Diary of Henry Machyn February 1563

Diary of Henry Machyn February 1563 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1563.

02 Feb 1563. The ij day of Feybruary callyd Candyllmasse day ther was serten men whent to Duram plase and to sant Mare spyttyll to here masse, and ther was serten of them cared by the gard and othur men to the contur and odur plases.

07 Feb 1563. The vij day of Feybruary dyd pryche at Powlles crosse the byshope of Durram (43), the sonday callyd Septuagesyma.

10 Feb 1563. The x day of Feybruary was browth a-bed within [the] Towre with a sune my lade Katheryn Harfford (22), wyff to the yerle of Harfford (23), and the god-fathers wher ij warders of the Towre, and ys name was callyd Thomas.

Feb 1563. The (blank) day of Feybruary was crystened at sant Androwes in the warderobe Gorge Bacun the sune of master Bacun sqwyre, sum-tyme serjant of the catre [Acatry] by quen Mare days; ys god-fathers wher yonge master Gorge Blakewelle and master Walpolle; godmodur mastores Sens Draper of Cammerell [Camberwell] be-yond Nuwhyngtun; and after grett chere.

Feb 1563. The .. day of Feybruary was mared at Allalows ... Davenett marchand-tayller unto master Sparke('s) dowther; .... of Wynchester mad the sermon at the marege, and after a grett dener, and at nyght a maske.

1563 Talbot Herbert Double Wedding

15 Feb 1563. The xv day of Feybruary cam rydyng to London [through Ch]epe unto Cold Harbard my yonge lord Talbott (11) with iij skore [horse].

16 Feb 1563. The xvj day of Feybruary were ij men sett on the pelere at Westmynster, one master Thymbulbere and on (blank) Charnok for ...

1563 Talbot Herbert Double Wedding

17 Feb 1563. The xvij day of Feybruary was a dobull marege at [Baynard's] Castyll at the yerle of Pembroke('s) plase, my lord Talbot (11) unto my lade (Anne) Harbard (13), and my lord Harbard of Cardyff (25) unto my lade (13) the [eldest] syster unto my lord Talbot (11); and after was a grett denner as [has] bene sene, for iiij days, and evere nyght gret mummeres and m[asks.]

20 Feb 1563. The xx day of Feybruary was bered at sant Brydes in Flettstrett master Denham (55) sqwyre, and the chyrche ther was mad ray[led] and hangyd with blake and armes, and he was cared to the chyrche, a-for him a mornar bayryng a pennon of armes, and after cam a harold of armes bayryng ys cott armur, and then cam the corse with a palle of blake velvett with armes on yt, and iiij of ys men bare hym; and then the mornars, the cheyffe was ser Recherd Sakfeld, and a xx mo mornars; and the dene of Westmynster (34) mad the sermon; and after ther was a grett dener of all maner of fysse; and a ij dosen of skochyons.

20 Feb 1563. The sam day was bered at my lord of Bedford('s) one master Sant John, with vj skochyons of armes of bokeram.

22 Feb 1563. The xxij day of Feybruary, was Shroyff-monday, at Charyngcrosse ther was a man cared of iiij men, and a-for hym a bagpype playng, a shame and a drum playhyng, and a xx lynkes bornyng a-bowtt hym, because ys next neybor('s) wyff ded bett here hosband; ther-for yt (is) ordered that ys next naybor shall ryd a-bowtt the plase.... gayff xxiiij good gownes .... gayff a lx gowne and cottes of blake and .... worshephull men and women to bryng her; [and the] cheyrche was hangyd with blake and armes, ... skochyons of armes; and master Beycun mad the sermon; [and so] home to ys plase to dener.

Feb 1563. The ... day of Feybruary was cared by water unto the .... vj on master Foskue ... of the Poolles.