Diary of Henry Machyn February 1558

Diary of Henry Machyn February 1558 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1558.

05 Feb 1558. The v day of Feybruarij cam from Westmynster iiij, iij men and on woman, and cared to the Towre for kuynnyng [coining] and they wher (unfinished)

06 Feb 1558. The vj day of Feybruarij dyd pryche at Powlles Crosse the byshope of Westchaster (48); and ther wher at ys sermon xvj bysshopes, and my lord mayre and the althermen, and mony juges, and ther he declaryd that of Wedynsday next to go on generall prossessyon and pray to God.

09 Feb 1558. [The ix day of February a commandment came that all bishops, priests, and clerks, should go a procession about London, and] my lord mare and the althermen, [and all the crafts] in London in ther leverey, to pray [unto God; and all] the chylderyn of all skolles, and of the hos[pitals, in] ordur, a-bowt London,—callyd the general prossessyon.

10 Feb 1558. The x day of Feybruary was reynyd [arraigned] at Westmynster [at the] kyng('s) benche my lord Darce('s) (61) sune of the North, for [the death] of master Whest, sune and here of ser Wylliam West knyght, [the] wyche West was slayne commyng from Roth[erham] feyre, the wyche ther wher (forty men) apon hym [and his six] men, and shamfulle he was murdered, for ... wher in harnes and ther wher a-for the kyng('s) by[nch] certen men dyd wag [wage] batelle with ym, to feythe [fight] with combat at a day sett.

11 Feb 1558. The xj day of Feybruary was bered at sent Marten's-in-thefeyld master Arthur Sturtun (33) sqwyre, the keper of the [White] halle, and brodur to the lord Sturtun (38), and he was the reyseyver of all copes of cloth of gold that was taken owt of all chyrches, and he dyd delevered them unto serten parryches agayne to them that cowld know them, the wyche wher taken away by kyng Edward the vjth (20) tym by the dewyse of the duke of Northumberland (54) [and] serten of bysshopes of nuw doctryne that was then; and now, when that good qwyne Mare (41) cam to the crown, she lett evere parryche for to have them agayne by her commyng to the crowne, yf they wher nott gyffyn to odur places in the reyme of England; but Trenete parryche had nott ther cope of cloth of gold agayne.

16 Feb 1558. The xvj day of Feybruary was bered master Pynoke fysmonger, marchand of Muskovea, and brodur of Jhesus, with ij goodly whytt branchys, and xij grett stayffes torchys; and xij pore men had good blake gownes; and iiij grett tapurs, and a the compene of the clarkes and mony prestes, and then cam the mornars, and after the bredurud of Jhesus, a xxiiij of them, with blake saten hodes with Ih[esu]s on them, and after the compene of the Fysmongers in ther leverey, and after to the howse to drynke.

18 Feb 1558. [The xviij day of February died sir George Barnes knight and haberdasher, late mayor of London, at the] crownenassyon of qwyn Mare (42).

03 Feb 1558. The iij day of February was browth unto sant Bathelmuw be-syd sant Antonys to be bered [by his] granser ser Wylliam Capell knyght, and mare of London, ser Hare Capell (52) knyght sune and here to ser Gylles Capell (78), the wyche ser Gylles was bered in Essex. [Sir Harry was] bered by ys granser with iij haroldes of armes, and a standard, and a penon of armes; and cott-armur, targett, sword, and elmett and crest; and all the cheyrche hangyd with blake and armes; and a ij dosen of torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and iiij gylt candyllstykes, and ij grett whytt branchys; and xij pore men had blake gowns; and after to the howse to dener; and doctur Brekett mad the sermon at the masse.

20 Feb 1558. The xx day of Feybruary dyd pryche [at Paul's] crosse docthur Watsun (43) bysshope of Lyncoln, and mad a godly sermon, for ther wer [present ten] bysshopes, be-syd my lord mare and the althermen and juges, and men of the law, and gret [audience] ther was.

24 Feb 1558. The xxiiij day of Feybruary was [buried] ser Gorge Barnes knyght, late ma[yor] and haberdasser, and the cheyff marchand of Muskovea, and had the penon of Mu[scovy] armes borne at ys berehyng; and the [mayor] and the swerdherar had blake gownes and a .... in blake, and a iijxx pore men in blake [gowns;] and had a standard and v penons of armes, and cote and elmett, sword, targett, and a goodly hers of wax and ij grett branchys of whytt wax, iiij dosen torchys, and viij dosen pensels, and ix dosen skochyons; and doctur Chadsay mad the sermon on the morow, and after a grett dener. Master Clarenshus and Lanckostur the haroldes (conducted the ceremony.)

25 Feb 1558. The xxv day of Feybruary cam rydyng to London my lade Elsabeth (24) the quen('s) (42) syster, with a gret compene of lordes and nobull men and nobull women, to here plasse calyd the Somersettplasse beyond Stron-bryge.

26 Feb 1558. The xxvj day of Feybruary ded my lade Whyt, the wyff of ser Thomas Whyt (66) late mare of London, and marchand tayller, and marchand of the Muskovea, and altherman of London.... Whyuthalle with many lordes and lades.