Diary of Henry Machyn December 1562

Diary of Henry Machyn December 1562 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1562.

02 Dec 1562. The ij day of Desember was bered mastores Welles the ... of master Clarenshux kyng of armes (52), with a palle of blake v[elvet, and] with a dosen of skochyons of armes, and master Clarenshux and the .... wher the mornars, and browtt to the chyrche of sant Brydes; and master Phylpott made the sermon; and after hom unto master Clarenshux ['s place, and] a grett dener as cold be had for the tyme.

05 Dec 1562. The v day of Desember ded ser Homfrey Browne (40) knyght in the mornyng and juge of (blank) and lord justes Browne.

15 Dec 1562. The xv day of Desember was cared by the Clarkes of London from Seypulkurs unto sant Martens orgaynes in Kanwykstrett to be bered be on of ys wyffes the lord justes Browne (40) and knyght, with ij haroldes of armes, master Clarenshux (52) and master Somersett; furst whent a-for xxiiij pore men in mantyll fryse gownes, and after a xx clarkes carehyng ther surples on ther armes, and next the standard borne by a mornar, and then cam the ij chaplens and dyvers mornars, and then cam a harold bayryng the helme and crest, and next cam master Clarenshux beyryng the cott of armes, and then cam the pennone of armes, and then cam the corse with a palle of blake velvett with armes on yt, and then the cheyff mornars and my lord Mordantt (54) with odur, and then came the juges and sergant(s) of the coyffe, and next all the ynes of the cowrt in a-ray, a gret nombur, and thruge Chepesyd; and master Renakur mad the sermon, and after home to a grett dener.... and armes and after ys helmet .... targett and after ys sword, and after ys cott [armour] .... offered, and ys pennon offered, and after alle .... serjantes of the law and servandes offered.

20 Dec 1562. The xx day of Desember was bered my lord Gr[ey of Wilton] (53) knyght of the Garter, sum-tyme capten of Gynes, and bered [at] (blank) with a herse garnyssed with velvett and blake and armes, [with four] haroldes of armes, master Garter (52) prensepalle, and master Norrey kyng at armes (64), [Chest] ur harold (27) and Ruge-dragon, and ther was a xx clark [es syng]yng all the way, furst ij porters in blake with blake sta[ffs and] in gownes, and then the standard borne, and then mo .... the grett baner of ys armes, and then the harold [bearing the] helmett and crest, and a-nodur the targett and the sword, and a-nodur [the coat armour;] then master Garter (52), and then the corse, with a ryche palle; and .... of ys men bayryng ytt; and iiij grett banar-rolles of m[arriages;] after the cheyffe mornars and after mony mornars, and th[ere did prea]che master (blank); and ther was iij dosen of bokeram skochyons of armes, and viij dosen of penselles to garnys the herse, and ... grett skochyons of pastyd paper, and the chyrche hangyd with blake and armes, and a viij dosen of skochyons of armes; and after a[ll done at] the berehyng all they when(t) bake agayne unto master de[an's] plase to dener, for ther was a nobull dener as [has] bene sene for venesun and wyld fulle.

1562 Battle of Dreux

26 Dec 1562. The xxvj day of Desember cam tydynges unto the cowrt thatt the prynse of Condutt (32) and the duke of Gwys (43) mett in the [field,] and that the prynse was taken, and mony [many] taken and slayne, [and many] taken pressonars.

Around 1555 François Clouet Painter 1510-1572. Portrait of Francis II Duke Guise 1519-1563. Around 1555 François Clouet Painter 1510-1572. Portrait of Francis II Duke Guise 1519-1563.

30 Dec 1562. The xxx day of Desember was slayne in John's strett. Gylbard gold-smyth dwellyng at the sene of the Blake Boy in the Ch[eap,] by ys wyff('s) sun callyd (blank)