Diary of Henry Machyn August 1562

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1562 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1562.

01 Aug 1562. The furst day of August was bered mastores Starke the wyff of master Starke skynner, and the docthur of master Avenon shreyff of London, with a xvj clarkes syngyng and a x pore women in mantyll fryse gownes, master shreyff the cheyffe morner, and after a xx mornars in blake, boyth men and women, and master Busken mad the sermon.

01 Aug 1562. he sam day was bered a mayd, and the docthur of Thomas Grenway, brodur unto master altherman Grenway, dwellyng in Northfoke at a towne (blank)

01 Aug 1562. The sam day my lord mare (66) and the althermen and all craftes of London whent to Yeld-hall to chuse a nuw shreyff, and thay dyd chuse master Chamburlayn altherman, yrmonger, shreyff for the nex(t) yere.

04 Aug 1562. The iiij day of August the menysters wyff [of ...] parryche fell done a stayre and brake here neke.

06 Aug 1562. The vj day of August was reynyd at Yeld-hall vij, vj for qwynnyng [coining]; iiij was cast for deth, Thomas Wylford, Thomas Borow, ... Maltby, Phelipe Furney gold-smyth, and ij fr[eely] qwytt; and ther satt a-pone them my lord [justice] Chamley, ser Recherd Sakefeld, the master of the rolles, sir Martin Bowes (65), ser Wylliam Garett, ser William Huett, master re[corder], master Surcott, and master Chydley and master Eldertun.

Around 1561. Unknown Painter. Portrait of Alderman Martin Bowes 1497-1566.

10 Aug 1562. The x day of August was drane from .... unto Tyborne Phelype Furney gold-smyth d[welling in] sant Barthelmuwe in Smythfeld for cowyning [coining], and hangyd after, and (blank) Walker was cared in a care to Tyburne, and hangyd for robere.

10 Aug 1562. The x day of August was Barbur-surgyons' fest, and they capt [kept] ther communion at sant Alphes at Crepull-gatt, and master Recherdsun dyd pryche, the Skott; ther was good syngyng; and after to ther halle to dener, and after dener a play.

17 Aug 1562. The xvij day of August was the Waxchandler(s') fest, for ther was good chere.

18 Aug 1562. The xviij day of August was a commondementt to my lord mare (66) and to my masters the althermen that all the compene of all craftes that dyd dyscharge alle the men that where prest and taken up to go of the qwene('s) afarerse [affairs] where her grace wold, that shuld goo to grett charge to the cette of London and here grace, boyth corselettes and clokes of brod bluw gardyd with red, and gones, and bowes, and mores pykes.... ther hall; and ther dynyd ser Thomas Whytt, ser Tho ....

31 Aug 1562. The xxxj day of August was bered in Essex the good erle of Oxford (46), with iij haroldes of armes, master Garter (52), master Lancostur, master Rychmond, with a standard and a grett baner of armes, and viij baner-rolles, [helmet,] crest, targett, and sword, and cott armur, and a herse with velvett [and a] palle of velvett, and a x dosen of skochyons, [and with] mony mornars in blake, and grett mone mad for hym.