Diary of Henry Machyn February 1559

Diary of Henry Machyn February 1559 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1559.

06 Feb 1559. The vj day of Feybruary went to the chyrche to be bered at Clarkenwell ser Thomas Pope (52) knyght, with a standard and cott, pennon of armes, a targett, elmett and sword, and a ij dosen of armes, and xij for the branchys and vj for the .... of bokeram; and ij haroldes of armes, master Clarenshus and master Yorke; master Clarenshus bare the cott, and master Yorke bare the helmett and crest. And he gayff xl mantyll frys gownes, xx men and xx women; and xx men bare torchys; and the vomen ij and ij to-gether, with torchys; and ij grett whyt branchys, and iiij branchys tapurs of wax garnysshed with armes, and with iiij dosen pensels. And ser Recherd Sowthwell knyght and ser Thomas Stradlyng, and dyver odur morners in blake, to the nomber of lx and mo in blake, and all the howsse and the chyrche with blake and armes; and after to the plasse to drynke, with spyssebred and wyne; and the morow masse, iij songe, .... with ij pryke songe, and the iij of requiem, with the clarkes of London; and after he was bered; and, that done, to the plasse to dener, for ther was a grett dener, and plente of all thynges, and a grett dolle of money.

07 Feb 1559. The vij day of Feybruary was bered my lade marques of Wynchester at Bassyng; and ther was a herse of wax, and viij dosen penselles, and armes, and skochyons, and garnyshed with angelles and archangells and with baner-rolles, and a x dosen skochyons; and ther was grett cher mad, and a grett dolle, boyth money and mett and drynke, and a grett dener, fysshe and flesse, and venesun.

08 Feb 1559. The viij day (of) Feybruary dyd pryche a-for the quen, wyche was Aswedynsday, doctur Kokes (66) sumtyme dene of Westmynster.
The Fryday dyd pryche after master Parker a-for the quen.
The Sunday after dyd pryche master Skore.
The Wedynsday after dyd pryche Whythede.
The Fryday after dyd pryche a-for the quen (blank)
The Sunday after dyd pryche a-for the quen (blank)

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18 Feb 1559. The xviij of Feybruary and the xx [a man stood in the] pelere with a coler [collar] of smeltes a-bowtt ys neke [who had bought the] smeltes of the quen('s) (25) prysse in Chepe, and sold them at ys vantege a-monge the fys-wyffes, and ther the pelere sett aganst cherche.

22 Feb 1559. The xxij day of Feybruary was the obseque of ... Pottnam sqwyre, with cote armur and pennon of armes and a iiij dosen of skochyons.

27 Feb 1559. The xvij day of Feybruary was a herse of wax [erected] gorgyously, with armes, a ix dosen penselles and armes, [for the] old lade contes of Oxford (41), the syster to the old Thomas [duke of] Norffoke (86), at Lambeth.

27 Feb 1559. The xx day of Feybruary was the sam herse wa[s taken] done, the wyche was v prynsepalles, and was never ...

21 Feb 1559. The xxj day of Feybruary my lade (41) was browth in-to Lambethe chyrche the qwer and dobull reylyd, and hangyd with blake and armes; and she had iiij goodly whyt branchys and ij dosen of grett stayffes torchys, and ij haroldes of armes, master Garter and master Clarenshus, in ther cotte armurs; a-for a grett baner of armes, and iiij baners rolles, and iiij baners of santtes; and then cam the corsse, and after morners; the chyff morner was my lade chamberlen Haward (44), and dyvers odur of men (and) women; and after durge done to the dukes plasse; and the morow, masse of requiem done, my lade was bered a-for the he awtter.

23 Feb 1559. The xxiij day dyd pryche afor the quen (25) Gryndalle (40).

25 Feb 1559. The xxv day of Feybruary dyd pryche Sandes (40).
The (blank) dyd pryche doctur Kokes (66).
[The .. day] of Feybruary was bered .... hylle master Elthestun sqwyre, with ij whyt branchys and ... stayffe torchys and iiij grett tapurs, and ij dosen skochyons.

23 Feb 1559. The xxiij day of Feybruary was bered at Alder .... my lady Roche, the wyff of ser Wylliam Roche draper, latte mare of London; and he was bered at santt Peters Powre be-syd frere Augustynes.