Diary of Henry Machyn December 1560

Diary of Henry Machyn December 1560 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1560.

14 Dec 1560. The xiiij day (of) Desember was ij men wypyd for cuttyng of pypes of lede, the wyche lettyd [letted ie hindered] that w[e] had no water on sant Androwes day last.

15 Dec 1560. The xv day of Desember was a proclamasyon that no fremen shuld were [wear] no clokes in London.

23 Dec 1560. The xxiij day of Desember was bered in sant Lenardes in Foster lane master Trapes gold-smyth; the howse, the stret, and the chyrche hangyd with blake and armes, and gayff mony gownes boyth to men and women. Master Beycun dyd pryche, and powre men had gownes, and a iij dosen skochyons; and after a grett dener.

17 Dec 1560. The xvij day of Desember after mydnyth wher sene in the element open, and as red and flames of fyre over London, and odur plases in reme [realm], and sene of M [1000] men.... Elesabeth in the mydes .... and armes, and the over hend [end] was ...., and he had a standard and a pennon of armes, elmett, targett, and sword, mantylles and crest, and a vj [dozen scocheons] and alffe a dosen of bokeram; and ther was iij haroldes in ther cottes armurs, master Clarenshus (50), master Somersett .... and mony mornars in blake, a iiijxx, and master Skambler (40) the byshope electyd of Peterborow mad the serm[on, and so] in-to the abbey ys plase to dener.

20 Dec 1560. The xx day of Desember was a man .... was slayne and browth in-to sant Margaret's Westmynster chyrche-yerde, and ther he was .... brod, and he was repyd, and ys bowhelles taken owtt, and .... the wyche after-ward was knowne that he was slayne in ....

10 Dec 1560. The x day of Desember cam tydans to the quen('s) (27) grace and to the consell that the Frenche kyng (16) was ded—the yonge kyng.

29 Dec 1560. The xxix day of Desember at nyght be-twyn vj and vij of the cloke was slayn on Wylliam Bettes, a master of fense, by one (blank) at Warwyke lane corner, and was frust [thrust] throwth-owt the body.

09 Dec 1560. The ix day of Desember was bered in sant Andrews undershaft mastores Lusun wedow, the wyff of master Lusun merser and stapoler and late shreyff of London, with a lx in blake gownes, and her plase and the chyrche hangyd with blake and armes, and a xxiiij clarkes syngyng; and she gayff xl gownes to men and women of brod cloth, and evere woman had nuw raylles, and ther was a sermon, and a iiij dosen of skochyons of armes; and after a gret dole, and after a grett dener.

13 Dec 1560. The xiij of Desember was stallyd at Wyndsor the duke of Wanholt (34), knyght of the nobull order of the gartter, and the good erle of Ruttland (34) was the quen('s) (27) depute at that tyme.