Diary of Henry Machyn February 1555

Diary of Henry Machyn February 1555 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1555.

01 Feb 1555. [The j day of February was buried the duchess of Northumberland (46) at Chelsea where she lived, with a goodly herse of wax and pensils, and escocheons, two baners] of armes, and iiij [banners of images, and] mony mornars, and with ij haroldes of armes. Ther was a mageste and the valans, and vj dosen of torchys and ij whyt branchys, and alle the chyrche hangyd with blake and armes, and a canepe borne over her to the chyrche.

04 Feb 1555. The iiij day (of) Feybruary the bysshope of London (55) went into Nugatt, and odur docturs, to dysgratt [degrade] Hoper (60), and Rogers (50) sumtyme vycker of sant Polkers.

1555 Protestant Executions

04 Feb 1555. The sam day was Rogers (50) cared be-twyn x and xj of the cloke in-to Smyth-feld, and bornyd, for aronyus [erroneous] apinions, with a grett compene of the gard.

05 Feb 1555. The v day of Feybruarij be-twyn v and vj in the mornyng, (departed) master Hoper (60) to Gloceter, and Sandurs (36) to Coventre, boyth [to be] bornd.

06 Feb 1555. The vj day of Feybruary doctur Tayller was sent in-to Suffoke, and to be brentt.

12 Feb 1555. [Probably 07 Feb 1555]. The xij day of Feybruary was my lord Strange (23) mared to the lade of Cumberland (15) the yerle of Cumberland (38) doyctur [daughter]; and after a grett dener, and justes, and after tornay on horsbake with swordes, and after soper Jube the cane, a play, [Juego de Canas, or tilting with canes, a sport introduced by the Spaniards] with torch-lyght and cressettlyghtes, lx cressets and C. of torchys, and a maske, and a bankett.

Around 1575 Unknown Painter. Portrait of Henry Stanley 4th Earl Derby 1531-1593. Around 1590 Isaac Oliver Painter 1565-1617. Portrait of Henry Stanley 4th Earl Derby 1531-1593. 1563. Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of either Eleanor Brandon Countess Cumberland 1519-1547 or her daughter Margaret Clifford Countess Derby 1540-1596.

09 Feb 1555. The ix day of Feybruary was raynyd at Powlles, a-for my lord mayre and the shreyffes and the bysshope of London (55) and dyvers docturs and of the conselle, vj heretykes [of] Essex and Suffoke, to be brent in dyvers places.

17 Feb 1555. The xvij day of Feybruary at bowt mydnyght ther wher serten lude feylous cam unto sant Thomas of Acurs, and over the dore ther was set the ymage of sant Thomas, and ther thay brake ys neke and the tope of ys crosier, the wyche was mad of fre-ston; with grett sham yt was done.