Diary of Henry Machyn February 1561

Diary of Henry Machyn February 1561 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1561.

09 Feb 1561. The ix day of Feybruary dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Pylkyngtun (41), electyd byshope of Durram, and ther was my lord mare (65) and the althermen and my lord Robart Dudley (28) and master secretore Sysselle (40), and dyvers odur of the quen('s) consell; and after to my lord mare to dener.

11 Feb 1561. The xj day of Feybruary was bered in sant Martens at Ludgatt master Daltun (51) of the North sqwyre, and ther was mony morners in blake gownes, and parson Veron the Frenche man dyd pryche ther, for he was parson ther, and ys menyster; and after was ys cott and pennon of armes and ij dosen of skochyons of armes.

Feb 1561. [The day of February was excommunicated Hethe (60),] latt chanseler of England and [arch] byshope of Yorke, he lyung in the Towre.

25 Feb 1561. The xxv day of Feybruary was excom[municated] at Bowe chyrche doctur Thurlbe late byshope of Ely, and on of the consell unto quen Mare, he lyeng with-in the Towre.

27 Feb 1561. The xxvij day of Feybruary mastores Whyt (31) the wyff of master John Whyt altherman and grocer was chyrched, but the menyster wold nott, owt-sept she wold com at vj in the mornyng, and so her mastores fayne to take a menyster to do yt at her plase; and after a grett dener was ther, and mony worshephull lades and althermen wyffes and gentyll women and odur.

01 Mar 1561. The furste day of Marche was bered in sant Fosters parryche on master Bumsted gentyllman, with vj skochyons of armes.

Mar 1561. The begynnyng of Lent there was on [one] master Adams dwellyng in Lytyll Estchepe, and ther was a proclamasyon mad that yff any bocher dyd kyll any flesse for [Lent, he should] pey xxl. at evere tyme so dohyng; and this man kyllyd iij oxen, and ther was a quest whent on hym, and they cast ym in the fyne to paye the money.

03 Feb 1561. The iij day of Feybruary was master John Whytt altherman('s) sune Thomas was cristened in Lytyll sant Bathelmuw parryche; and ser Thomas Offiley (61) knyght latt mare of London and master Altham altherman late shreyffe of London godfathers, and mastores Champyon (57) (the) altherman('s) (66) wyff godmother; and after to ys plase, and mad good chere.

10 Feb 1561. The x day of Feybruary [was buried?] in Garlykeheyffe master Gybes, on [one] of the mar[shal men?] of London.

07 Mar 1561. The vij day of Marche was bered in sant Stephens Colmanstrett master Patensun bruar [brewer], and on [one] of the cu[ncil,] and a gentyllman, and with the clothyng of the bruars and of the clarkes, and he had (unfinished)

12 Mar 1561. The xij day of Feybruary was a chyld [christened] in the parryche of owre Lade of Bowe in Chepe, [the son of] Hare Loke mercer, the sune of ser Wylliam Loke, the wyche had nodur godfather nor godmother hym-seylff.

18 Feb 1561. The iij yere of quen Elezabeth (27) the xviij day of [February] was sant Gorge fest; how all the knyghtes of the garter stod that day in order, the furst
On the Quen['s side.]
The Quen('s) grace (27).
The kyng Phelype (33).
The constabulle of France (67).
The yerle of Arundell (48).

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The yerle of Darbe.
The duke of Northfoke.
The lord Pagett.
The yerle of Westmerland.
The lord chamburlayn, Haward.
The yerle of Shrowsbere
The lord Montyguw—Browne.
The lord Gray of Wyltun.
On the Emperowre('s) syd.
The emperowre Ferna[ndo.]
The prynse of Pyamont.
The duke Vanholtt.
The markes of Wynchester, tresorer.
The yerle of Penbroke.
The lord admerall Clynton.
The maques of Northamtun—Pare.
The yerle of Rutland—Rosse.
The yerle of Sussex.
The lord of Lugborow.
The lord Robart Dudley.
The lord of Hunsdon—Care.

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Mar 1561.... cause he dyd nott justely exp ... slanderyng of the consell.

Mar 1561. The sam day at after-none was a great .... playd a-for the Quen('s) (27) grace with all the masters [of fence;] and serten chalengers dyd chalenge all men, whatsumever they be, with mores pyke, longe sword, and .... and basterd sword, and sword and bokeler, and sword and dager, [and] crosse staffe, and stayffes, and odur wepons; and the next [day] they playd agayne, and the quen('s) grace gayf serten ...

12 Feb 1561. The xij day of Feybruary xj men of the north was of a quest; because they gayff a wrong evyde[nce, and] thay ware paper a-pon ther hedes for pergure [perjury].

12 Feb 1561. The same day was reynyd in Westmynster hall v men, iij was for buglare [burglary], and ij were cuttpurses; and cast to be hangyd at sant Thomas of Wateryng; on was a gentyllman.

13 Feb 1561. The xiij day of Feybruary was a man sett on the pelere, a skryvynor [scrivenor] dwellyng in Sowthwarke, and ther was a paper sett over ys hed wrytten for sondrys and practyses of grett falsode and muche on-trowthe, and sett forthe under coller of sowth-sayng, and ys nam was (blank)

17 Feb 1561. The xvij day of Feybruary was wrastelyng at the cowrte in the prychyng-plase a-for the quen.

16 Feb 1561. The xvj day of Feybruary at after-none was bered at Allalowes in Wall master Standley, prest and sthuard [priest and steward] unto my lord treyssorer (78), with xij clarkes syngyng, at after-none; and he gayff myche money to evere on [one] of my lordes servandes; and iiij of my lordes men bare hym; and he had iij dosen skochyons of ys armes.

16 Feb 1561. The sam day at Lambeth was consecratyd nuwe byshopes, master Horne (51) of Wynchastur, and master Skamler byshope (41) of Peterborowe.

19 Feb 1561. The xix day of Feybruary dyd pryche a-for the quen (27) master Nevell (44), the [dean of Saint Paul's,] and he mad a godly sermon, and gret [audience].

21 Feb 1561. The xxj day of Feybruary dyd pryche a-for the quen (27) and the consell master Skamler (41), the new bishop of Peterborow in ys chymner and ys whyt rochet.

21 Feb 1561. The sam day sessyons at Nuwgatt, and [there] was cast xvij men and ij women for to [be hanged.] ...

22 Feb 1561. The xxij day of Feybruary cam the sum[mons] for to have ther jugement, and so (blank) [were] bornyd in ther hand at the place of jugement.

24 Feb 1561. The xxiiij day of Feybruary whent to hang xviij men and ij women, and serten were browth to be bered in serten parryches in London; the barbur-surgens had on of them to be a notheme at ther halle in (blank).

24 Feb 1561. The sam day was bered in sant Peters parryche in Cornehyll mastores Gowth, latt the wyffe of master Laycroft, armorer, dwellyng in the sam parryche, the wyche he gayff for her in gownes to men and women that wher pore (unfinished)

26 Feb 1561. The xxvj day of Feybruary dyd pryche at the cowrt master Samsun a-for the quen (27).

28 Feb 1561. The xxviij day of Feybruary dyd pryche at the cowrt master Pylkyngtun (41) electyd pyshope of Durram a-for the quen('s) (27) grace, and made a godly sermon, and grett audyens.... the Marsalsay to be cared into the co[untry ...] men that was cast in Westmynster hall for robere done the last day of terme.