Diary of Henry Machyn December 1552

Diary of Henry Machyn December 1552 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1552.

16 Dec 1552. The xvj day of Dessember was stallyd at Wy[ndsor] the erle of Westmerland (27) and ser Andrew Dodley (45) off the nobull order of the garter.

15 Dec 1552. The xv day of Desember was (buried) good master Deyffenett, marchand-tayller of London, and .. warden of the Marchandtayllers, and he gayff ... gowne for men and women of rat coller of ... yerde, and he gayffe as mony blake gownes ... and he gayff iij prest gownes of blake, master (blank), master Samsum, and ys curett; and ther was the master and ys compeny in ther leverer, and the compeny of Clarkes a xxx, and Samsum dyd pryche at (the) berehyng .. on the morowe affter dyd (unfinished.)

19 Dec 1552. The xix day of Desember was bered master John Semer (25), the eldest sune unto the duke of Somersett (52) latt dyssesyd, and bered at the hospetall of Savoy, and ther was a dolle.

21 Dec 1552. The xxj day of Desember rod to Tyborne to be hangyd for a robery done on Honsley heth, iij talmen and a lake.

23 Dec 1552. The xxiij day of Desember the Kynges (15) grace removyd from Westmynster unto Grenwyche to kepe ys Crystymas, and so he begane to kepe Halle, and ys grasse had a lord of myss-rulle, keepyng goodly pastyme, for ys grace('s) plesur, and with alle passtyme as have bene sene.

.... chylderyn of hospetalle to ... chylderyn men-kyns and women in fry[se, and the] boysse red cape skotys, and every boy a pe .. ; and master Maynard the shreyff had a lord of [misrule, and] the mores dansse, with a good compeny.

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