Diary of Henry Machyn December 1555

Diary of Henry Machyn December 1555 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1555.

04 Dec 1555. The iiij day of Desember was a voman [set in the] pelere for beytyng of her chyld with rodes and .... to peteusly; and the sam day was a man and a voman cared a-bowt London at a care-arse [carts tail] for baudry and ...

01 Dec 1555. The furst day of December was reseyvyd with pressessyon my lord cardenall Pole (55) into Westmynster abbay; and ther mett hym x[viij bishops,] and the bysshope of Yorke (54) dyd menyster with ys myter; [and they] whent a pressessyon a-bowt the chyrche and the cloyster.

09 Dec 1555. The ix day of December was the parlement [adjourned] at the Whyt Hall, her grace('s) place—the iij yere; and so to Sant James thrughe the parke.

10 Dec 1555. The x day of Desember was had to the Towre ser Anthony Kyngston (47) knyght, and to the Flett, and cam owt a-gayn shortely aft

13 Dec 1555. The xiij day of Desember was bered at sant Androwes in the Warderobe master Recherd Stokdun, gentyllman of the warderobe, with ij goodly whyt branchys and xiij stayffes-torchys, and xiij pore men, and thay had gownes of mantell frysse, and iiij grett tapurs, and money mornars; and the strett hangyd with blake and armes; and money prestes syngyng; and the morowe masse and alffe a trentall of masses, and after the offeryng a sermon (by) a doctur callyd master Sydnam, a gray frere of Grenwyche.

15 Dec 1555. [The xv day of December, before the sermon at Paul's cross began, an old man, a shepherd,] be-gane to spyke serten thynges and rayllyng, [whereupon he was] taken and carett to the conter for a tyme.

18 Dec 1555. The xviij day of Dessember be-twyn [8 and 9] of the cloke in the mornyng, was cared in-to Smythfeld to be bornyd on master (Philpot, archdeacon of Winchester ) gentyllman, for herese.

20 Dec 1555. The xx day of Dessember was bered at sant Donstones in the Est master Hare Herdsun (55), altherman of London and skynner, and on of the masturs of the hospetall of the gray frers in London, with men and xxiiij women in mantyll fresse gownes, a hersse of wax, and hong with blake; and ther was my lord mare and the swordberer in blake, and dyvers odur althermen in blake, and the resedew of the aldermen, at ys beryng; and all the masters, boyth althermen and odur, with ther gren stayffes in ther handes, and all the chylderyn of the gray frersse, and iiij men in blake gownes bayryng iiij gret stayffes-torchys bornyng, and then xxiiij men with torchys bornyng; and the morowe iij masses songe; and after to ys plasse to dener; and ther was ij goodly whyt branchys, and mony prestes and clarkes syngyng.