Diary of Henry Machyn December 1558

Diary of Henry Machyn December 1558 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1558.

05 Dec 1558. The v day here Grace (25) removyd by water undur the bryge unto Somersett plase, with trumpetes playng, and melody and joye and comfortt to all truw Englys-men and women, and to all pepulle.

Around 1546. William Scrots Painter 1517-1553. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland before her accession painted for her father. Around 1570 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. In 1579 George Gower Painter 1540-1596. The Plimton Sieve Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1585 William Segar Painter 1554-1663. Ermine Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1592 Marcus Gheeraerts Painter 1562-1636. The Ditchley Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. After 1585 Unknown Painter. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1563 Steven van der Meulen Painter -1564. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland.

07 Dec 1558. The vij day of Desember was bered my lade Chamley, the wyff of ser Roger Chamley (63) knyght and late lord cheyffe barne, [chief baron] in the parryche of sant Marten's at Ludgate; and ther was iiij branche tapers, garnyshed with iiij dosen pensels; and the howse hangyd with blake and armes, and the strett and the chyrche with blake and armes; and ther was a harold of armes; and ij whyt branchys, and xxiiij torchys, and mony morners; and the morow masse and a sermon, and after a grett dener; and she had iiij baners of santtes.

08 Dec 1558. The viij day of Desember was bered at the Sayvoy doctur Westun (53) sum-tyme dene of Westmynster, with ij dosen torchys.

06 Dec 1558. The vj day of (December) was bered in the west contray ser Antony Hongerford (67) knight, with standard, penon, cot, elmett, target, sword, and iiij dosen skochyons of armes, and no harold of armes.

09 Dec 1558. [The ix day of December was buried at St. Paul's doctor Gabriel Dune] prest, with ij whyt [branches .... tapurs, and the pore men had gownes.

10 Dec 1558. The x day of Desember was browth do[wn from] her chambur in-to her chapel quen Mare (42), [with all the heralds,] and lordes and lades and gentyllmen and gentyllwomen, [hir] offesers and servands, all in blake, with (unfinished)

Around 1554 Antonis Mor Painter 1517-1577. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558. Around 1556 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558.

10 Dec 1558. The sam mornyng my lord cardenall (58) was [removed from] Lambeth, and cared toward Canturbery with grett [company in] blake; and he was cared in a charett with [banner-]rolles wroth [wrought] with fyne gold and grett baners [of arms,] and iiij baners of santes in owllo [oil].

09 Dec 1558. The ix day of Desember was creatyd at Somersett plasse, wher the quen('s) (25) grace lys, master Rychmond Norroy, and Rysbanke creatyd Bluw-mantyll.

12 Dec 1558. The xij of Desember was bered at sant Martens at Ludgat ser Gorge Harper (55) knyght, with ij haroldes of armes, with ij whyt branchys, xij torchys, and iiij gret tapurs; and a standard, a pennon, and cote armur, target, sword, mantyll, and crest a gylt bore [boar], and v dosen of skochyons of armes, and mony morners, and ther had xvj pore men had gownes.

15 Dec 1558. The xj day of Desember was bered with-in the Towre master Verney, the master of the Juell-howse; and he gayff to xij pore men good gownes.

After 15 Dec 1558. The (blank) day of Desember was bered in sant Edmonds in Lumbarstret my lade Wynddebanke (32), late of Cales, with ij dosen of skochyons of armes.

Funeral of Mary I

13 Dec 1558. [The xiij day of December, the corpse of the late Queen (42) was brought from St. James's, in a cha]rett, with the pyctur of emages [images] lyke [her person], adorned with cremesun velvett and her crowne on her hed, her septer on her hand, and mony goodly rynges on her fyngers; up the he-way [went] formett [foremost] [the] standard with the Faucon and [the Hart]; then cam a grett compene of morners; and after anodur godly standard of the Lyon and the Faucon; and then her houshold servandes, ij and ij together, in blake gownes, [the] haroldes rydyng to and fro to se them go in order; and after cam the iij standard with the Whyt Grahond and the Faucon; and then cam gentyllmen in gownes, morners; and then cam rydyng sqwyrs, bayryng of baners of armes; and then cam my lord marques of Wynchester (75) on hors-bake, bayryng the baner of the armes of England in-brodered with gold; and then cam after Chester the harold (60), baryng the helm and the crest and mantyll; then cam master Norroy (48), bayryng the targett with the garter and the crowne; and then cam master Clarenshus (48) bayreng the sword and after cam Garter (48), bayryng her cot-armur, on hors-bake they all; and baners borne abowt her, with knyghts, lords, and baners a-bowt the corse; with iiij harolds bayryng on horss-bake iiij whyt baners of santes wroth with fyne gold, master Samersett, master Lanckostur, master Wyndsor, and master Yorke; and then cam the corse, with her pyctur lyung over her, and the corse covered with cloth of gold, the crosse sylver, and then cam iij (blank) with the cheyff morners; and then lades rydyn, alle in blake, trapyd to the grond; and the charett that the quen was in rode the pages of honor with baners in ther handes; and a-for the corse her chapell, and after all the monkes, and after the bysshopes in order; and so by Charyng-crosse to Westmynster abay; and at the grett dore of the chyrche evere body dyd a-lykt of ther horse; and then was gentyll-men rede [ready] to take the quen owt of her charett, and so erles and lordes whent afor her grace to the herse ward, with her pyctur borne betwyn men of worshype; and at the cherche dore met her iiij byshopes, and the abbott (43), mytered, in copes, and sensyng the body; and so she lay all nyght under the herse, and her grace was wachyd. [And there were an hundred poor men in good black gowns] bayryng longe torchys, with [hoods on their heads, and arms] on them; and a-bowt her the gard bayryng [staff-torches] in blake cottes; and all the way chandlers [having] torchys, to gyffe them that had ther torchys [burnt out].

Around 1576 Unknown Painter. Portrait of William Paulet 1st Marquess Winchester 1483-1572 wearing his Garter Collar and Lord Treasurer Staff of Office.

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14 Dec 1558. The xiiij day of Desember [was] the quen('s) (42) masse; and [all the lords] and lades, knyghtes and gentyll women, dyd offer. [And there was] a man of armes and horse offered; and her cotarmur, and sword, and targett, and baner of armes, and iij [standards]; and all the haroldes abowt her; and ther my lord bysshope of Wynchester (48) mad the sermon; and ther was offered cloth of gold and welvet, holle pesses, and odur thynges. [After the] masse all done, her grace was cared up [to the chapel] the kyng Henry the vij byldyd, with bysshopes [mitred;] and all the offesers whent to the grayffe [grave], and after [they] brake ther stayffes, and cast them in-to the grayffe; in the mayn tyme the pepull pluckt [down] the cloth, evere man a pesse that cold caycth [catch] [it,] rond a-bowt the cherche, and the armes. And after[wards,] my lord bysshope of Yorke (57), after her grace was [buried,] he declaryd an colasyon [collation], and as sone as he had made an end, all the trumpetes bluw a blast, and so the cheyff morners and the lords and knyghtes, and the bysshopes, with [the] abbott (43), whent in-to the abbay to dener, and all the offesers of the quen('s) cott [court].

16 Dec 1558. The xvj day of December was cared in a charett from sant Baythelmuw the grett unto Essex to be bered, with baners and banerrolles abowt her, my lade Ryche (48), and so to the plasse wher she dwelyd.

Around 1537 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Drawing of Elizabeth Jenks Baroness Rich 1510-1558.

18 Dec 1558. The xviij day of Desember was [buried] my lade Ryche (48), the wyff of the lord Ryche (61), with a herse of v prynsepalles and a viij dosen penselles and a viij dosen skochyons and a grett baner of my lordes and my lades armes and iiij baner rolles, and iiij baner(s) of santtes; and grett whytt branchys and vj dosen of torchys; and xxiiij pore men had gownes; and the morow masse and a grett dener, and ij haroldes and mony morners.

28 Dec 1558. [The xxviij day of December the late bishop of Chichester was buried at Christchurch, London,].... skochyons, and torchys, and xviij stayffe .... branche tapers, with iiij dosen penselles and iiij .... and a d' [a half] of bokeram, and a grett baner of armes [of the see] of Chechastur, and ys own armes, and iiij baners of [saints]; master Clarenshus was the harold; and v bysshopes dyd offer [at] the masse, and iij songe masses that day, and after a grett [dinner,] and xviij pore men had rosett gownes of frys.

23 Dec 1558. The xxiij day of Desember was the obseque at Westmynster[with the] sam herse that was for quen Mare (42), was for Charles the V., Emporowre of Rome (58), was durge, and the morow masse with .. mornars and (blank) was the cheyff morner.

1548. Titian Painter 1488-1576. Equestrian Portrait of Charles V Holy Roman Emperor 1500-1558. 1519. Bernard Van Orley Painter 1491-1541. Portrait of Charles V Holy Roman Emperor 1500-1558.