Diary of Henry Machyn August 1561

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1561 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1561.

03 Aug 1561. The iiij day of August was Clothworkers' fest, and ther was a worshepulle dener ther.

05 Aug 1561. The x day of August, was sant Laurens day, Veron the Frencheman prychyd at Powlles crosse.

21 Aug 1561. The xxj day of August dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Molens the archedecon of London.

12 Aug 1561. The xij day of August cam tydynges that ther was a ix trybes that have bene in a contrey ever synes they wher dryven owt of Egype, and they be rede [ready] to sett on the Grett Turke with grett armes of men.

19 Aug 1561. The xix day of August at xij of the cloke at mydnight was a fyre at the corner be-yonde Smytfeld pond, and a one howse bornyd, the wyche was a cutteller('s) howse, and perechest [perished] ij howses junnyng [joining] to hytt.

09 Aug 1561. The ix day of August the quen('s) (27) grace has commondyd that all chathredalles and coleges and studyans places that they shuld putt ther wyffes from them owt of the serkutt [circuit] of evere [every] colege.

30 Aug 1561. The xxx day of August tydans cam that the kyng of Sweden (27) was sendyng (blank) of waganns laden with massé bol [lion.]

01 Aug 1561. The furst day of August, was lammas day, my [lord mayor (52)] and the althermen and all the craftes in London in ther [liveries, met] to chuse the shreyff of London, that was master Bas [kerville] altherman; and the sam day was chosen master Gyl[bert,] nuw altherman in the stede of master Altham lat[e alderman] and clothworker of London, the wyche he was dysmy[ssed].