Diary of Henry Machyn February 1562

Diary of Henry Machyn February 1562 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1562.

08 Feb 1562. The viij day of February William Flower (64), Chester herald, was created Norroy king of arms from the Trentt north-ward; and pursewant [Blanch-Rose,] (27) the servand unto my lord Robart Dudley (29), was created Chester herald.

10 Feb 1562. The x day of February, was Shrowse tuwsday, [was a just] at Westmynster agaynst the qwyne('s) (28) grase plase; the chalengers the duke of Northfoke (25) and the yerle of Westmoreland (37).

11 Feb 1562. The xj day of February, was Aswednysday, dyd pryche a-for the quen (28) master Nowelle (45) the dene of [saint Paul's.]

13 Feb 1562. The fryday after dyd pryche a-for the quen (28) at the cowrt the dene of Westmynster master Goodman (33).

15 Feb 1561. The furst sunday prychyd a-for the quen (27) master Sandys (42), the bysshope of Wossetur.

18 Feb 1561. The xviij day of Feybruary dyd pryche at the cowrt master Nowell (44), the dene of Powlles, Wednysday the furst [ie in Lent].

15 Feb 1562. The xv day of February ded with-in the kynge('s) bynche on Hare Saxsay merser, for he was browth into the star-chambur a-for my lord keper and dyvers of the consell, and he was juged to stand on the pelere ij tyme in the weke for the spase of (blank) and he was condemnyd the last day of the terme, and a-pone that he toke a purgasyon that he d ...

01 Feb 1562. The furst day of Feybruary at nyght was the goodlyest masket cam owt of London that ever was seen, of a C [100] and d' gorgyously be-sene, and a C [100] cheynes of gold, and as for trumpettes and drumes, and as for torche-lyght a ij hundered, and so to the cowrt, and dyvers goodly men of armes in gylt harnes, and Julyus Sesar played.

20 Feb 1562. The xx day of Feybruary dyd pryche at the cowrt a-for the quen's grace (blank)

14 Feb 1562. The xiiij day of Feybruary dyd rune at the rynge John Onelle (32) beyond sant James in the feld.

08 Feb 1562. The viij day of Feybruary was crystened the dowther [Note. Unclear as to which of their several daughters this refers to.] of master (blank) Crumwelle (27), and she the dowther (17) of ser Raff Warren (76) knyght, [Note. the child's mother] gohyng to the chyrche a fayre mayd carehyng the chyld in a whyt saten gowne, and a-bowt and the mantylle of cremesune satyn fryngyd with gold of iiij ynchys brod, and the master of the rolles was the godfather and my lade Whytt [Note. the child's maternal grandmother, mother to Joan Warren 1545-1584 (17), wife of Thomas White Mayor 1492-1567 (70)] godmother and (blank), and after a grett bankett [banquet] at home.

23 Feb 1562. The xxiij day of Feybruary ryd in v cares [.. men] and iiij women for dyvers fellons done.

27 Feb 1562. The xxvij day of Feybruary was a nold [old] man set on the pelere for falsely conterfeytyng in oder men['s hands?]

27 Feb 1562. The sam day of Feybruary ryd in ij cares ... ys wyff the master(es?) of ser Recherd Shakfeld the master ... for baldre, Logentt and ys wyff, and all viij for baldre.

27 Feb 1562. The xvij day of Feybruary was bered in sant [Andrew's] in Holborne master Culpapare, on of the gentyll[men of] Gray('s) in, with vj skochyons of armes of the ho[use].

28 Feb 1562. The xxviij day of Feybruary the sam old man was [set in the] pelere agayne, the last day of Feybruary, for the sam offense.