Diary of Henry Machyn August 1558

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1558 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1558.

03 Aug 1558. [The iij day of August was buried the lady Rowlett], wyff of ser Raffe Rowlett (45) knyght, in [saint] Mare Staynnynges, with ij goodly whyt branchys, (blank) stayff torchys, and iiij gylt candyllstykes, and iiij grett tapurs, with ij haroldes of armes, and iiij baners of saints; (blank) was cheyffe morner, and mony .... The cherche and the raylles hangyd with blake, and the street and the plasse hangyd with armes and blake, and ij song masses and a sermon, and after masse to the [place] to dener, for ther was a grett dener for vene[son, fresh] solmon, and fres sturgean, and with mony dysse (of) fy[sh.] ...

01 Aug 1558. The furst day of August was chossen shreyff [for the] kyng at Yeld-halle master Hawes clothworker, [and] after was chosen shreyff of London master Cha[mpion] draper by the come(n)s [commons] of the cete.

06 Aug 1558. The vj day of August was bered at Tempull .... master Thornhylle, with ij whyt branchys, x torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and xviij skochyons of armes, and mony in blake.

07 Aug 1558. The vij day of August was bered in Powlles cheyrchyerd on Archer, the wyche was slayn at sant James feyre in the feld by on (blank) shamfully, for he was panchyd with ys owne sword.

08 Aug 1558. The viij day of August was bered master Dodmer sqwyre at Putteney, with ij dosen skochyons, and ij whyt branchys, and xij torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, the wyche was ser Raffe Dodmer('s) sune, late mayre of London.

08 Aug 1558. The viij day of August was bered master docthur Huwys, the quen('s) fesyssyon, with ij grett whyt branchys, and xij grett stayffes torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and iij dosen of skochyons, and mony morners boyth men and women, at after-non.... shyre, with cote armur and penon of arms .... of skochyons and d' of bokeram.

12 Aug 1558. The xij day of August at mydnyght ded good master Machyll, altherman of London, clothworker, and marchand of Muskovea, the wyche was a worshephulle man, and a godys man to the pore, and to all men in the parryche of Maremaudlyn in Mylkestrett, (where he lived in) the sam howse that master Hynd ded, and was ys plasse. [If] he had levyd, he had byn mayre next yer folohyng.

17 Aug 1558. The xvij day of August whent from the Jorge in Lumbard strett the bysshope of Yrland, [and was] cared by water unto (blank), to be bered ther.

20 Aug 1558. The xx day of August whent from London unto Fullam to be bered my lord of London('s) (39) crossear [crozier], master Mortun, on of the gray ames [amices] of Powlles, with (unfinished)

21 Aug 1558. The xxj day of August was bered at sant Donstones parryche in the est mastores Chalenger wedow, mother unto master Wylliam Allen, lether-seller, a' for-non, bered with money morners in blake.

21 Aug 1558. The xxj day of August at after-non was bered in the parryche of sant Mare Maudelyn, in Mylke strett, master Machyll, altherman and sqwyre and clothworker, with v pennons of armes and cott armur, and iiij dosen torchys, and iiij branche tapurs, dobyll store, with armes and penselles apon wax, and all the chyrche hangyd with blake and armes, and the strett with blake and armes, and the plase; and ther was my lord mayre and the althermen, and a C. in blake; and a viij dosen skochyons, and iiij dosen penselles; and a C. pore men in mantylle fryse gownes; and the morow iij masses song, ij of pryksong, and the iij of requiem, and a sarmon, a good man a grayfrer; and there my lord mare and the althermen whent to dener, and all the mornars and lades, the wyche was a nobull dener as has bene sene, for ther lakt no good mett boyth flesse and fysse, and a xx marche-paynes.... durge, and after cared thrugh Bathelmu [to the] Blake freres, and at the gat all the freres mett ... thay had durge, and they bered ym ther ys m. (unfinished)

24 Aug 1558. The xxiiij day at after-non was [buried] ser Gorge Pallett (66) knyght, and brodur [to the lord] tressorer the marques of Wynchester (75), and with standard of armes, cott, elmett, targett, sword, and a vj dosen [of pensils] and iiij dosen of skochyons.

Around 1576 Unknown Painter. Portrait of William Paulet 1st Marquess Winchester 1483-1572 wearing his Garter Collar and Lord Treasurer Staff of Office.

22 Aug 1558. The xxij of August was bered docthur [Peryn,] master of frers blake in Smythfeld, the wyche was the [first] howsse that was sett up by quen Mare('s) tyme, [buried] at the he auter [high altar] syd afor sant Bathelmue.

28 Aug 1558. The xxviij day of August was bered master [Cooke,] docthur, dene of the Arches, and he [high] juge of the Amralte; the chyrche hangyd with blake, and armes; and he had ij whyt branchys and xij stayff torchys, and iiij grett tapurs; and with armes and a iij dosen skochyons of armes; and alle the bredurne of Jhesus in saten hodes, and Ih[esu]s apone them, and all the prestes of Powlles.

29 Aug 1558. The xxix day of August was the berehyng of my lord Wyndsor (59) at ys (blank) with a hersse of wax, and vj dosen penselles, and ij dosen longe torchys and iiij dosen of gret stayffe torchys, with iiij haroldes of armes and a standard, a baner of ys armes, and viij baners rolles of ys armes, and iiij baners of emages, and xij dosen of skochyons; and putt in ij coffens; and mony morners, and a grett compene of pepull; and the morow masse, and after a gret dener.... wyffe of master Rayff Grenway, altherman .... Sonday after he kept a gret fest, and alle the .... Sonday was after soper ther was a goodly maske .... cloth of gold, and grett dansyng in the maske.

29 Aug 1558. The sam day was bered be-yond Barnet (blank) [ju]ge Stamford (49) knyght, with standard, cotte armur, penon of armes, elmett, targett, sword, and the mantylles; and iiij dosen of skochyons, and ij dosen torchys, and tapurs; and master Somerset the harold of armes.