Diary of Henry Machyn December 1553

Diary of Henry Machyn December 1553 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1553.

06 Dec 1553. The vj day of Desember was bered my old lade .... wedew at Lambeth at my lord of Canturberes plasse .... whytt branchys and tapurs and torchys and armes ha .... on blake cloth.

09 Dec 1553. The ix day of Desember was a man sett on the pelere [pillory] for sedyssyous wordes agaynst the quen('s) grace and her consell, in Chepe.

08 Dec 1553. The viij day of Desember was prossessyon at Powlles. When all was don, my lord of London commondyd that every parryche chyrche shuld provyd for a crosse and a staffe and cope for to go of prossessyon evere Sonday and Wedynsday and Fryday, and pray unto God for fayre wether thrug London.

The day of Desember was bered in Essex my lord Morley with iiij penons of armes and with schochyons and with torchys and mony mornars in blake.

The day of Desember endyd the parlement at Westmynster, and regornyd unto the (blank)

The day was a proclamasyon thrugh London and all England that noman shuld syng no Englys serves nor communion after the xx day of Desember, nor no prest that has a wyff shall not menyster nor say masse, and that evere parryche to make a auter and to have a crosse and staff, and all othur thinges in all parryches all in Laten, as hale-bred, hale-water, as palme and assesse.