Diary of Henry Machyn December 1561

Diary of Henry Machyn December 1561 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1561.

13 Dec 1561. The xiij day of Desember was bered at sant Katheryns-chryst chyrche my lade Lyster, sum-tyme the wyff of master Shelley of Sussex (24), and the dowther of the erle of Sowthamtun (55) late lord chanseler of Engeland —Wresseley, with a harord of armes and a ij dosen of skochyons of armes.

Around 1535 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Portrait of Thomas Wriothesley 1st Earl of Southampton 1505-1550.

15 Dec 1561. The xv day of Desember was bered in sant Donstons in the whest master Norrey (51), alleas Dalton, kynge of armes of the North from Trent unto Barwyke [Berwick].... were hanged at Tyb]orne, and on [one] off them the sur[geons took] for a notyme [anatomy] in-to ther halle.

15 Dec 1561. The sam day was a man wypyd at [a cart's] arse for (unfinished)

15 Dec 1561. The sam day was a pelere sett up in Powlles chyrche-yerd agaynst the byshope('s) plase for a man that mayd a fray in Powlles chyrche, and ys ere [ear] nayllyd to the post, and after cutt off, for a fray in Powlles chyrche.

20 Dec 1561. The xx day of Desember my lade the contes of Bayth (52) ded at here plase at Nuwhyngtun, late the wyff of ser Thomas Kyttsun (76) and to ser Recherd Longe (67) and wyff to the yerle of Bayth (62) latt dissessyd, and she had a vj baners-rolles and a gret baner of armes and a x dosen of skochyons and vj of sylke.

26 Dec 1561. The xxvj day of Desember, was sant Stheyn day, was creatyd at the cowrte my lord Ambros Dudley (31) lord Lylle and after the yerle of Warwyke, with haroldes of armes.

27 Dec 1561. The xxvij day of Desember cam rydyng thrugh London a lord of mysrull [misrule], in clene complett harnes, gylt, with a hondered grett horse and gentyll-men rydyng gorgyously with chenes of gold, and there horses godly trapytt, unto the Tempull, for ther was grett cher all Cryustynmas tyll (blank), and grett revels as ever was for the gentyllmen of the Tempull evere day, for mony of the conselle was there.... of myssrule ..playhyng and syngyng unto the [court with my] lord, ther was grett chere at the .... gorgyusly aparrell(ed) with grett cheynes.