Diary of Henry Machyn August 1560

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1560 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1560.

07 Aug 1560. The vij day of August was Suttun bornyd [burned], wher the Quen('s) (26) grase dyd ly iij nyghtes a-for, that was master Westun's plase.

10 Aug 1560. The x day of August was bered within the Towre withowt a offeser of armes, and (with) master Alley (50) the nuw byshope of Excetur, and the chyrch hangyd with blake and armes, my lade Warner (57), the wyff of ser Edward Warner (49).

12 Aug 1560. The xij day of August was bered at Powlles master May the nuw dene of Powlles, and my lord of Londun (41) mad the sermon in ys rochett, bered hym.

13 Aug 1560. The xiij day of August was a grett robere done with-in Clementt('s) inn with-owt Tempulle bare, by on master Cutt and iij mo, and iij of them was taken, on led into Nuwgatt and a-nodur in Wostrett contur, and a-nodur in the contur in the Pultre.

The .. day [of August] .... lygthenyng and rayn vj owre[s] ... [lightning and rain]

19 Aug 1560. The xix day of August my lade Northe [was carried] from Charter howse toward Cambregshyre ... with a C [100] men in blake rydyng, and master Clarenshus (50) sett them in ordur, and a grett denur with venesun, wyne, and stronge bere.

21 Aug 1560. The xxj day of August ryd a-bowt London in a care iij for baudre, a man and ys wyff and a woman the wyff of (blank) Brown dwellyng with-owtt Nuwgatt a talowchandeler.

01 Aug 1560. The furst day of August was Lammas day, and the lord mare (64) and the masters the althermen and the commenars and all the craftes in ther leverey for to chus the shreyff, and ther serten althermen and serten commenars in the elecsyon to be shreyff for London, butt serten men callyd mygg . master Blakwell skrevener to be shreyff, butt after-ward [the more] vowys whent a-pon master Fokes clothworker and altherman was electyd shreyff, for at the mare('s) (64) fest [feast] was chosen master altherman Draper and yrmonger was chosen the quen('s) shreyff.

22 Aug 1560. The xxij day of August was bered in Cambregshyre my lade North, the wyff of my lord North (64), with ij haroldes of armes, master Clarenshus (50) and master Somersett, and mony mornars in blake gownes; then cam a grett baner of armes borne; and then cam the corse kevered [covered] with a pall of blake welvett and armes, and banars borne abowtt the corse; and then cam mony women mornars in blake; and the plase and the chyrche hangyd with blake and armes, and after to the plase to dener, for ther was myche a-doo; and thys was at Cateleg my lord('s) place; and (blank) dyd pryche at the bereall, and was mony pore men and women that had gownes and met [meat] and drynke.

29 Aug 1560. The xxviiij day of August at sant Towlys in Sowthwarke the menyster (blank) Harold dyd cristenyd a chyld with-owtt a godfather, and the mydwyff haskyd hym how he cold do yt, and he hanswered her and sayd yt was butt a seremony.

On or after 29 Aug 1560. The (blank) day of August was bered my lade Dudley (28) the wyff of my lord Robart Dudley (28) the master of the quen('s) horse, with a grett baner of armes and a vj baners-rolles of armes, and a viij dosen penselles and viij dosen skochyons, and iiij grett skochyons of armes, and iiij haroldes, master Garter (50), master Clarenshux (50), master Lanckostur, and (blank).... with ij harolds, master Clarenshux (50) and Ruge-crosse, and a standard and a pennon of armes, a cot armur, helmett, and crest, and mantylles, and sword, and a viij dosen of skochyons of armes and vj of bokeram, and [many] mornars in blake, and ther was grett [dinner and] a dolle of mones [money] as many as cam.