Diary of Henry Machyn February 1553

Diary of Henry Machyn February 1553 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1553.

06 Feb 1553. The vj day of Feybruary cam to London and rod thrughe London my lade Mare('s) (36) grasse, the kynges syster, with a grett nombur of lordes and knyghtes, and her grace a grett [number] of lades and jentyll women and jentyll men to the [number] of ij honderd horsse, and thrug Chepe unto Saynt J[ohn's].

09 Feb 1553. The ix day of January [Note. Probably February] be-tweyn vij and viij of the cloke in the evenyng felle downe the grett stepull [of] Waltham in Essex, and the qwyre felle downe, and alle the gr[eat] belles to the grond, and myche of the chyrche.

10 Feb 1553. The x day of January [Note. Probably February] rod my lade Mare('s) (36) grasse from Saynt [John's] and thrugh Flettstrett unto the kyng at Westmynster, with a grett nombur of lords and knyghtes, and alle the [great] women lades, the duches of Suffoke (35) and Northumberland (44), my lade marqwes of Northamptun (26), and lade marqwes of Wynchester, and the contes of Bedfford (74), and the contes of Shrowsbere (53), and the contes of Arundelle, my lade Clynton (26), my lade Browne (24) and Browne [sic in manuscript], and many mo lades and gentyllwomen; and at the oter gatt ther mett her my lord of Suffoke (36) and my lord of Northumberland (49), my lord of Wynchester (70), my lord of Bedfford (68), and therle of Shrusbery (53), the therle of Arundell (40), my lord Chamburlayn, my lord Admerolle, and a gret nomber of knyghtes and gentyllmen, and so up unto the chambur of pressens, and ther the Kynges (15) grace mett her and salutyd her.... owyn a-pon payne of presunmentt and a grett [penalty, as ye] shalle fynd in the actes in secund yere of kyng ... the perlementt tyme of the sayd yere, and nott to be ... plasse as taverns, alle-howses, ines, or wher ... for cummers and gestes, and has commandyd unto alle shreyffes and baylles, constabulls, justes of pesse, or any .. thay shall se truthe (and) justys as thay shalle [inform the] kyng and ys consell, and bryng them to pressun of ... sun or poyssuns as be the offenders ther off for ... her of odur.
The sam day was sett on the pelere [pillory] a man that dyd [set on a] man for to kylle a honest man that he myghtt have ys [wife,] and yett dyd he kepe her and spend ys goodes a-ffore, and [could not] be contentt with that, and so ys ere was nayled to the pelore.

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17 Feb 1553. The xvij day of February dyd ryd in a care th[rough London] Clarkes wyff a goldsmyth, at the syne of the Angell in Chepe, and .... mayd and a-nodur, the ij wher ray hodes on ther hedes, for ...

24 Feb 1553. The xxiiij day of Feybruarii was bered ser Wylliam Sydnay knyght, in the contey of Kentt, at ys plasse callyd Penthurst, with ij harolds of armes, with ys standard, and ys baner of armes, and ys cote armur, and iiij baner-rolles of armes, ys target, and mantyll, and helmett, and the crest a bluw porpyntyn, and vij dosen and di.skochyons; and ther wher mony mornars, and ther wher a grett dolle of mony.

17 Feb 1553. The xvij day of Feybruary th'erle of Penbroke (52) cam rydyng in to London with iij C. horsse, and a-ffor hym a C. gentyllmen with chenes of gold, alle in bluw cloth, playne, with a bage on ther slewe a dragon, and so to Benard Castyll, and ther he leyff.

24 Feb 1553. The xxiiij day of the sam monyth ... bowtt London

03 Jan 1553. [Note. Probably February] The iij day of January was cared from the Marshalleshe unto saynt Thomas of Wateryng a talman, and whent thedur with the rope a-bowt ys neke, and so he hangyd a whylle, and the rope burst, and a whylle after and then th[ey went f] or a-nodur rope, and so lyke-wyss he burst yt [and fell] to the grond, and so he skapyd with ys lyffe.

25 Feb 1553. The xxv day of Feybruary rod in a care .... ame a wyswer and a prest wyff and a-nodur bowdry; the ij women dyd wher ray hods; the [priest's] wyff was persun Whyt here wyff of saynt Alphes.