and helmett, target, and sward, mantylles and crest a teyger-hed with a colynbyn and the slype. [There were two] grett and goodly whyt branchys, and xxxiiij stayffes torchys, and xxxiiij mantyll frysse gownes to powre men, and a c blacke gownes; morners master Loges altherman cheyff mornar and master Machyl secund morner and master Wanton iij morner, and dyver odur, the lord mare and master Whytt and dyvers odur, and alle the thodur althermen in vyolett; and then cam the women morners, lades and mony althermens wyffes and gentyll-women; and after durge to the plasse to drynke and the compene of the Grocers, and after prestes and clarkes, to the place to drynke, and the harolds, and the Waxchandlers and the Penters, to drynke, with mony odur. And the morow iij masses song, ij pryke songe and (the) iij(d) requiem; at masse dyd pryche doctur Harpsfelle archeydekyn; and after to dener, for ther was a grett dener as I have sene at any berehyng, for ther dynyd mony worshepfull men and women.

13 Aug 1556. The xiij day of August was bered at Clarkynwell doctur Belle sum-tyme bysshope of (Worcester), and wher that he was put in ys coffen lyke a bysshope, with myter and odur thynges that longyst to a bysshope; with ij whyt branchys and ij dosen of stayffes torchys and iiij grett tapurs, and a surmon; doctur Harpfelle dyd make yt.

13 Aug 1556. The sam day a woman for baldry and procuryng a chyld, she and the chyld beyng on the pelere; the wyche she was her chyld browth to hordome.

14 Aug 1556. The xxiiij day of August was bered at (blank) beyonde Hamtun cowrt master (blank) Banester sqwyre, with cott armur and penone of armes and iiij dosen of skochyons of armes, and xij stayffe torchys, and iiij grett tapurs .... cott-armur, helmett, targatt, and swerd ... of skochyons of armes and iiij baners of emages and iiij dosen of penselles and ij whyt branchys ... and tapurs; and master Norrey the harold.

18 Aug 1556. The xxviij day of August was bered at Wa[ltham?] abay master (blank) Jakes dwellyng in Cornehylle, sum-tyme the master of the Marchand-tayllers of [London]; with ij whytt branchys and ij dosen torchys .... grett tapurs and iij dosen skochyons of armes.

31 Aug 1556. The xxxj day of August was bered masteres ... Sawde sumtyme weyff unto John Sawde su .... quen Katheryn['s ex-] chekare, and here sune p .... unto quen Mare her dowther; with ij grett branchys and xij torchys and iiij grett tapurs, and bered in sant Dunstones parryche in the est, with many morners; and to master Grenway('s) to drynke [ale?] and spyssebred; and the morow masse and a sermon, and after a grett dener; and the morowe after ther was gyffyn for her boyth wod and colles to the powre pepulle.

30 Aug 1556. The xxx day of August was the monyth myn of ser Wylliam Laxtun (56) knyght and grocer, and the hersse bornyng with wax; and the morowe masse and a sarmon, and after a grett dener; and after dener the hersse taken downe.