Diary of Henry Machyn August 1559

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1559 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1559.

10 Aug 1559. The x day of August, the wyche was sant Laurans day, the Quen('s) (25) grace removyd from Non-shyche unto Hamtun cowrte.
The sam day was browth to the Towre Sthrangwys, the rover of the see, and serten odur.

11 Aug 1559. The xj day of August the vesetars [visitors] satt at Powlles, master docthur Horne (49), and master (blank) and master (blank), apon master Harpfeld, and master Harpfeld and dyvers odur.

13 Aug 1559. The xiij day of August dyd pryche at Powlles crosse the bysshope of Harford, Skore (49).

14 Aug 1559. The xiiij day of August landyd at the Bryghowsse a iiijxx [80] rovers and mareners that was taken with Strangwys, and send unto the masselsay and to the kynges bynche, and ther trumpeter, and as sone as thay cold make hast put on fetters on ther leges for ther offensys.... pesse over chargyd at master Hyksun .... and one of ys servand dyd fyre yt that was ... and yt hytt brust in pesses, and on pesse yt ... and smott on of ys leg a-way by the ... smott a pesse of the calff of ys lege a-way ... of the pesse fluw over Temes a-pon the .. and in dyvers plases.

15 Aug 1559. The xv day of August the Quen('s) (25) grace returned from Hamtun cowrte unto ( ... ) my lord [admiral's] (49) place; and ther her had grett cher, for my lord [admiral] byldyd a goodly banketthowsse [banquet house] for her grace; [it was] gyldyd rychely and pentyd, for he kept a gret [many] of penters [painters] a grett wylle in the contrey.

20 Aug 1559. The xx day of August, was sonday, ther was sarmon at Powlles crosse; ys name was (blank); and ther was a menester dyd penans [penance] for the marehyng [marrying] of a sertenn cupulle that was mared a-fore tyme.

21 Aug 1559. The xxj day of August dyd the veseturs [visitors] sat at sant Brydes, doctur Horne (49) and ij [2] more, for ij [2] churche-wardens and ij [2] more wher sworne to bryng a truw envetore [inventory] of the chyrche.

05 Aug 1559. The v day of August the Quen('s) (25) grace removyd from Eltham unto Non-shyche, my lord of Arundell('s) (47), and ther her grace had as gret cher evere nyght, and bankettes [banquets]; but the sonday at nyght my lord of Arundell('s) howse mad her a grett bankett [banquet] at ys cost, the wyche kyng Henry the viij (68) byldyd, as ever was sene, for soper, bankett, and maske, with drumes and flutes, and all the mysyke that cold be, tyll mydnyght; and as for chere has nott bene sene nor hard. [On monday] the Quen('s) grace stod at her standyng [in the further park,] and ther was corse [coursing] after; and at nyght the Quen .... and a play of the chylderyn of Powlles and ther master Se[bastian], master Phelypes, and master Haywod, and after a grett bankett as [ever was s[ene, with drumes and flutes, and the goodly banketts [of dishes] costely as ever was sene and gyldyd, tyll iij in mornyng; and ther was skallyng of yonge lordes and knyghtes of the ....
My lord of Arundell gayffe to the Quen('s) grace a cubard of platt.

22 Aug 1559. The xxij day of August the vesaturs [visitors] sat at sant Larens in the Jure, docthur Horne (49) and mo veseturs.

23 Aug 1559. The xxiij day of August the veseturs [visitors] sat at santt Myghell in Cornell lyke-wysse for the chyrche gudes [goods].

24 Aug 1559. [The xxiiij day of August, the lord] mare (50) and the althermen and the [sheriffs? w]her at the wrastelyng at Clarke-in-well, and it was the fayre day of thynges kept in Smyth-feld, [being] sant Bathellmuw (day), and the same day my lord [mayor] came home thrugh Chepe, and a-gaynst Yrmonger [lane] and a-gaynst sant Thomas of Acurs ij [2] gret [bonfires] of rodes and of Mares and Johns [sculptures of Saint Marys and Saint Johns] and odur emages [images], ther thay wher bornyd [burned] with gret wondur.

27 Aug 1559. The xxvij day of August ther was a tentt sett up at Fynsbere for my lord mare (50) and the enbassadurs and the masters the althermen, and mony commenars, and ther was the shutyng of the standard for the best gune, and dyvers odur dyd shut for odur games, after the wyche was .. to be wrastelyng—Bathellmuw day and iij [3] sondays after.

29 Aug 1559. The xxix day of August was the Marchand-tayller(s') fest, for thay had a xxx [30] bukes [bucks], be-syd al odur mettes [meats].

30 Aug 1559. The xxx day of August was bered, in sant Thomas apostylle, captayn Matsun, with xx [20] clarkes syngyng, and armes a-bowtt hym, and bered in the qwyre.
The sam tym afterward was bered in the body of the chyrche master Allen (40), nuw electyd bysshope of Rochaster, with a fuw clarkes syngyng, and ther dyd pryche for hym master Huntyngtun the prycher—the wyche he had a wyf and viij [8] chylderyn.

25 Aug 1559. The xx .. day of August ded at Non-shyche ser Thomas Carden knyght, devyser of all bankettes [banquets] and bankett-howses [banquet-houses], and the master of reyvelles and serjant of the tenttes.
The tyme afor Bathellmuwtyd and after was all the rodes and Mares (and) John, and mony odur of the chyrche gudes [goods], bowth copes, crosses, sensors, alter-clothes, rod clothes, bokes, baners, bokes, and baner-stays, waynskott, with myche odur gayre, abowt, London .... and the xxv day of August, at saint Botulph's with-owt Bysshyope-gatt the rod, Mare and John [patron of that] chyrche, and bokes; and ther was a felow within the chyrche [wall] mad a sermon at the bornyng [burning] of the chyrche goodes ... thruw in serten bokes in-to the fyre, and ther thay [took away the] crosse of wod that stod in the chyrche-yerde, of master ... cost, a tawhear of skynnes.