Diary of Henry Machyn February 1552

Diary of Henry Machyn February 1552 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1552.

Trial and Execution of Edward Seymour Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

05 Feb 1552. The v day of Feybruarii was reynyd sir Mylles Parterege knyght of tresun, and qwytt of yt, and cast of felony to be hangyd, the vjth yer of king Edward vjth.

....[sir Michael Stanhope (45) was] cast of felony to be hangyd—the vj[th K. E. vjth.]

26 Feb 1552. The xxvjth day of Feybruarii, the wyche was [the morrow aft]er saynt Mathuwe day, was heddyd on the Tower [hill sir] Myghell Stanhope (45) knyght, and ser Thomas Arundell (50); [and in]-contenent was hangyd the seylff sam tyme sir Raff [a Vane] knyght, and ser Mylles Parterege knyght, of the galowse besyd the .... and after ther bodys wher putt in to dyvers nuw coffens [to be be-] red and heds in to the Towre in cases and ther bered .. cent.

28 Feb 1552. The xxviijth day of Feybruarii was mared M. James .... clarke of the gren cloth in (the) kyng('s) howsse, unto Annes .. late wyffe of John Heth, serjant of the kyng('s) bakhowsse, [at the] parryche of saynt Botoulffe with-owt Bysshopgate, and ..

28 Feb 1552. The xxviij day of Feybruarii was bered the nobull [lady the] contes of Penbroke (36), and syster to the late qwyne (39) and wyffe [to the] nobull Kyng Henry the viij. late kyng, and the good lade [the] contes of Penbroke the wyche she ded at Benard Castle, and so cared unto Powlls. Ther was a C. [Note. 100] powre men and women had mantylle fryse gownes, then cam the haroldes, [then] the corse, and a-bowt her viij baners rolls of armes, and then cam the mornars boyth lordes and knyghts and gentyll men, and then cam the lades mornars and gentyll women mornars ij C. [then the] gentyll men and gentyll women, and after cam in cotts ij C. servandes and odur servandes, and she was bered by the tombe of [the duke] of Lankaster [Note. At St Paul's Cathedral], and after her banars wher sett up over her [and her] armes sett on dyvers pelers,—the vj King Edward vjth.

Around 1532 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Portrait of [possibly] Anne Parr Countess Pembroke 1515-1552. In 1544 Master John Painter. Portrait of Catherine Parr Queen Consort England 1512-1548. Around 1590 Unknown Painter. Portrait of Catherine Parr Queen Consort England 1512-1548.